Special Needs Education in Turkey

This blog post is on special needs education in Turkey. If you are planning to move to Turkey and you have a child who requires special needs education in Turkey, please take a look at this post to fully inform yourself to familiarize yourself with what is available and various benefits. 

The entire special needs education in Turkey is organized and regulated by the Administration for Disabled People which is part of the Ministry of Family and Social Services in Turkey. This institution regulates both government and private organisations when it comes to special needs education in Turkey. 

In 2009, Turkey signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which brought new standards which needed to be obeyed by the Turkish government. Although the government and its parts have made some effort to alleviate these standards to the conventions required level, the current situation is unfortunately not adequate enough. However the Turkish government will continue its efforts to improve daily life as well as creating an equal opportunity of education for people with special needs education in Turkey. 

Education of Children with Disabilities or Learning Difficulties

The basic policy is to educate children with impairments to interact as much as possible with other children and to promote their social integration. This applies to visually, hearingly or physically impaired youngsters and to children who have problems with behaving, society or learning. If the incapacity permits, a kid attends school regularly.

Education in special classrooms may take place, however, depending on the extent of their impairment.

The Ministry of Education of Turkey is responsible for organising and regulating the issues regarding the education of children with special needs education in Turkey. 

Special Educational Needs: Assessment and Diagnosis

State assistance for the education of children who need special education services is given. Application is made in the residential district of the Guidance Study Centre; a health report (özürlüler için sağlık kurulu raporu) is necessary.

The Guidance Study Center assesses the physical ability, features of the personal development and intellectual skills of the kid through different tests and offers advice on education. It also provides family counseling and assistance on the care and management of a kid with special needs.

Special education documents required: Documents:

  • Residency certificate
  • Written application by the parents to the school administration
  • Personal development report of the child (if already registered)
  • Child’s health report from the hospital

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