Welfare Benefits In Turkey

This blog post in on the welfare benefits in Turkey. Please read this blog to inform your self on various types of benefits in Turkey so you know them if you are ever in need.

Unemployment Welfare Benefits In Turkey

All employees and employers are required to make unemployment benefits contributions in Turkey and it is equal to a total of %3 of the pre-taxed salary of the employee. If you are a foreigner who has residency and working in Turkey you can have access to unemployment benefits in Turkey under certain circumstances:

  • They must have had employment for at least 600 days over the last three years. 
  • They must have been working for the last 120 days in that specific workplace before they left.
  • You should have been fired from the job for a misconduct

In order to register for the unemployment benefits, you will need to announce your unemployment by going to the Turkish Employment Agency within 30 days of you losing your job. They will also include you in their database for people who are looking for work. 

The amount you will receive is not a lot. This is specifically designed to make sure people are working rather than enjoying the benefits. The amount you will receive is calculated according to the average of your last 4 months salary. You will receive 50% of this amount however it cannot exceed the minimum wage which is 2800 lira net in the year 2021. 

Duration Of The Unemployment You Will Receive 
Days of Paid Premiums Days of Benefits 

Maternity Benefits In Turkey

Currently women who are having a baby are allowed a 16 weeks of maternity leave in Turkey. This 16 week period needs to be divided before and after the birth of the baby. The entire 16 week period cannot be entirely used after the birth of the baby. This allowance is increased to 18 weeks in cases like twins. 

In case the baby’s condition does not allow the mother to continue to work, they may leave for another six months after the paid leave is over. However this further six months will not grant them any money. A father can get only three days of leave once their baby is born. 

You also have an allowance for breastfeeding for 1 hour and 30 minutes every day where you can leave work to breastfeed your baby. This allowance continues until the baby is one year old.  

In order to qualify for a paid maternity leave, you must have a medical report proving the fact that you are pregnant. The medical report also needs to have the expected day for the babe’s birth. Take this report to your place of work and the human resources or accounts team at your company will then direct you how to apply for a paid maternity leave in Turkey. 

Temporary Incapacity Benefits In Turkey 

You may apply for a temporary incapacity benefit in Turkey when you are injured during work. You are required to produce a full medical report explaining your injuries are work related and in that case you can get paid 50 percent of your salary or 67 percent if you have dependents for the days of your recovery. However this time period cannot exceed 90 days. 

Yes there is a welfare system for people who are contributing to the economy. 

Yes you can claim various benefits in Turkey given that you are contributing to the economy.

You can get a permanent residency in Turkey by finding work or buying property in Turkey

Yes Turkey does have unemployment benefits. 

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