Healthcare In Turkey For Foreigners

Over the last decade, healthcare in Turkey has drastically improved and went through many reforms. These reforms by the government changed the Turkish health care system to a point where Turkey is a major player in the region giving treatments to thousands of patients from the Middle East and European countries. Turkey aims to become a global player in the health sector by continuing to develop its technology as well as treatment techniques. 

If you are looking to get treatment in Turkey during your visit or if you are moving to Turkey please read this comprehensive guide carefully as it will give you an advantage as you are navigating through the system. 

Healthcare in Turkey for Visitors and Tourists

Before your arrival make sure you are up to date with all your vaccinations and make sure you have travel insurance. Although Turkish health system is much cheaper when compared to EU countries or the USA, in an unfortunate circumstance where you might need medical attention costs can add up and if you have not brought enough money you might face problems during your treatment until the payment has been sorted out. 

Please be aware of the hospitals close to your place of stay during your travels in Turkey. For international travellers, private hospitals are better as there will be an English speaking person as well as lesser waiting lines. Accredited Turkish hospitals in Turkey will be more than sufficient for any health problems you might face during your travels in Turkey. To check whether a hospital is in the ministry of health accredited hospital list, click here. 

Healthcare in Turkey for Expats

Applying to the Social Security Institute (SGK)

If you have a residency of at least one year, you will become eligible to apply to social security institute (SGK-Sosyal Guvenlik Kurumu) which is health insurance provided by the Turkish government. This insurance will cover your spouse and kids and it will pay parts of the treatments you can get in-state hospitals as well as some private hospitals who have struck deals with the government.

To find out if your SGK subscription is eligible to cover your parts of the fees in your local private hospital, call them beforehand to make sure this is the case. We most certainly recommend this action to avoid problems with the hospital as it will get your treatments disrupted.

Most private hospitals in Turkey have English speaking staff so doing this should not be a problem. Please note that SGK will not cover pre-existing conditions before your arrival into Turkey like diabetes and cancer. 

To start the application process you need to visit your local SGK office to learn the exact details for your given situation. At Kingsman Estates we one of our after-sale services is to make sure our customers can successfully enrol to the social insurance after they have purchased their property.

Once you have spoken to the representatives in the SGK office they will let you know the list of documents you need to bring to the application centre. The monthly payment changes every year and it was 614 lira back in 2019. 

Turkish pharmacies are a great place for small health issues!

If you are having minor health issues there is no need to go to a hospital to see a doctor. Turkish pharmacies are called ECZANE and you can find at every corner.

Pharmacists in Turkey have the proper training to listen to the issues you are suffering from and they can prescribe you with medicine if you need one. They will also let you know if they think they should see a doctor as sometimes the underlying health issue needs a deeper look in a proper hospital environment. 

How to get a doctors appointment in Turkey?

You may choose to walk into both public and private hospitals in Turkey to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can click here to get to the government health service platform to make your bookings.

What shall I do in case of an emergency in Turkey?

Unfortunately, accidents and unexpected health circumstances happen, and it can be very concerning if you are going through an emergency in Turkey as an international visitor. For severe emergencies and accidents please immediately call the ambulance by calling 112 and there will be an English-speaking option as you are listening to the options.

Please always know the detailed address of your location so you can relay the information to the person on the phone. Once you have picked up by the ambulance you will be taken to the closest state hospital and be seen immediately. There will be zero cost for treating serious emergencies regardless of your nationality and status of your immigration process. 

If you do end up choosing to go to a private hospital for them to deal with your emergency there will charge but they will be less than half of what patients pay in USA and EU counties for their health services. 

Should I take private health insurance or use the SGK?

To be entirely honest current situation regarding international visitors and ex-pats using the government social security system is not entirely efficient as of 2021. So, as Kingsman Estates we always recommend our clients to look into private health care options as the application process is much simpler.

When it comes to things like the health of you and your loved ones spending a little bit more money is worth it especially if you are in-country away from home. When it comes to the pricing they vary depending on the type of cover you are getting, but they are in a similar range to EU counties and you will have comprehensive private health care which should alleviate any medical problems you might come across during your stay in Turkey.

We offer a private health care consultancy service to our clients as one of our after-sale services where you can see different options with their price. 

So now you know more about the Turkish health system, and you would like to move to Turkey, please contact us and our dedicated team at Kingsman Estates Antalya investor centre will be more than willing to help you with your needs.

We are a boutique professional licenced Turkish estate agent concentrating on international investors to entre the Turkish property market or diversify their current portfolio. We handle the entire process from start to finish so our clients can have the ease of mind knowing that they have the best representation and expertise on their side. 

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