How To Get A Turkish Tax ID Number (2021)

Turkish tax ID is a uniquely generated number that allows individuals to be recognised by the Turkish government and financial institutions.

The name tax ID can be misleading as you do not have to pay tax in Turkey unless you generate income in Turkey.

This number is more of a citizen ID number then a tax number. It is necessary that you acquire this number in order to open a bank account, applying for insurance, subscribing to utility bills and more which will be required as the foundations for purchasing a property in Turkey and applying for a Turkish citizenship or residency permit.

There are two methods of getting an ID number.

The first method is the old way of going to the local tax office with your original passport and 2 copies. The registration is free of charge however we do not recommend this method as because of the language barrier and not all the civil servants in Turkey speak English.

The second method is done online. Head over to the link and follow the instructions and you will be directed to a questionnaire where you will have to fill in your personal information as well as a scanned photo of your passport. Just upload the photo and continue and you will immediately be given your Turkish tax ID number.

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