Electricity In Turkey

One of the most common questions we get asked by our clients who have bought a property through Kingsman Estates is details about electricity in Turkey. Electricity is provided through private companies in Turkey. So each region has their own company for electricity in Turkey. Registering electricity bills in Turkey is not very hard, however it can be time-consuming if you are not aware of where to go and what documents to bring.  

At Kingsman Estates we have the best after-sale services when it comes to international investors buying properties in Turkey. So if you are planning to buy your property through Kingsman Estates do not worry about any of these steps as all of them will be completed for you by one of our after-sales experts. 

Documents Required For Registering Electricity In Turkey

When you are ready to register to get electricity in Turkey, you will need to prepare a few documents in order for your registration to be processed. 

  • Identification ( Turkish residence/work permit or passport)
  • A copy of your DASK policy. (This document is  the proof of your compulsory earthquake insurance which will be obtained by the property owner in the purchase process.)
  • Title Deed (tapu) or rental contract
  • Meter Numbers ( You will need meter readings to make sure that you are connecting to the right address. Your meter readings will also be used to calculate your monthly electricity fee. You can acquire this by either from the previous residents of the property or by taking a picture of the meters.)
  • Statement of Registered Residence (This can be acquired by registering to the local population office closest to your property by taking your ID and your title deed.) To find out more on population offices, click here
  • 250 to 350 lira for your registration deposit. The deposits can be paid in installments.

Please be aware that you might not necessarily be asked to show all these documents. However please bring them to guarantee the success of your application. 

Applications In Person

The best way to register for electricity in Turkey is by going to one of the distribution offices that is closest to your property. Please be aware that you will need to pick the correct office for registration. Not all offices for electricity will do registrations. Please prepare all the documents we have listed above and go to one of the registration offices closest to your property. Once you get there find the section of the office where it says “abonelik Islemleri” for registrations. Get a number from the kiosk and wait for your turn. Once your number is announced go to that desk and explain your situation. Unfortunately, not all offices have English-speaking personnel available so it is best if you get a local with you to do the explaining. 

Electricity Offices In Antalya And Istanbul

Applications Online 

You can also apply online for electricity in Turkey. This way you can save a journey to the local electricity registration office. However, you will be required to be present at the date of their arrival to show those documents we have listed above. The language barrier will probably be a problem as their staff on the field are unlikely to speak English.

When you are applying online you will be required to enter the Turkish Identity number called “T.C. Kimlik Numarasi” in Turkish. That number would be your tax number which would have been acquired previous to the sale starting with 99 for foreign nationals living in Turkey.  

General Tips To Keep In Mind

Please be aware that if the previous owner is still registered utility accounts the registration office will not be able to process new accounts on the property. That’s why you will need to take your registration you have acquired from the population office along with your title deed to prove the fact that you are an owner and the resident of the property. 

Also if the previous accounts had left any outstanding debts. You will need to pay that debt in order to open a new account. So please make sure there are no outstanding debts on that property before the purchase. Alternatively, you may ask the seller to provide proof of the issue. 


Depending on the supplier’s preference and real consumption, bills are delivered monthly, quarterly, or every six months. Direct debit, at the energy supplier’s office, or at certain banks are both options for paying bills.

If payments are not collected within ten days, utilities will be turned off before they are paid, and an interest charge will be added to the total. The deal is cancelled if payment is not taken within one month of the power supply being turned off, and consumers must re-establish a new contract and pay an extra charge.

Turkish Electric Plugs And Sockets

Turkey operates on 220 volts, 50 Hz and uses round European style plugs. 

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