Turkish Postal Codes And The Post Office

This blog post is on Turkish postal codes and the post office.

Whether you are living in Turkey or not, you might find yourself in a position where you have to send a parcel or letter. This blog post is on Turkish postal codes and the post office in Turkey. We have prepared this guide in order for you to understand how postal codes work in Turkey as well as various ways you can send documents or parcels in and out of Turkey. 

The postal services in Turkey are provided by PTT. This public company is equivalent to Royal Mail in the UK. 

Postal/ZIP Codes In Turkey

Turkey has 81 separate provinces and they are individually assigned to a double digit code according to the alphabetic sequence. 

Turkish postcodes contain five digits; the first two digits show the province we have just explained above and the final three digits indicate the district within that particular province.

Below we have added the full table of postal codes of every single province in Turkey. Please be aware that you have to change the last three digits according to the exact address of where you would like to send your post. 

Turkish Addresses 

If you are looking to send an envelope, you will have to write the address on the bottom right hand side. Here is an structural example on how it should be done;

  • Full name and title of addressee (optionally write the surname in capital letters)
    Company name (if applicable)
    Name of the neighbourhood
    Street name, building name or/and street number, flat number
    Postal code, DISTRICT, CITY, COUNTRY

Real Example

  • Berkan Ozyurt
  • Kingsman Estates 
  • Göksu Mahallesi 
  • 6853. Sokak No: 5/1 
  • 07260 Kepez / Antalya Turkey

Abbreviations Of Turkish Addresses 

  • mah. – district
  • mh. – district
  • blv. – boulevard (boulevard)
  • Chad. – avenue (road)
  • CD. – avenue (road)
  • sk. – street (alley)
  • ap. – apartment
  • kat – floor. Kat 1 is 2nd floor by American method

Post Office In Turkey

Post offices work from 8.30 to 17.30 in Turkey. There are few services you can use in a PTT post office in Turkey. They include buying stamps, sending mail and parcels and few banking services, paying utility bills as well as receiving your pension payments. There will be commissions and charges for these services. 

If you are looking to find a PTT office that is close to your location, click here. 

Alternative Private Cargo Companies In Turkey

Although PTT is cheap, private cargo companies are much faster in Turkey and the majority of the mail and parcels are sent through these private cargo companies. Please find the list of popular private cargo companies in Turkey. 

Cargo Companies In TurkeyPhone NumbersWebsites
Aras Kargo444 25 52https://www.araskargo.com.tr/tr/
MNG Kargo0(850) 222 06 06https://www.mngkargo.com.tr/
PTT Kargo444 1 788https://www.ptt.gov.tr/Sayfalar/Kargo.aspx
Sürat Kargo 0850 202 02 02https://www.suratkargo.com.tr/
Fillo Kargo 0 216 425 58 88https://www.fillo.com.tr/
TNT Kargo444 0 868https://www.tnt.com/express/tr_tr/site/home.html
UPS Kargo0850 255 00 66https://www.ups.com.tr/

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