Electoral System Of Turkey

This blog post is on the electoral system of Turkey. If you have bought the property and became a Turkish citizen through Kingsman Estates, it is important to understand basics of our elections as it is obligatory to vote in Turkey.

Voting is one of the most important obligations of a citizen. So if you are thinking about becoming a Turkish citizen by purchasing property through Kingsman Estates we urge you to learn about the electoral system in Turkey and understand how politics work so you can become a responsible citizen. 

Turkey has three major elections that shape the political system of the country and each of them are done in five years. Each of these elections have a different electoral system. These three elections are general elections, local elections and presidential elections.

Elections in Turkey are overseen and regulated by the Supreme Election Council

General Elections In Turkey

General elections in Turkey is to elect members of the parliament for the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The D’Hondt method is used for these elections. Every five years 600 members of the parliament get elected in Turkey.

There are 81 provinces in Turkey but there are 87 electoral districts and each province has a different seat in the parliament. This is determined according to the population of each province. As an example, Istanbul has 98 seats in the parliament when compared to a much smaller prince called Isparta which only has 4 seats in the parliament. 

However in order for the potential members of the parliament to actually get elected, their party has to secure at least %10 of the vote in Turkey. Meaning that although parties might win seats in certain constituencies, if they do not secure an overall vote of %10 they will not be able to send any members to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

The %10 voting threshold is a controversial topic in Turkey and it has been under scrutiny for a long time now. People for the reduction or abolition of the voting threshold argues that it spoils the election as sets won by the parties who have not secured a overall %10 vote goes to other parties and we get results like the 2002 election in Turkey where AKP has won %34.28 of the vote and ended up with about two-thirds of the seats in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. 

The biggest critique of the structure currently in place is the unreasonable 10% barrier for seating. In January 2015 the CHP repeated its legislative plans to reduce the threshold to 3% and suggested no improvements in the system of proportional representation but without further electoral reform, the AKP is against reducing the threshold.

Local Elections 

A first past the post election system where metropolitan and district mayors, municipal and provincial councils and neighbourhood presidents and village councils get elected. The candidate with the top votes gets elected. Party ideology does not always pay a huge role in the local elections. Voters are always more concerned with the ability of the candidate and what he promises. However if a municipality elects a candidate from the opposition party. The municipality unfortunately has a hard time as the central government puts an incredible amount of scrutiny on those seats. 

Presidential Elections In Turkey

The head of state in Turkey is the president. The presidential elections are held once every five years. There are 2 main criterias to become a president in Turkey, first is the candidate has to be over 40 years of age and secondly, they have to be educated to the level of bachelor’s degree. The President of Turkey is the leader of the cabinet. The current holder of the position is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of the Justice and Development Party (AKP).A two-round method, with the top two candidates contesting a run-off election two weeks after the primary if no one receives at least 50% of the vote.

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There are three elections in Turkey and they are held every five years.

Turkish presidential term is 5 years long. 

Yes Turkish presidents can not get elected for more than 2 terms. 

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is the first president of Turkey. 

Turkey is a unitary government with a president as head of state.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey is elected every five years. 

The President of Turkey lives in the Presidential Palace in Ankara. 

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