Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium, which is included in the largest aquarium classes among the aquariums in the world, is 3 meters wide and 131 meters long. The complex, which consists of 40 thematic aquariums, holds the title of the world’s largest tunnel aquarium.

Antalya Aquarium has been one of the top spots among our clients who have bought a property in Antalya as well as tourists who visit our wonderful country every year. That is why as Kingsman Estates we have decided to write this blog post for the benefit of our clients as well as visitors so they can get the most out of their visit to Antalya.

Information About Antalya Aquarium

In addition to the aquarium in the complex, it is possible to walk around in tropical environments, have fun with the real snow, and participate in activities such as cinema. In the complex where many famous brands are located, you can eat delicious meals and integrate your travel with souvenirs thanks to the souvenir stands.

The place, which is expressed as the snow world, has a closed area of ​​1500 m2 and is among the environments where the most entertaining snow events of our country are held. Inside this complex, there are igloos, Saint Nikola’s house and cafes. In Antalya, which has a hot climate, the outside of the snow world is up to 40 degrees, while the indoor environment is at -5 degrees.

The wild park, located in the Antalya aquarium complex, is a special design that reflects the atmosphere of caves and deserts and tropical forests. The most striking feature is the reflection of sound effects suitable for the environment to the visitors while they wander in this unique atmosphere. Sound effects sometimes appear as the sound of rain, sometimes the sound of rolling stones, sometimes monkeys, sometimes bird sounds or wind sounds.

There are wild animals brought from all over the world in the closed areas in the wild park, which are similar to the aquarium, expressed as a terrarium, and filled with materials reminiscent of soil or the natural environments of living things. While walking around the terrarium is interesting, the necessary precautions have been taken for the visitors in terms of dangerous creatures.

Another part of the Antalya aquarium complex is the souvenir section called sea gift, which is open 7 days a week between 10:00 and 21:00. From here, it is possible to buy gifts for the activities presented in the Antalya aquarium. The section called XD cinema is the area where underwater adventures consisting of 3D real images are told and the ocean ride movie, which is the first in the world, is exhibited.

Antalya Aquarium Entrance Fee

Ticket Type Fee

Aquarium Adult 89.90 TL

Aquarium Child (3-12 years) 62.90 TL

Aquarium & WildPark 111.90 TL

Aquarium & WildPark Child (3-12 years) 78.90 TL

Aquarium & Snow World 121.90 TL

Aquarium & Snow World Child (3-12 years) 85.90 TL

Aquarium & XD Cinema 106.90 TL

Aquarium & XD Cinema Child (3-12 years) 74.90 TL

Full Package (Aquarium and all other parts) 183.90 TL

Full Package Child (3-12 years) 129 TL

Antalya aquarium entrance fees are offered as a package and individually. You can find out the current prices from the aquarium’s website.

Antalya Aquarium Visiting Hours

09:30 23:00

The aquarium is open to visitors every day of the week. Wheelchairs are available for guests who have difficulty walking. The ticket offices close 45 minutes before the aquarium closing time.

Where is Antalya Aquarium and How to Go?

Antalya Aquarium is located in the Konyaaltı district of Antalya province. The distance between the complex and Antalya airport is 15 km. are at a distance. The complex is located next to the so-called glass pyramid and in the city centre. If it is desired to use public transportation vehicles, transportation is easily provided by the organizations of the hotels, as well as the city buses departing from the bus terminal or the airport.

Antalya Aquarium Contact Information

Address: Dumlu Pınar Bulvarı Arapsuyu Mahallesi No 502 Konyaaltı / Antalya

Phone: (0242) 245 6565

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