Pets and Animals In Turkey

This blog post is on pets and animals in Turkey, if you are looking to own a pet in Turkey, please read this post carefully to familiarize yourself with the general concepts around owning pets and animals in Turkey. 

Pet Ownership in Turkey

In developing countries, the increase in the income level and the increase in the level of welfare bring new habits. People whose income levels are rising are increasingly interested in pets. Interest in pets first started in European countries with high welfare. 

High levels of welfare, which quickly spread to Turkey pet ownership status beginning in European countries. pet ownership began to spread rapidly in Turkey and other countries in recent years. In our country, the number of people who adopt pets is gradually increasing. According to statistical research, an increase of 25 per cent over the last 7 years in the number of people owning pets in Turkey has been observed.

In Turkish households, 12 million birds, 3.5 million fish, 3.2 million cats, 1.2 million dogs are fed. According to statistical data, while the number of pets fed at home in our country has increased in recent years, the needs of pets are emerging accordingly. Pets; Compulsory and basic needs such as food, accessories, care, health and education have been increasing. About 450 million euros are spent every year on rehoming pets, food, drink, care, health and accessories in Turkey. 

Microchips For Pets In Turkey

As a result of the protocol signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association, it was obligatory to attach microchips to owned cats, dogs and ferrets. According to the regulation published in the Official Gazette, it will be mandatory to attach microchips to dogs until 2021, and cats and ferrets until the end of 2022.

With this practice, it is aimed to prevent animals from being thrown into the streets, to find stolen animals easily and to control animal diseases. Stating that the preparations on the subject have been completed. Pet owners who have not been complying with the new microchip procedures in Turkey until the end of the year 2022, will be penalised 10.000 TL when they are caught. 

The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights underlines that all living creatures have certain natural rights and that respect for animals by humans cannot be separated from the respect one person shows for another.

 Pet owners should know their rights above all else. In this way, they will be able to prevent both themselves and their animals from being victims. In this context, there are a few legal points that need to be known while keeping pets at home that learning about the rights of animal lovers will enable them to defend the rights of both themselves and their pets.

 The first document to be looked at; is an Apartment Management Plan. The article about whether it is prohibited to have pets at home should be determined in the Management Plan. The Apartment Management Plan can be found in the Land Registry Offices, municipalities and real estate transaction files. If you are buying a property through Kingsman Estates, please tell us whether you are interested in looking after pets in your Turkish property and we will find out whether your proposed properties allow apartment management plans allowing looking after pets. 

 If it is forbidden to have pets at home; Since the Management Plan is accepted as the constitution of the apartment building, nothing can be done in favour of the animal. However, for the evacuation of the animal, an evacuation action must be filed for violation of the Management Plan. Judgment should also be made under these circumstances. At the end of the trial, the animal’s evacuation can be decided. Animals cannot be evacuated without any judicial decision, with the decision of the general assembly and/or the board of directors.

Can pets be kept in the apartment?

Regarding this issue, the apartment management plan should be consulted. If there is an explicit “animal feeding ban” in the Management Plan; In accordance with the Property Ownership Law, an eviction case may be filed against you for violation of the Management Plan.

Is it possible to send my pet from my house with the Apartment General Assembly Decision?

Management Plan is taken as a basis. The pet in the house cannot be touched with the decision of the General Assembly or the Board of Directors.

Can caring for a large dog in the apartment be a valid reason for eviction?

In the Management Plan, if there is a ban on keeping pets at home; Regardless of its size, an evacuation case can be filed and sent from home. If there is no prohibition in the Management Plan, the pet cannot be requested to be sent from home regardless of its size. However, if there is a pet that can be described as dangerous and aggressive and released in the apartment; Lawsuits can be filed both for complaining to the prosecutor’s office pursuant to the Turkish Penal Code and for contradicting the obligations of the floor owners included in the Property Ownership Law.

Is there a difference between being a property owner or a tenant in caring for pets in the apartment?

In the Management Plan, it should be checked whether there is a ban on pet feeding or not. If there is a ban, the evacuation of the tenant owner may be requested. If not included in the Management Plan; Being a tenant or a property owner will not make any difference to other flat owners. Again, the issue to be looked at; Whether there is a ban on pet feeding. If there is a ban; A lawsuit can be filed for the evacuation of the animal from the house directly in violation of the Property Ownership Law. If there is no ban; This time, other flat owners can open this case by proving the claim that the dog in the house causes disturbance to other neighbours. It is not possible to ensure that the pet leaves the house by only collecting signatures without proceeding with the lawsuit.

It should not be forgotten that adopting a pet is an act that creates various responsibilities in terms of its owner. These responsibilities may have both legal and criminal consequences. For this reason, before taking a serious decision with an enthusiasm without thinking about the responsibility of adopting a pet, the points that need to be known should be carefully investigated and care should be taken not to take action that will bring unhappiness for the parties in the long term.

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