Drug Possession And Criminal Penalties In Turkey

This blog post is on drug possession and criminal penalties in Turkey. As Kingsman Estates we feel the urge to explain details regarding this issue as some of our clients who purchase properties in Turkey sometimes take the laws regarding drug use in Turkey lightly and end up ruining their lives. When you are in Turkey, you are subject to Turkish laws and you should learn the basics in order to avoid having problems with the Turkish enforcement agencies. 

As Kingsman Estates, we strongly discourage anyone from using any drugs whether they are in Turkey or somewhere else in the world. Drugs are not a solution to problems and it ruins lives and kills people around the world while funding organised crime. If you are an addict please seek help imminently to start a new life before you ruin yours and your loved ones lives.

Drug Crimes In Turkey

Turkish laws and policies on drugs are much stricter when compared to other places in the world like the USA and Europe. Almost all drugs are illegal in Turkey including the possession of marijuana. There is no allowance for medical or recreational use of non-pharmaceutical drugs in Turkey and consuming and possession of any quantity is a punishable offence. 

Turkey is a majority Muslim country, regardless of the nation’s devotion to religion most people are conservative and drugs have an extremely bad connotation and reputation in Turkey. Talking lightly about using drugs or actually consuming drugs will not be welcomed and you are very likely to be ridiculed by society let alone keeping your job. 

Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 (TPC) is the main legislative document that arranges the legislations on drugs in Turkey. You will find that the weight of the crimes are different for trafficking drugs, possession of drugs and enabling the sale of drugs in Turkey. However please be aware that regardless of their individual weight and punishments, these are incredibly serious crimes in Turkey and they are punishable offenses. 

This blog post will be concentrating on drug possession in Turkey for personal use. If you are interested in deeper understanding regarding trafficking drugs in Turkey or enabling the sale of drugs in Turkey seek legal advice from a lawyer. 

Drug Possession For Personal Use in Turkey

Accepting, purchasing and possessing drugs for personal use in Turkey will be tried for prison sentences from 2 to 5 years. Please be aware that this goes for any drugs including the possession of marijuana so please do not treat these laws lightly during your stay in Turkey.  

Unfortunately plenty of foreigners who come to visit in Turkey and do not follow the laws regarding drugs try to argue that these punishments are too severe when compared to their countries and they were not informed regarding these “harsh” laws. These arguments will not help you in your defence as not knowing the laws will not be accepted in Turkey. Please be aware that you are subject to Turkish laws during your stay in Turkey. 

Although there are severe punishments regarding drug abuse in Turkey, it is also seen as a public health matter so all penalties are initially postponed when there are no similar crimes committed in the person’s past. The judge will remind you and warn the suspect on the legal consequences of more violations for the postponed period and might be ordered to get compulsory treatment or public service. The suspect will undergo regular drug tests for the period of postponement to make sure a relapse does not occur. 

If the suspect completes their treatment and passes all the drug tests the charges are dropped and no criminal record will be written. However if the suspects persists on comminiting similar crimes and fails to fulfill the obligations that were put on him by the judge, they will be prisoned between 2 to 5 years in prison. The punishments for drug trafficking and enabling the sale of drugs are judged much harshly with no tolerance. 

Please note that this is not legal advice but a general guideline to being a law abiding citizen in Turkey. If you have committed a crime or would like to know more about laws regarding drug abuse in Turkey please consult a lawyer in Turkey. 

As Kingsman Estates we would like to discourage anyone from taking part in any illegal activity during the stay in Turkey as you will face legal consequences which might ruin your life as well your loved ones. 

Drugs like cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy are ILLEGAL in Turkey.

Drugs are illegal in Turkey.

Drinking alcohol for people over the age of 18 is legal in Turkey.

Hemp is illegal in Turkey.

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