Amazing Çıralı Beach

This blog post is on the famous Cirali Beach and its surroundings. At Kingsman Estates plenty of our clients who have purchased a property in Antalya have asked us about this wonderful location so we have decided to write up this blog post both for tourists as well as our property clients. Çıralı beach is located between the 3.2 km long Olympos coast and Yanartaş mountain. Çıralı Beach took its name from the Olympos flaming stone. The natural gas fire here is constantly burning. With this feature, it is a very different experience for its visitors. It is also famous for its natural richness. 

One of the breeding areas of endangered Caretta Caretta is located in Çırali beach. Since it is one of the breeding areas of sea turtles, this place has been declared as a 1st degree protected area under the Turkish Environmental Law. Due to the prohibition of construction, the environment isn’t deteriorated, thus preserving its naturalness. So when you are in this area please be extra environmentally conscious in order to protect and preserve the necessary habitat for these amazing animals. 

Information About Cirali Beach

Çıralı, which is connected to the Kemer district of Antalya, fascinates all its visitors with its sun, sea and natural beauties, as well as the unique beauty and historical riches of Olympos and Yanartaş in the north-west. Çıralı, on the other hand, took its name from the Yanartaş of Olympos. According to ancient Greek mythology, the divinely beautiful young man named Bellerophontes had the flying horse Pegasos, which he wanted to have, and killed Chimera, who was breathing fire, here. The fire that is still burning is said to be the fire of the slain beast. The fire that still burns here in summer and winter is actually methane gas leaking out from underground sources. It is also one of the most important spawning areas of endangered Caretta Caretta. It has been home to these creatures, which have been on earth for approximately 105 million years, for a certain period of time.

Places to Visit in Cirali

In the evenings, you can see Yanartaş, which has a magnificent view. You can sit around the flames of the Chimera, still blazing from its mouth, by traversing the stone-paved path. You can also see the flowing waterfalls and streams on the way to Ulupınar.

You can easily reach the 2355-meter-high peak of Tahtalı Mountain, Tekirova through the trees, accompanied by a sea view, and taste the traditional nomadic pancakes while hiking to the many plateaus in the vicinity. You can find Roman baths, theatres and countless beautiful bays at these two different points during your trip to Arykanda and Kekova, which still contain many ruins that still preserve their history.

What to do in Cirali?

Boat tours in Çıralı will be engraved in your memories as an unforgettable memory. Tours are organized to the bays where the deep blue sea lies. You can enjoy the tour with the sea and the sun, as well as fishing from the boat. If you are going to Çıralı, you can visit the ancient city of Olympos and eat a nice trout in Ulupınar. Cirali will be the right address for you if it is calm, far from the noise, and the blue sea on the other side and a green mountain on the other side can make you happy.

How is Cirali Beach Sand and Sea?

Çıralı beach, which is rare in the world, is home to cute Caretta Carettas. The waters flowing from the stream beds have water that is not considered very hot, as it gives a slight coolness to the sea. Çıralı will put you in a natural and historical atmosphere. To get to the beach, you will have to pass the tomb of king Zeus, the ruins of the ancient theatre and baths. You reach Çıralı beach after a journey in Roman times. The sea here is slightly stony and sandy. Since it is a first-degree natural site, it has a blue flag.

Cirali Beach Accommodation and Hotels

In order to meet the accommodation needs, the local people here have turned their houses into hostels. You can stay in facilities with 15-20 rooms between 2 or 3 acres of gardens. You can pick cucumbers and tomatoes for breakfast from the greenhouses of the hotels and enjoy them.

Where is Cirali Beach and How to Go?

It is located in the Kemer district of Antalya province. In order to go to Çıralı, which is 70 km away from Antalya, it will be sufficient to go to the Antalya bus station. You need to get off at Yanar Taş junction from the flower tour or Kumluca travel minibuses that go in the direction of Kumluca from the bus station. Minibuses departing from there will take you to the region. Finike and Kaş buses departing from the bus station can also bring you to Çıralı junction.

If you came by plane, it will be enough to go to Antalya or the bus station from Antalya airport.

If you are going with your private car or rental car, the first thing you need to do is to move in the direction of Antalya Kemer. After Kemer, you need to continue towards Kumluca. After 70 km, you can see the Çıralı Yanar stone junction on the left after passing the Ulu spring. You can reach the beach after almost 7 km from the intersection.

Places to Visit in the Region

While our Olympos article will guide you during your trips in the region, you can also take a look at our Olympos Ancient City and Olympos Cable Car articles. You can find the places to see in the city from our list of places to visit in Antalya.

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