Having a Baby in Turkey

At Kingsman Estates we help hundreds of ex-pats start a new life in Turkey every year. Selling properties to ex-pats and international investors have been our passion and mission however nothing beats the feeling we get when our clients are interested in having a baby in Turkey. That’s why we have prepared this section on having a baby in Turkey outlining all the details regarding the process and everything you need to be aware of in order to achieve a successful pregnancy and birth in Turkey.

All healthcare services are organised by the Ministry of Health.

When it comes to healthcare in Turkey you have two options. You can either take the route of private hospitals or public hospitals. Choosing the right path is the very first step of having a baby in Turkey. There are advantages and disadvantages to those options. Similarly to most countries, private hospitals charge their patients money however the standard of healthcare is significantly higher than the state hospitals in Turkey. 

Although the standards of public hospitals are much better when compared to ten years ago, they tend to be slightly overcrowded and doctors have to take care of too many patients which can make people feel they are not getting enough attention to the specifics of their personal circumstances and problems. 

Please be aware that you will also be required to pay in-state hospitals if you do not have insurance or social security in Turkey. In both hospital types, you are able to pick your favourite doctor and stick with that person throughout your pregnancy and after birth health checkups. You will have the option to choose the doctor when you are making a booking online.

You will be able to get prenatal care in almost all hospitals in Turkey. Monitoring the health of the baby and the mother during the pregnancy is incredibly important and there are various tests that will be regularly conducted on you to make sure everything is under control. 

These tests can include blood and urine tests which will determine if there are any genetic issues a baby might have. Other medical examinations include various tests for diabetes, Hepatitis B, HIV, blood glucose, blood count, rubella, and more. All these tests will feed the process of risk calculations and the overall well being of the baby and the money will be monitored throughout the entire process. 

When it comes to giving birth you get two options in Turkey. You can either get a natural birth or a C-section. However, you must make a choice according to your doctor’s advice. Please be aware that there is a law regarding C-section in Turkey where doctors with high rates of C-section get investigations. This law was passed to limit the number of unnecessary operations being conducted. However, Turkey still has the highest C-section operations among the OECD countries. 

Cost Of Having A Baby In Turkey

We cannot stress enough the necessity of having private health insurance either in Turkey or in your home country that works in Turkey. This will allow you to get free health care in private hospitals in Turkey and it will come incredibly useful as the costs can easily pile up with each checkup and doctors visit. 

When it comes to the costs of giving birth, getting natural birth in state hospitals is free of charge. However it will cost you around USD 350 if you are planning to get a C-section in state hospitals in Turkey. Please be prepared to splash around USD 2000 for getting a C-section in private hospitals. However when you have private health insurance you will not be required to pay any of these fees. 

Insurance For Having A Baby In Turkey

The first step when it comes to insurance is to check with your current insurance whether you are able to have a baby and general healthcare in the hospital of your choice. If you are able to, go ahead and check if you are fully or partially covered to avoid getting partially charged. 

You can do this by going to the front desk of the hospital you are planning to use and just mention the name of your insurance and your insurance number. Afterwards, you will be able to learn the situation regarding your health insurance in Turkey. 

Please be aware that most insurances regardless of their level of coverage, will take care of you and the baby for the first 30 days after the birth. After that period you are required to get separate insurance for the baby. 

If you have a social security member in Turkey you are eligible for natural birth free of charge as well as health check-ups for the baby afterwards.

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