Mermerli Beach

This blog post is on Mermerli Beach which is located in the Kaleici area of Antalya!

Antalya, which hosts millions of visitors not only from our country but also from abroad, is one of the first addresses that come to mind when it comes to holidays as well as international property investors who have been buying property in Antalya.

This is such a city that, so to speak, sightseeing does not end and there is constantly a new attraction going on offering something for everyone. Antalya is the holiday paradise of the Mediterranean with its bays that reveal the most beautiful shades of blue, ancient cities inherited from thousands of years ago and natural beauties as well as a fantastic gastronomy sector offering choices of different cuisines. 

Although Konyaaltı comes to mind first among Antalya beaches, Mermerli Beach is one of the places where you can enjoy the sea in the city. This is also Kaleici’s only beach. As Kingsman Estates we have decided to write this blog post on Mermerli Beach for both tourists who are looking to visit this wonderful location as well as our customers who have purchased a property in Antalya. 

Where is Mermerli Beach?

Mermerli Beach is located in Kaleici, the historical region of Antalya also called the Old Town which hosted three empires throughout history. This is a small and sheltered beach next to the marina. To reach Kaleiçi, you first need to come to Cumhuriyet Square. It is possible to reach the beach in 15 minutes by walking between the historical streets from the entrance of Kaleiçi. Those who do not want to walk can reach the historical port area by taking the elevator from Kaleiçi. It’s a few minutes walk from the harbour area to Mermerli Beach. 

Information About Mermerli Beach

The beach, which takes its name from the Mermerli Mansion, which was once located in the marina, is also the centre of attention of tourists because it is located in Kaleici. Therefore, it can be quite crowded on weekends. Our advice is to come in the early hours and enjoy the sea to the fullest while there is no one else yet. The blue flag Mermerli Beach is so clean that you can swim after the fish without wearing goggles.

The beach is stony in places, I recommend you take swimming shoes with you if you have sensitive feet so that you can swim more comfortably. It has a glassy sea with a few cliffs, and the most beautiful feature is that it doesn’t get too many waves. Since it is located in a sheltered area of the harbour, the sea is always flat in the morning, almost like a pool. In the evening, depending on the wind, there may be a little wave.

Mermerli Beach is not very suitable for families with small children because there is no beach for them to play in. The beach is accessed by stairs, which can be a problem for families with small children due to the health and safety risks of going down the stairs.

It is forbidden to bring food and drink from outside to Mermerli Beach. When you are hungry, you can order food from the beach restaurant. You can have your meal either on the beach or in the restaurant above. Grilled meatballs, hamburgers, chicken skewers and seafood are among the most preferred dishes on the menu. Food prices vary between 20-50 TL. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also available on the menu.

It is also a pleasure to watch the sunset view from Mermerli Beach. You can capture great photo frames, especially on the rocks. If you have time, be sure to join this visual feast. Happy holidays to you all!

Kaleici Hotels

When you come to Antalya, if you plan to choose the city centre for accommodation, Kaleiçi is more than ideal. Here you can find boutique hotels and hostels for every budget.

So as Kingsman Estates we hope you have enjoyed this blog post on Mermerli Beach. If you are interested in visiting Antalya and buying a property, please do not hesitate to contact us and our dedicated team at Kingsman Estates Antalya Investor Centre will be more than willing to help you with all your needs. 

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