Antalya Clock Tower

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Information about the Antalya clock tower structure is given below.

  • Height 14 meters
  • Building shape square
  • 1 clock on each side of the tower
  • 1 bell at the summit

Antalya Clock Tower History

The tower was built by Küçük Said Pasha in honour of Abdülhamit the second. Antalya historical clock tower, which preserved its originality from 1901 to 1942, was damaged in 1942 as a result of a storm. In 1945, an addition reminiscent of the battlements had to be made at the top.

In addition, the gaps next to the windows in the top room of the Antalya clock tower were left open to allow the sound of the bell to travel farther.

From 1901 to 1974, the old clock was used in the Antalya clock tower. However, in 1974, the old clock was removed and replaced with a modern clock 1974. In addition, until the new clock was installed, the old clock in the Antalya clock tower was ringing once per hour. The only thing left from the old clock used in the historical clock tower of Antalya is the Crucifixion of the Prophet. Jesus, St. There is a bell with a relief of the Virgin Mary and a Greek script. This bell is on public display in Antalya Toy Museum.

Note: Antalya toy museum fee is 3 Turkish Liras for students and 5 Turkish Liras for adults. A place where you can have a nice weekend trip with your family.

Information About The Tower

There is an iron located on the Antalya clock tower. The meaning of this iron went down in history as the clearest evidence that people were executed on the Antalya clock tower. When a person was executed, they were left hanging on the iron protrusion in the northern part of the Antalya clock tower all day long so that people could take a lesson.

The person to be executed was dressed in a white dress, and information was given about the decision of the court decision and the crime he committed, tied with a rope around his neck.

One of the main reasons for their execution in the Antalya clock tower was to be seen by everyone, as it was located in the Kale Kapı area. The last execution in the Antalya clock tower took place in 1950.

If you are going to take a holiday in Antalya, seeing the Antalya clock tower should be among your first priorities. The reason for this is that a 119-year-old building still stands in front of us, even though changes are made to it today. The carvings on the Antalya clock tower, an iron hanger for the execution of people, and the advantage of being in the Kale Kapı area have a unique view.

Since there is no entrance fee, the Antalya clock tower, which has historical traces, is one of the special structures that everyone should see, as it contains traces of our history.

Where is The Clock Tower?

The clock tower is located in the Kale Kapı area on Muratpaşa Cumhuriyet Street, a municipality of Antalya. The Antalya clock tower, located within the historical walls, is among the most important places visited by local and foreign tourists in Antalya.

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