Cost Of Building A House In Turkey

This blog post is on the cost of building a house in Turkey as well as general details regarding how to build your dream house in Turkey. 

Cost Of Building A House In Turkey

There are alternative house models for those who want to build a detached house. In order to build a model that suits your lifestyle and meets your needs among detached house, villa, stone house, country house models, you first need to make the cost calculation correctly. For a stone house or a villa, rough construction cost should be calculated first. The cost of the villa will be higher compared to the stone house cost.

The cost of the house may increase or decrease depending on the demands and needs. The important thing here is whether professional support is obtained for the cost of house construction. When you work with professional architects who make cost calculations by designing detached houses, every detail will be calculated perfectly. Experienced architects will also design and project your home functionally.

Since today’s construction technologies have turned into houses built with vertical architecture, detached houses are now very few and have become untouched gems. Instead of reinforced concrete prisons, peaceful detached houses with gardens, patios, garages and playgrounds are now being built on empty plots away from the city centers.

Since today’s construction technologies have turned into houses built with vertical architecture, detached houses are now very few and have become untouched gems. Instead of reinforced concrete prisons, peaceful detached houses with gardens, patios, garages and playgrounds are now being built on empty plots away from the city centers.

The detached house has become an ideal living space for families with children, as well as being the houses that people prefer intensely today due to its being economical. If you want to live in detached houses instead of apartments or high-rise plazas and grow your children in a peaceful house with a garden, you should choose detached houses. Detached house; It is a house model consisting of at least one floor and at most three floors built on a certain plot.

Depending on the sitting and layout of the house, the garden area can be on all sides of the house or can be determined as a single facade during construction. The cost calculation of detached houses is different compared to apartments. While the cost of the real estate investment homes in Turkey is calculated only the land share of the house and the rough construction cost, the cost of the detached house is quite high.

For a family house; There are different cost items such as land, rough construction, garden landscaping cost, garden wall cost, garage door, garage area cost, perforation cost. In addition, the width of the designed house affects the cost item in details such as how many floors it is.

For a newly built detached house, cost calculation should be made by choosing one of the reinforced concrete, wooden, prefabricated, steel construction house models. The costs of houses built using different materials also differ per unit square meter. For the cost of a reinforced concrete detached house, the cost of the land should be calculated first. Today, the square meter price of the land in the city center is determined by the relevant municipality, so it varies.

While the square meter cost price in big cities is between 500 TL and 1000 TL, it is between 300 TL and 750 TL in other regions. The cost of land for an average house of 120 square meters can be considered as 65000 TL. The cost per square meter, covering the design and construction of a single-storey detached house of 120 m2, varies between 800 TL and 1500 TL on average.

For a detached house with a 100 m2 residence per square meter, the average square meter price can be calculated as 110,000 TL. Since the property prices are between 200 TL and 600 TL per square meter on average according to the area to be allocated for the garden landscaping and the landscape to be made, we can determine the cost as 8000 TL for a 20 square meter garden. When you calculate the construction items such as a garden wall, perforation, garage door, entrance area, an average cost of 7500 TL emerges. costs.

The land in this account was selected in a region not far from the city center, and the materials used in rough construction were selected from classes of medium quality. In addition, the garden landscaping has been designed to be very good and the cost has been calculated. Today, since there are no vacant plots in city centers, constructions are made by choosing the areas closest to the city center, and the design of the detached house is made in line with the wishes and needs of the house owners.

By choosing a detached house, you can spend the rest of your life peacefully in a house with a garden and have a happy life with your children. Detached house designs vary according to the culture of the region you live in. 

Land cost

While calculating the cost of the detached house prices, the distance of the land to the street, the proximity of the area to the city centre and the access roads, as well as the social life opportunities, should be taken into consideration. Considering these factors, the land cost study will offer you the most accurate pricing.

A land with social life, close to the city center and located in a location that will meet vital needs such as schools and hospitals, is located in the milk step of the price range, while the cost of land in real estate market with a location that meets these factors less is lower.

Since land is the most basic element of a house, it is also the most basic element of cost calculation. In addition to the researches you will do about the detached house, you can get help from professional hands in designing and implementing the detached house.

Prefabricated Houses In Turkey

If you want to own a master house and do not want to strain your budget, the most ideal solution is construction house models built using prefabricated houses in Turkey. Construction house models are house models that can be built in a shorter time as a detached house, which are healthier and more economical.

Models of prefabricated houses in Turkey that do not have insulation problems and can be designed as desired are home models that can be easily moved, disassembled and assembled in the city or outside the city, which provide convenience both in the application phase and in the design phase.

If you are going to choose a prefabricated house model, there will be much more economical costs compared to the cost of a detached house. Prefabricated houses in Turkey with a 120 square meter plot of 100 square meters has an average cost of 80,000 to 150,000 TL. Here, the factor that creates the cost difference is the exterior cladding. While siding is vital in cold regions, it also reduces extra cost items such as heating and cooling. You can review the homify prefabricated house models page for container house models that differ in cost according to the areas to be built.

Prefabricated Houses Turkey Prices 2021

If you are looking for a general idea regarding the prefabricated houses Turkey prices, take a look at this table we have prepared for you which will give a further general idea.

Area (m2) Prefabricated Houses Turkey Prices
49 51.000 Turkish Lira
51 54.000 Turkish Lira
61 57.000 Turkish Lira
63 60.000 Turkish Lira
94 75.000 Turkish Lira

Wooden Detached Houses

When it comes to detached houses, you should not only think of reinforced concrete houses but also prefabricated and wooden houses. wooden detached houses have different costs depending on the type of wood and wood used. If you want to build a wooden detached house with a 100 square meter residence, you will need to allocate lower budgets than a reinforced concrete house. Since wood is a material that is sold on a cubic meter basis and it is easy to work with, a house with a 100 m2 residence will cost you 140,000 TL on average.

If you are going to use first-class pine or if you are going to have a longer-lasting home by using oak, this cost will go higher. Insulation problem will occur depending on the type of material and workmanship used in wooden houses. In this case, you can write an additional cost item such as 500 TL per m2 unit on your cost. In this case, a wooden detached house will cost you 190,000 TL.

Stone House Model

The stone house model, which we see very widely in the countryside, has become widespread today as a detached house model. Depending on the type and thickness of the stone used, stone houses, which provide thermal insulation and have self-air conditioning feature, have started to be widely preferred because they are economical. Stone is a material that is sold in cubic meters and can be shaped in any size you want. An average of 3 meters of wall is formed from one cubic meter of stone material, whose cubic meter price varies between 400 TL and 1000 TL on average.

In this case, a room of 4.5 m * 4.5 m of a house costs 6000 TL. The cost of the stone detached house with a residence of 100 m2 and a land of 120 m2 corresponds to a figure of 100,000 TL on average. With the use of wood, which can be seen as an extra cost in stone houses, your cost will be 120,000 TL. However, you will be advantageous as there will be no costs for air conditioning in the future.

If you are interested in building your own house in Turkey, please contact us and our dedicated team at Kingsman Estates will be more than willing to help you.


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