Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish Citizenship

Yes! You can become a Turkish citizen when you puchase a property that is over $250.000 through Kingsman Estates Antalya. 

To get more information regarding Turkish Citizenship Through Investment Programme, click here

Generally it takes around 2 months to acquire the passports. However the time frame is dependent upon the work load of the citizenship offices. 

No, Turkish Laws allow duel citizenship. However please make sure your county also allows duel citizenship.

Yes, your spouse and your children below the age of 18 (on the application date) will get Turkish Citizenship when you purchase a property through Kingsman Estates Antalya. 

No, you are not required to be in Turkey for the application process. Our team at Kingsman Estates Antalya investor centre can complete the application proces behalf of you when you give us power of attorney. Once the application process is completed, we can either send it to your adress or keep it safe until you visit us in Antalya. 

Yes, you may purchase commercial properties as well as residential properties. 

Yes, you will have to prove your commitment to purchase through notary. Once you have acquired this document you will be able to apply for Turkish Citizenship. 

Purchase Process

So you have decided to purchase a property in Antalya through Kingsman Estates. All you have to do from this point onwards is contacting us directly and our dedicated team at our Investor Centre will first undertand your requirements and head on to help you through the entire process. Contact Us

Once you have seen all the houses from our cherry-picked high performing property portfolio. We will sit sit down to go over them one by one to come to a decision. Upon reaching that decision you will pay an initial holding deposit which we will then make all the legal checks and applications to the Title Deed Office and within few days of your deposit payment we will be able to finilize the purchase. If you would like to learn the full details regarding purchase process, click here

There are few costs that are involved in buying a property in Turkey as an international investor. Altough it can go up and down regarding your requirements we advice to assume the cost of property puchase to be %8 to %8.5 of the value of the property. To find out the full and transparent break down of the costs, click here

Yes! You may choose to give us a power of attorney at the Turkish Embassy in your country. Plenty of our customers come and visit the property and we then finish the rest of the process as they return home. 

Yes! Once we have built some rapport and understand your requirements we decide on few properties that we think will satisfy your needs. We will then video call you from the properties and show you around the neighbourhood so you have a great idea before heading on with the purchase. 

After Sale

Your keys will be ready to be delivered to you on the Title Deed(TAPU) transfer day. Once the title deed transfer is completed you will be able to move in to your new property. 

Kingsman Estates Antalya does offer house management once you have purhcased a property through us. We will deal with all your needs such as paying bills and house complex installment costs or renting your flat. We also make visits to your property to make sure all the systems are working before your arrival for your holiday. 

Although there are plenty of fully furnished properties, Kingsman Estates Antalya after sale team can give you advice on where to go as well as well taking you to those shops to help with furniture shopping, haggling as well as transportation of the furniture to your new property. Contact us for pricing.

Although it is not a requirement to acquire a Turkish Residence Permit, getting one will make the entire process much easier helping us to avoid extra costs and save time.

Once we have finalized the purchase of a property, we will then go ahead and register you for various utility bill centres. From that point onwards you will have access to water, gas, electricity. You may choose to make automatic payment orders online thus avoiding the entire process of going to local utility offices in Turkey. To find out more on utility services in Turkey, click here.

Yes you may rent or sell your property. All our property portfolio is consists of cherry picked high performing properties. Please contact us if you require to sell or rent your property and our team will be more than happy to help you.

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