Owning a Vehicle In Turkey

One of the most popular questions we get asked from our clients who have bought a property through Kingsman Estates and moved to Turkey is regarding owning a vehicle in Turkey as a foreigner. 

Turkey has strong public transport links most expats prefer in order to avoid the red tape and the responsibilities of owning a vehicle in Turkey. However as Kingsman Estates, we have prepared this post on details regarding owning a vehicle in Turkey. 

Firstly, it is possible for foreigners to buy vehicles in Turkey. Furthermore, there are some tax advantages for foreigners who wish to buy cars in Turkey. Over the last decade, the automobile industry in Turkey has been booming. Most global brands are being sold directly from their showrooms and are being sold in Turkey. You may also take a look at the fast paced second hand car market in Turkey from various internet sites or go to one of the galleries that are available throughout Turkey.

There are tax exemptions to foreigners who wish to buy cars in Turkey called blue plate. The blue license will be valid during the course of the foreigners permit in Turkey. So towards the end of the period, the license has to be renewed, otherwise there will be heavy fines imposed on the person. 

Those who have the right to buy tax-free cars:

  • Retired foreigners
  • Foreigners who have work permit in Turkey
  • Foreign lecturers and students (excluding language course students)
  • Foreign staff working for NATO and experts working for the EU
  • Residing in Turkey (but non-residents) of foreign media employees
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs ID card holders

Documents required when purchasing tax-free vehicles:

If you are looking to buy a car in Turkey, you will be required to have a residence permit and a valid driving licence that is accepted in Turkey. 

There are extra taxes on buying a car in Turkey that other countries do not have. However foreigners who wish to buy cars in Turkey may be exempt from taxes depending on their situation. 

Yes, foreigners can buy cars in Turkey. 

Yes you can import your car in Turkey. But there are regulations on importing your vehicles in Turkey. 

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