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This blog post is on residence permit in Turkey. As Kingsman Estates we handle the entire process of residency permit applications for our property clients however please read this guide carefully to get a general idea of the process.

As it is known, foreigners who come to our country can stay in our country for the duration of their visa or visa exemption. An individual who has entered Turkey with a normal visa can only stay in Turkey for 90 days in a 180 day period. If you would like to get an e-visa, click here. An e-visa is a normal tourist visa that will only be 90 days in a 180 period we have just mentioned above and it will cost 15 Euros for most people. 

Foreigners who want to stay longer than this period must obtain a residence permit by applying to the authorities with the requested documents as specified in the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. Foreign residence permit, residence permit or residence permit grants foreigners the right to stay longer than the visa or exemption period in our country.

Residence permit applications can be made by the foreigner in person or by the foreigner’s lawyer or a legal representative through the power of attorney. However, if the Administration deems necessary, it can also request the foreigner to be present during the application.

Extensions to residence permits have to be made 60 days prior to the expiration of the current permit you are holding. So please do not miss your extension application date as your applications will not be processed and will be rejected straight away once you are in the last two month period of your residency permit. 

If you have a tourist visa or a work permit, you may apply for a residency permit during the time of your allowance as well as within the first ten days after the expiration date. However unless there are dire circumstances, we do not recommend leaving applications after the expiration of your visa or work permit as it looks bad for the civil servant who will be reviewing your application. 

Residence permit requests received by the Provincial / District Directorates of Migration Management and evaluated positively are sent to the Directorate General of Migration Management over the system and the residence card is printed and the residence cards completed in the Center are sent by mail to the address given by foreigners during the application.

Types Of Residency Permits In Turkey

When you are applying to Turkish residency permits, you will come across various options. We have an individual post on the types of residency permits in Turkey detailing the differences and what you need to do to apply to those individual permits. However please find the list of them below. If you have any questions regarding your situation you may contact us. 

Short-Term Residence Permit

For people who are not married to a Turkish national and who have been living in Turkey for under 8 years. First time applicants who are interested in living in Turkey more than 90 days in a given 180 day period, will generally be granted one year of allowance.

This is also for people who have bought property through Kingsman Estates. Please be aware that applications for our clients will be handled by our team at Kingsman Estates investor centre.  

Long-Term Residence Permit

For people who have been living in Turkey for the last 8 years without interruption. 

Accompany Family Residence Permit

For people who have married to a Turkish person or foreigners who are below the age of 18 that have dependency to a Turkish citizen or Turkish residency holder. 

Student Residence Permit

For students who are studying for university degrees. 

Step By Step Guide To Getting Residence Permit In Turkey 

This is a step by step guide to applying for a short term residency permit in Turkey. Please be aware that requirements and the process of applications are subject to change so if you are planning on applying on your own make sure you follow the Ministry of Imigration Management press releases

Get Your Turkish Tax ID Number

Turkish tax ID number is essentially a ID number given by the government in order for officials to process you. Without this number you are not going to be able to open a bank account, apply to utility bills or apply to residency permits in Turkey. Please do confuse this number with paying taxes. This number does not mean you will be required to pay taxes in Turkey. This is just an ID number. 

In order to acquire this number find the closest tax office (vergi dairesi) and visit in person. Once you get there, get to the information desk and say “Vergi numarası başvurusu yapmak istiyorum.” You will then be asked to fill out a petition with your signature. Make sure you bring your passport with you as well a page printed with details such as your home address in Turkey, email, phone number, and your fathers as well as your mothers name. The entire process takes around 15 minutes. 

Get Your Insurance In Turkey

In order to apply for a residency permit in Turkey, you are required to have insurance in Turkey. There are plenty of options for foreigners who are looking to get insurance in Turkey that fulfill the requirements of the residency in Turkey. 

Within the residency permit insurance products, the options can vary. If you are looking to get the cheapest option, find something that is payable in one go and in most cases you will get insurance that covers %100 of your emergency and %60 of non-emergency health costs in hospitals in Turkey. 

Produce a black and white copy of your insurance policy that was issued to you by the insurance company and get it signed and stamped saying that same as the original in Turkish “asli gibidir”. Additionally, you are required to make sure that the length of your insurance covers a full year as the residency permit granted will end a day before the end of your insurance coverage.  

