How To Acquire Turkish Tourist Visa And Turkish Residency Permit

This blog post is on the Turkish Tourist Visa as well as the Turkish Residency Permit. We will outline how to apply as well the documents that are required when making an application.

Turkish Tourist Visa

Turkey has hosted a record number of 52 million tourists in 2019 according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. You can easily apply for a Turkish tourist visa online by heading over to

An ordinary Turkish tourist visa will grant you permission to stay in Turkey up to 90 days upon your arrival in any 180-day period.

You may also choose to apply for a visa in the Turkish airports upon your arrival to Turkey. However, we certainly recommend applying online before your arrival to avoid long waiting queues and risking complications in case your documents and passports are not valid to be able to enter Turkey as a tourist.

Turkish Residency Permit

If you are looking to stay longer then 90 days, please do not try to leave and re-enter the country. The Turkish government is trying to regulate and put a hold to illegal seasonal workers and people who are trying to avoid paying tax in their own country. So instead, you need to apply for a Turkish residency permit which is a blue booklet which will grant you permission for longer periods of stay in Turkey.

Please do note that once you have purchased your property from Kingsman Estates, you will automatically receive a yearlong Turkish residency permit.

One of the best futures of Turkish residency permit is that you are under no obligation to spend a certain amount of time in Turkey. Therefore, Turkish residency holders can spend the majority of their time in their own country while enjoying the benefits of being able to live and travel into Turkey.

Applications or extensions to gain Turkish residency permit can be made online by heading over to Once you have clicked on the link you will have to choose whether you are applying for the first time, or applying for an extension. Afterwards, depending on your choice, you will have to fill out a form and possibly you may need to attach files that you are required to show. You will then be shown the closest immigration centre to your location with dates available for your appointment and you will also receive a list of required documents upon your arrival to the immigration centre.

You are legally allowed to stay in Turkey until the appointment date however you are not allowed to leave and re-enter the country until your appointment date. Once you have completed your application fully you are able to travel in and outside of Turkey.

Documents required when applying for a Turkish Residency permit.

Once you have submitted your online form the system will generate a list of documents you are required to bring for your appointment to the immigration centre that is specific to your situation. However, here is a list of documents you are likely to bring.

1-) 6 passport standard photos. (Please go to a photographer and state that you are applying for a Turkish residency permit to avoid rejections in the immigration centre)

2-) 2 copies of your Title deed (TAPU) or your rental agreement(notary approved) showing exactly how much it costs and place of your residency.

3-) 2 copies of your passport as well as the original one for the first time applicants.  (Please do note that you only need the copies of the details page with your photo and the processed pages used when entering and leaving Turkey.)

Passports produced other then Latin letters must be translated and approved by a sworn translator in to Turkish.

4-) Turkish tax number (If you do not have one, please go to a local tax office to receive one)

5-) Your residency booklet (only if you are extending your current one)

6-) A bank statement showing you are able to support yourself during the time of your stay in Turkey. Please ask your bank to provide a breakdown of funds document to prove this.

7-) If you are applying for a family residency permit, you must also have documents proving the relationship of your family statuses such as birth certificates, photos and passports.

😎 Health insurance (You must acquire valid health insurance that covers the residency period.)

Please do note that this is not legal advice and although we constantly monitor and update all our posts, they are subject to change according to the Turkish law. If you have any enquiries or if you are interested in purchasing a property through Kingsman Estates, please contact us and dedicated team will be more than happy to help you.

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