Process For Selling Your Property In Turkey

If you are thinking about selling your property in Turkey in 2021 to realize your profits and cash out, look no further than Kingsman Estates to do the job for you. Our clients are always pleased to find out the fact that selling your Turkish property is much simpler when compared to buying as a foreign property owner as there are extra procedures that you need to complete during the purchase process. 

However, the procedure for foreigners regarding selling your property in Turkey is the same as a Turkish citizen. This does not mean you should attempt to do it on your own like a seasoned Turkish real estate market investor as there are still laws and regulations as well as intellectual gamesmanship of the process you should be aware of to avoid getting scammed and losing money and time and possibly end up legal difficulties which may have a great impact on your life.

So, unless you fall into that category please contact an estate agent like Kingsman Estates for the best advice on property for sale in Turkey. 

At Kingsman Estates Antalya we are both involved in buying and selling properties so, let us go through the process of selling your property in Turkey through Kingsman Estates

Step 1- Organising the Paperwork

Once you have decided to go ahead with a sale before contacting your real estate agent, please prepare the correct documentation regarding the purchase process so we can do our due diligence to make sure your Turkish property is legally suitable for sale.

Documents we require

  • Title Deed or land registry (TAPU)
  • Habitation Certificate(ISKAN)
  • Insurance Certificates like earthquake insurance (DASK)

At this point, you may also choose to give us a power of attorney so Kingsman Estates Antalya can complete the sales process and represent you from start to finish if you are not planning to be present on the title deed transfer day. Once you have prepared all these documents contact Kingsman Estates Antalya and inform our team about your intention regarding the sale of your property in Turkey. 

Step 2- Get a Free Valuation of Your Property When Selling Your Property In Turkey

Once you have provided all the required documents with our experienced team member who will be an expert in the area and type of property you have will go and give you a free valuation, so you know much is the realistic and fair sale pricing of the property. Unfortunately, plenty of people come to the market with unreasonable pricing strategies which end up sitting on the listing pages for a very long time which causes disappointment.

The price of the property should be similar to its counterparts for a normal sale process or slightly less if you are looking for quick selling your property in Turkey. Please do remember that it is also in the interest of Kingsman Estates to sell the property with the highest price possible however a sensible approach is needed to guarantee the success of your endeavours. 

Step 3- Completing the Repairs and Fixes and Clean The House

We understand that last thing you would want to do is to spend more money on the house you are thinking about selling. However, when people see parts of the house needs repairs like damp walls or broken doors, they use that as an excuse to bargain for a lower price. And they always offer much higher reductions compared to the total cost of the repairs. If you would like to sell your Turkish property at competitive prices, you must make sure the house looks at its best. 

It is absolutely essential for the house to be cleaned and all your personalized designs are removed before the professional photo team arrives. It negatively affects the mind of the potential buyer when there is too much clutter as it becomes harder to imagine owning and living in the house. So to get better results the atmosphere and character of the property have to be natural.  

Step 4- Contact Kingsman Estates 

At Kingsman Estates we are boutique professional and licenced real estate agents concentrating on international investors to either enter the Turkish property market or diversify their property portfolio. We have an experienced team and we use innovative and intricate marketing tools online and we use trusted property portals as well as our own website.

There are many estate agents in Turkey who will be willing to do the job for you. However, most of them do not spend the extra dollars to really get to know the property as well as advertising on multiple channels online. We have a constant stream of international investors looking to buy a property with us so you can be absolutely sure that you are in the right hands when you are selling your property in Turkey.

If you want to go ahead without services please contact us directly by either sending us an email or start a direct chat with us on the lower right-hand side of the website and our dedicated team at Kingsman Estates investor centre will be more than happy to help you and answer your questions regarding the sales and marketing process, all the paperwork needed, capital gains tax and income tax and other costs involved for the sale of your Turkish property.   

If you would like to see the selection of our properties, click here.

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