How To Get A Tax ID Number In Turkey 2022

This blog post is on how to get a TAX ID number in Turkey 2022. At Kingsman Estates we help our clients who looking to buy property in Antalya get a TAX ID number, however, in our efforts to lower the barriers to entry into the Turkish property market and life in Turkey, we have prepared this post on the topic.

Turkey is one of the significant countries for investing in businesses. The foreigners get a suitable environment for companies in the last few years. Turkey has had many investment programs since 2018, and thousands of investors have taken advantage of these plans.

If you also want to invest in Turkey, acquire Turkish citizenship and get a tax ID. It helps you remember how to participate in the work. It is mandatory to register at the Revenue Administration, especially for the people who deal with the businesses and traders for the taxpayers.

Now we all know that every scenario changes right after the COVID-19. Similarly, the tax identification number for foreigners in Turkey is also different from the application method. In 2022 you can apply through the digital tax office and get your tax identification number as a foreigner.

Here we will talk about getting the Tax Identification number in Turkey in 2022.

Why do you need the Tax ID number in Turkey?

It is necessary to register for the tax identification number in turkey. Foreigners require a Tax identification number in Turkey for their everyday life. It is a mandatory prerequisite for any financial transactions and registrations for non-residents. The Turkey national ID number is also considered as their tax ID number. However, Turkish citizens need a different tax number, especially when establishing a business. You need to certificate the tax certificate for companies and their financial transactions.

So ensure that you need to get the turkey tax ID number if you want to perform the following tasks.

  • Buy or invest in the real estate business
  • Open the bank account in turkey banks
  • Receive the healthcare services
  • Get the health insurance and services
  • Get the power of attorney
  • Engage in national services
  • Build a business and establish the company
  • Receive the utility services
  • Driver license applications
  • Residential permits

Moreover, the tax ID number is essential for the administrative and legal processes. You need to have the foreign national identification number that is not readily available until you get the residence permit.

It is the mandatory formality for all the procedures, not only for the tax numbers but also to pay for the taxes.

Requirements for the Tax ID number in Turkey

In previous times you needed to wait in the queue for longer times to get your tax ID number in Turkey. But now, the digital alternatives make it easy to get the tax ID number in turkey. The whole procedure takes almost 15 minutes as it is a fast and straightforward process.

You need to have the basic three things for getting the tax ID number. These essential things include:

  • Valid password
  • Photocopy of the ID page on your passport
  • Application form for the tax ID number

Moreover, there are two ways to get the tax ID number, including online and in-person. Both of these ways are free of charge and don’t need to have any fees for bar photocopying. Ensure that you have your Turkish phone number and travel to the tax office if you apply for the online process.

The online process of the Turkish tax ID number, then you need to have the following things.

  • Must have the valid Turkish phone number
  • Make a digital copy of your passport ID page on your computer. You can make it pdf, jpeg, png, and other acceptable formats. Ensure that the size is smaller than 1MB.

A step-by-step guide (online application)

Here is the step-by-step guide for applying through the online process.

  • Visit the official online webpage of the interactive tax office.
  • Scroll down to the box for application as a non-citizen potential tax number. When you scroll down, it will show the two tabs that include the application and confirmation. Click on the Application tab.
  • A new window pops up on the screen with the application form by clicking on the application tab. It has both English and translations next to the Turkish language.
  • Ensure that you fill the form correctly. Move to the bottom of your page, and it will ask for the digital photocopies of your passport. Upload the copies of your passport as the final step and click on the submit.
  • Once you complete the process by filling everything, click on the submit button, and the system will give the tax ID number through an official letter. The letter will appear in the form of a PDF. You need to allow or enable the pop-up windows for receiving the document.

If you don’t have your Turkish phone number, you can not get the second option for receiving the Turkish tax ID number.

A step-by-step guide (in-person application)

Visit the nearest Tax office for an in-person application of the Turking Tax ID number. Ensure that you have your passport, passport ID page photocopy, and form for tax ID application with the signs.

  • Ensure that you have your passport and its photocopy while visiting the nearby office. Moreover, the application form must have accurate information.
  • Every city and district has a tax office in Turkey. So it is easy to visit the office at your ease. You can also get the sign of Registration procedures when you enter the office.
  • If you are speaking English, then keep in mind that some of the clerks and staff in the office may not know how to speak English. So you can take someone with you who knows about the Turkish language. Moreover, you can also take a paper with the written sentence in English, meaning that I am a foreign national and came to apply for the tax ID number. It will also help with getting your tax ID number in Turkey.
  • Once the procedure is complete, then you will receive an official letter. It contains your Tax ID number that helps you in your possible way.

We hope this guide will help you get the turkey’s Tax ID number. Follow these step-by-step guides for getting the ID number more smoothly.

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