How To Move To Turkey? 5 Steps to Moving to Turkey (Best Guide)

At Kingsman Estates we help thousands of ex-pats like you to move to Turkey every year. And we understand how daunting it may seem to move to Turkey. In this blog post, we will write a full report of some of the key concepts that you need to look out for to make the process as smooth as possible.

As well as opportunities from applying for a Turkish work permit and choosing a school for your child to renting out your property for reliable income. To avoid legal complications resulting in losing valuable time and money it is essential to understand these key concepts. Although essential, please be rest assured that Kingsman Estates Antalya is with you at every step of the way.

Applying for a Turkish Citizenship

In the recent years Turkish government has passed a law where when you purchase a property that is costs over $250.000 you may be eligible for a Turkish Citizenship. Turkish Citizenship by investment programme also covers instruments like depositing in a Turkish bank over $500.000 or acquiring government bonds of minimum $500.000. Your partner and children younger than the age of 18 will also be able to apply when you successfully fulfil one of the obligations listed above.

At Kingsman Estates we take pride in our talented team which will unsure you choose the best Turkish investment option for yourself and have a flawless process when doing so.  Our team will take you through all the steps and you will not be alone when purchasing a property through Kingsman Estates. Although full details of getting a Turkish passport is beyond the scope of this blog post, full details can be found in this link.

Buying Your Property in Turkey

Buying property as a foreigner is a complex process with requirements such as legal expertise in Turkish Law and having intellectual gamesmanship in the Turkish property market and more. The full details of this process are beyond the scope of this blog post so please click here for a full step-by-step guide to buying your Turkish property. Please be assured that we are with you at every step of the way and feel free to ask any questions that you might have.

Who can purchase property And Move To Turkey?

Before 2012 buying a property in Turkey was extremely difficult due to the Turkish government laws. Although some regulations are still in place, in May 2012 the Turkish government has lifted most of the bans which opened up the Turkish property market to almost all citizens of the world.

For full details and lists eligible countries, click here.

How To Purchase Property With Kingsman Estates Antalya?

STEP 1-Research Your Turkish Property

The Turkish property market is vast and different regions have different pros and cons. You can CLICK ON THIS LINK for an impartial and balanced analysis on different regions of Turkey. During your research, you will come across different options direct

STEP 2-Decide On Your Requirements And Contact Kingsman Estates

It is crucial that we fully understand what your requirements are. Our customers have in the past had a great variety of reasons to purchase property in Turkey. These reasons can change from buying a retirement villa in Antalya to purchasing flats as an investment opportunity.

Once you have decided on your requirements contact Kingsman Estates Antalya so, we can match our skills and expertise with your requirements and budget. We always follow the latest projects and have an excellent relationship with trusted construction companies. Thus, we will scope potential opportunities before you have arrived and booked appointments for you to see.

STEP 3-Get Your Turkish Tourist Visa And Book Your Flight Ticket

Applying for a Turkish visitor visa is extremely simple for citizens of most countries. Send us your flight ticket and book your hotel close to our offices. Close communication is necessary to avoid problems and delays in this step. We will welcome you at the airport with our company car and take you around the possible properties that fit your budget and requirements.

STEP 4-Deciding And Paying A Holding Deposit

Once we found your dream home, we will start negotiating the payment terms and the price which will be done on behalf of you with the seller. Due note some sellers might be more elastic regarding payment terms and the price and some might not.

However, we are absolute competitors regarding this issue and we are on your side. When the terms are agreed it is now to take the first step to put a holding deposit in order to avoid missing out as the Turkish property market is fast-paced. At this point, we will prepare all the documents and legal procedures will start.

STEP 5-Receiving The Title Deed

If you would like to learn about the full process in detail and frequently asked questions regarding buying a home, click here.

Learning Turkish and Language Schools

Depending on your needs and lifestyle you are willing to take on in Turkey, you might need to learn Turkish. In touristy areas such as Antalya, most people do speak a basic level of English and they would be more than happy to help you with your needs. Although there is no legal requirement by the government to be able to speak Turkish before moving in, if you looking to live and work long term in Turkey, it is essential for you to start learning so you can fully take part in Turkish society.