Additionally, the policy should include the following statement: Işbu poliçe 06.06.2014 tarih ve 9 sayılı Ikamet Izni Taleplerinde Yaptırılacak Özel Sağlık Sigortalarına Ilişkin Genelge’ de belirlenen asgari teminat yapısını kapsamaktadır.

If you are looking to find out more about insurance in Turkey that meets all the requirements mentioned above, contact us. 

Get Your Biometric Picture Taken To ICAO Standards.

A biometric picture that complies with ICAO standards is required for your application. Go to a photographer in Turkey and make sure you mention the biometric as well as ICAO standards. You will need to scan the photo for your online application as well as 4 hard copy pictures for your appointment. 

Apply Online 

Visit and click on e-ikamet that is located below the banner on the website. Once you have picked the correct permit type, fill out the forms and make sure you print them in colour. After you have completed the forms, wait for your appointment. 

Payments For Turkish Residency Permit

Once you have completed your online application, you will get an option to pay online using your credit or debit card. This is the best method. However if you need to go to a bank for payments, you are required to make two payments one for the application fee and the second for the card fee. Once you get to the bank say “İkamet harçları ve Kart harcı yatırmak istiyorum.” Only the state banks are eligible to accept these payments and they are Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank or Vakıflar Bank. Make sure you get two receipts and keep them in a folder for your appointment. 

Open A Bank Account In Turkey

Plenty of applicants miss this step as it is actually not compulsory. However, the appointed officer who will review your application will want to see some sort of proof of financial ability to sustain yourself in Turkey. Completing this step if you are planning to stay a long time in Turkey will make your application look more serious. Although there is no specified expected financial ability, it would be wise to have around $500 for each month of your planned stay. We recommend completing this step including the money transfer in your bank account a week before your application. 

Once you have made the transfer to your Turkish bank account please visit one of the branches and ask for an account statement. This way you will be able to show your funds in your bank account as well as when the transfer was made. In order to get your account statement, you may say “Hesap dökümü lütfen”. Afterwards, you will need to get your statement signed with a stamp on it. In order to complete that step you may say “Kaşeleyebilir misiniz?”

Proof Of Notarized Address

Once you have acquired your letting agreement or title deed (tapu) you will need to take that to one of the notary officials that are scattered throughout Turkey. You can find a notary official in Turkey in every town or city. In order to complete this step, you will need to bring your landlord to the notary office. So we strongly recommend you mention the fact that you are looking to notarize your letting agreement before you agree with a landlord. If you have purchased the property, you only need to take your tapu to the notary office. 

  • Adding utility bills on your name in the residency permit application will improve the chances of getting the permit. 

If your name is not on the list you will need to take additional steps to prove your relationship with the person who has leased the property. A document called taahütname needs to be produced in the notary office. So please bring the person who has their name on the contract to the notary office with you along with their passport if they are a foreigner or ID if they are Turkish. 

Please be aware that if the name of the person on the letting contract is a foreigner you will only be given a residency permit duration which is the same as the person on the contract. If you are sharing the property with someone other than your family, we suggest having your own name written in the contract. 

Other Documents That Needs To Be Added To The Application 

  • Copy of the ID page of your passport (If your passport is not in Latin letters you will need to translate it from a sworn translator and you will need to get it approved by the notary officials in Turkey)
  • Copy of your entry stamp on your passport
  • Previous Turkish residency permit

Go To Your Residency Permit Appointment

Once you have completed your application you will then be given a location and time where you are required to visit one of the offices for residency permit appointments. Once you have submitted your documents in the appointment you will receive a text message on the result of your application and it will be sent to your address. 

Please take a look at our blog post on the steps of getting a residency permit in Turkey or contact us.

The time it takes depends on the amount of applications. But it will take around 2 months.

Yes there are various ways where foreigners can legally live in Turkey.

You may get a residency permit or become a Turkish citizen by purchasing a property worth $250.000.

Yes you can get a residency permit once you have bought a property in Turkey.

Yes you can become a Turkish citizen by buying a property worth at least $250.000.

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