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This blog post is on motor vehicle tax in Turkey

MTV(Motorlu Tasit Vergisi), which is a tax type that vehicle owners have to pay twice a year, is collected by the tax office or contracted banks of the province in January and July every year. Motor vehicle tax is a tax that all vehicle owners are liable for. However, some exceptional vehicles are not included.

When Does the Obligation to Pay Motor Vehicle Tax Start?

Motor Vehicle Tax liability begins with the registration of the vehicle in the traffic registry for motor vehicles. If the vehicle is to be newly registered and registered in the traffic registry and if it was purchased within the first 6 months of the calendar year, from the beginning of the calendar year; if taken sometime after the last 6 months, it starts from the beginning of the last 6 month period.

If the vehicle is registered and registered in the traffic registry but changes hands as a result of transfer or assignment; If this transfer is made within the first six months, it starts from the beginning of the following six-month period, if it is done within the last six months, from the beginning of the following calendar year, that is, from the next year.

How is Motor Vehicle Tax Calculated?

Motor vehicle tax is determined on the basis of the tariffs in the law according to the type of vehicle. Depending on whether the vehicle is an automobile, truck, van, minibus, bus, panel van, the amount of tax to be paid also varies. You can pay your tax amount at the rates specified in the tariffs according to the age and cylinder volume of the vehicle, from the Revenue Administration website, Revenue Administration Cashiers, branches of contracted banks, websites or ATMs.

For trucks, vans and buses, motor vehicle tax is calculated by considering the maximum total weight as well as the age of the vehicle. In buses, the seating capacity is also decisive in MTV.

Which Vehicles Have to Pay MTV?

Owners of motor vehicles registered with traffic branches or offices, and aircraft and helicopter owners registered and registered with the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Civil Aviation are liable to pay this tax.

Motor land vehicles registered and registered in traffic branches or offices in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law,

Aircraft and helicopters registered and registered with the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Civil Aviation,

Motor vessels registered and registered in the port or municipality registry are liable to pay MTV.

Which Vehicles Do Not Have to Pay MTV?

Vehicles registered and registered on behalf of social security institutions and special provincial administrations, administrations with general and special budgets, municipalities, village legal entities and Turkish Red Crescent Society,

Vehicles belonging to embassies and consulates of foreign states in Turkey, ambassadors, charge d’affaires and consuls, embassy and consular officers, provided that they are mutually exclusive,

Vehicles registered in the names of the disabled and disabled people with a degree of disability of 90% or more, and vehicles with special equipment adapted to these conditions of other disabled and disabled people,

Vehicles in scrap condition do not have to pay Motor Vehicle Tax, provided that the vehicle does not have debts from the past period.

Vehicles belonging to banks transferred to the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, and to the bankruptcy administrations of bankrupt banks, whose liquidation is carried out by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, are exempt from tax.


When is MTV Payment Made?

Motor Vehicle Tax can be paid in two instalments in January and July. The first instalment of MTV runs from January 1 to January 31 each year; The second instalment is paid between 1 and 31 July.

Engineer Cylinder Volume (cm³) Vehicle age and required tax payment (TL)
  1 – 3-year-old   4 – 6year old   7 – 11year old   12 – 15 year old   16 and older
  1300 cm³ and below   1.051 TL   733 TL   410 TL   309 TL   109 TL
  1301 – 1600 cm³    1.830 TL   1.372 TL   796 TL   563 TL   216 TL
  1601 – 1800 cm³    3.234 TL   2.526 TL   1.488 TL   906TL   351 TL
  1801 – 2000 cm³    5.095 TL   3.923 TL   2.306 TL   1.372 TL   541 TL
  2001 – 2500 cm³    7.640 TL   5.547 TL   3.466 TL   2.070 TL   819 TL
  2501 – 3000 cm³    10.655 TL   9.268 TL   5.790 TL   3.113 TL   1.143 TL
  3001 – 3500 cm³    16.226 TL   14.600 TL   8.794 TL   4.389 TL   1.610 TL
  3501 – 4000 cm³    25.513 TL   22.030 TL   12.974 TL   5.790 TL   2.306 TL
  4001 cm³ and upwards   41.756 TL   31.312 TL   18.544 TL   8.333 TL   3.234 TL
  100 – 250 cm³ and below   196 TL   147 TL   108 TL   67 TL   26 TL
  251 – 650 cm³    405 TL   307 TL   196 TL   108 TL   67 TL
  651 – 1200 cm³    1.045 TL   621 TL   307 TL   196 TL   108 TL
  1201 cm³ and above   2.535 TL   1.675 TL   1.045 TL   830 TL   405 TL

The table above has been calculated by the Revenue Administration according to the revaluation rate every year.

What Happens If Motor Vehicles Tax Is Not Paid?

Motor Vehicle Tax must be paid in two installments in January and July. If you do not make your payment on time, you will receive a warning by a letter from the Ministry of Finance. If the payment is not made despite this, your bank accounts will be seized by the tax office and the amount you have to pay will be collected, and your vehicle can be connected if necessary. In addition, if you pass the payment date of the Motor Vehicle Tax, interest starts to accrue. A monthly delay interest is added to the amount you will pay for each month.

Where are MTV Payments Made?

You can make MTV payments through the Revenue Administration website or to banks. Motor Vehicle Tax can be paid in cash as well as in installments with credit cards. In addition, some banks offer installment opportunities to vehicle owners.

In order to pay the Motor Vehicle Tax with a credit card, you must first make an inquiry. You can inquire about your MTV amount by entering the “Motor Vehicles” page on the ​​website. On this page, you will see 4 different options: “Motor Vehicle Inquiry and Payment, Payment Information Inquiry, Motor Vehicle Tax Calculation and Insurance Values”. In the next step, you can make an inquiry by clicking on the option that interests you. You can inquire about your MTV debt by filling in the information requested in the inquiry form correctly and completely, and you can pay with your credit card.

How to Pay Motor Vehicle Tax Online?

When you enter the “Motor Vehicle Inquiry and Payment” section on the tax office’s website, a form will appear. In this form, you are asked for information such as license plate, special plate, TR identity number or tax identification number and registration date. Here you need to write the license plate without any spaces and mark the special plate option as “no”. If you are a natural person, you must enter your TR identity number, if you are a legal person, you must enter your tax identification number.

If your vehicle is new, you should write the registration date of the vehicle in the section named registration date. For second-hand vehicles, the date of sale in the notary sales contract or the date on the vehicle’s license must be written. You can fill in the required information and proceed to the payment section.

If you need to use the collection document in official transactions after the MTV payment process, it will be sufficient to print out the collection document and have it approved by the tax office. If the motor vehicle tax is overdue, you can pay by selecting the overdue MTV line during card payment.

How to Calculate MTV over Motor Insurance Value?

With the discounted MTV application that came into effect in the first month of 2005, vehicle insurance values ​​can be taken as a basis for MTVs for cars, pickup trucks, off-road vehicles and similar vehicles. The insurance values ​​determined by the Association of Insurance, Reinsurance and Pension Companies of Turkey are published as a list every month. This list is prepared taking into account the brands, models and market conditions of the vehicles. Click to find out the insurance value of your vehicle immediately.

What Happens If I Pay Too Much MTV? 

If you pay more than 5% of your car insurance value, you have the opportunity to get your money back. However, in order to return the amount you overpaid, you need to follow a few steps. Together with the correction petition, you must forward the motor insurance value notification form to the authorized units.

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