This will massively improve your daily life such as asking for directions, grocery shopping and paying your utility bills. There are plenty of courses and schools for you to attend in Turkey starting from scratch to being fluent in the language. These courses will award you with certificates upon successful completion of the course which will help you secure better jobs and ensure your full integration to the Turkish way of life. 

At Kingsman Estates Antalya we strive to offer the best service and only work with companies who have the same mindset. Click here to learn more about Learning Turkish and our trusted partners who offer courses.

International School And Education In Turkey

Throughout history, Turkey has been the melting pot of cultures. Today the number of international schools is a direct representation of this fact. This might come as a surprise however Turkey is home to various cultures and ethnicities and offers a diverse range of international schools especially if you are willing to live in a big city.

Student ex-pats or children of our customers can easily find great schools who closely follow international curriculums such as International Baccalaureate and CIS schools mostly thought in English so your qualifications can be recognised anywhere in the world. A total number of International Schools is ever-growing for IB and CIS, with a current number of 67 and 27, respectively.

For more information regarding International Schools in Turkey, click here.

Registering Utility Bills

Once the purchase process is complete you will receive your Title deed which will prove the ownership of the property. This legal document is essential for you to register all the utility services in Turkey.  now you must register with utility companies such as water, gas, and electricity. At this point, you can follow our advice regarding where to go and best ways to subscribe to these services. Most of our customers hand us a Power of Attorney which then we do all the necessary subscriptions on behalf of them so you can enjoy your new home hassle-free and completely free of charge.

For more information regarding utility subscriptions after your property purchase through Kingsman Estates please click here.

Furniture Shopping

One of our other after-sales services is furniture and white goods shopping. It can be a daunting task to decorate your dream home in Turkey as a foreigner due to the language barriers and general lack of intellectual gamesmanship about life in Turkey.

Some stores and sellers can take advantage of you when they realise you are not fully informed about the process. This can also happen with untrustworthy estate agents in Turkey. We take pride in our high standards in Kingsman Estates and we make sure our partners have too.

We work with best furniture and white goods providers with best service standards to make sure you have a flawless process. After your sale is complete, we look at catalogues and take you around our partnered stores and negotiate behalf of you to make sure you can decorate you home with the latest trends with affordable prices.

For more information regarding furniture and white goods shopping, click here.

Bringing Your Own Pets In To Turkey

Bringing pets from Europe and UK in to Turkey when you move is certainly possible.  As over the recent years the laws and regulations regarding this issue has been made easier. There is still uncertainty regarding what will happen to regulations regarding pets from UK while the Brexit process is still ongoing. You must ensure all the right documents and vaccinations are done correctly before you bring your pet in to Turkey.

For full details regarding bringing your pets in to Turkey, click here.

Bringing Your Car Into Turkey

Bringing your car is probably not the best action to take when you are moving to Turkey. Unfortunately, taxes on cars and petrol in Turkey is extremely high when compared to Europe and the UK. A big part of government yearly income comes directly from the purchases of cars and the use of petrol in Turkey.

However, if you are still eligible to bring your car up to 2 years. Your car or vehicle has to leave Turkey for 6 months after those 2 years have been completed. Please do take this seriously as you will face legal penalties and your car might get taken away from you. You might also be interested in buying a first hand or second card in Turkey but please be prepared to pay at least twice the amount how much it would cost in the UK or EU.

To learn more about bringing your car in Turkey or buying a new one, click here.

Health Care for Expats

Turkish public health care system is generally considered to be secondary when compared to North American and European health care systems. However the general level of public health care in Turkey has massively increased since 2010 as well as private-sector opening superb facilities in Turkey. Public hospitals in big cities are generally considered to be more than acceptable however please note that some hospitals in the rural and eastern Turkey might not be enough to fully take care of your needs and illnesses.

With the opening of privately owned hospitals, Turkey has been a hub of cosmetic surgery, fertility treatment and dentistry with most employees speaking English from appointment services to doctors. All our customers immediately notice the price of treatments being more affordable when compared to their home countries.  Once you have paid a full year of social security taxes in Turkey you will be eligible to use public health care, free of charge. However, most of our customers get private insurances which will immediately enable you to gain access to private health care with superb facilities immediately after your arrival.

For more information regarding the Turkish health care system for expats, click here.

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