Olympos is a town in the Kumluca district of Antalya province in the Mediterranean Region. Olympos, one of the best places for a nature holiday in our country, is 85 kilometres from Antalya, 720 kilometres from Istanbul and 535 kilometres from Ankara. With its untouched beach along the Mediterranean coast, treehouses in harmony with nature, forests where you can see a thousand and one shades of green, Olympos welcomes countless local and foreign guests every year. The symbol of Olympos beaches is Caretta Caretta. On the north side, where the beach ends, there are spawning places of cute turtles. Since July and August are the spawning season of Caretta Caretta, you can find the chance to see tiny turtles if you go down to the beach early in the morning. The coast connecting Olympos and Çıralı has been declared a protected area to protect the endangered Caretta Caretta. In this way, the coastline of the region remained untouched.

Where is Olympos?

Olympos, one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in Turkey, is connected to the Kumluca district of Antalya province in the Mediterranean Region. Olympos, located between Kemer and Kumluca districts, is 85 kilometres from Antalya and 28 kilometres from Kemer. Olympos, which is 20 minutes away from Çıralı, is one of the holiday destinations mostly preferred by backpackers and university students. Olympos, which is 720 kilometres from Istanbul, 535 kilometres from Ankara and 460 kilometres from İzmir, took its name from the Tahtalı Mountain rising in the region. Since it is located on the Lycian Way that connects the ancient Lycian cities, it is also a suitable region for trekking. Since it is the breeding area of ​​the Olympos Caretta Caretta, which was established on both sides of the Akçay Stream, it was declared a protected area and taken under protection.

How to go to Olympos?

Olympos, one of the popular holiday resorts in Antalya, welcomes thousands of holiday lovers, especially in the summer. With its glassy sea, nature where you can see a thousand and one shades of green, and its historical ancient city, Olympos is one of the first addresses that come to mind when it comes to holidays. If you are planning to come to Olympos, your first stop should be Antalya. Direct flights are organized every day of the week to Antalya from the leading cities of the world, as well as from many cities in Turkey. It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes by plane between Istanbul and Antalya, and 1 hour by plane between Ankara – Antalya and Izmir – Antalya. As you can rent a car from Antalya Airport, you can also reach Antalya Bus Station by Havaş, from here you can come to Olympos by taking the Kumluca minibuses. All buses and minibuses going from Antalya Bus Station to Kumluca and Fethiye pass through Olympos. After the minibus leaves you at Olympos Junction, you can go down to the beach with minibuses that run every ten minutes during the summer period.

If you are planning to come to Olympos with your private vehicle, you should take the Olympos road after following the Kemer and Ulupınar routes. From here, a winding road of approximately 11 kilometres awaits you. If you follow the road to Çavuş village, you can easily reach Olympos. Those who will come to Olympos from Kaş and Fethiye can use the Antalya coastal road via Kumluca. If you want to come from Izmir to Olympos with your private vehicle, you should follow the Acıpayam, Elmalı and Finike routes. You can go to Olympos effortlessly by using the transfer service from the centre of Antalya. Most of the businesses you plan to stay in Olympos have transfer services. Do not forget to specify if you want a transfer service after arranging your accommodation.

When to go to Olympos?

The Mediterranean climate is dominant in Olympos. For this reason, the annual average temperature is 18-20 degrees. In the region, summer months are hot, winter months are cool and rainy. Although the Mediterranean climate is observed in Olympos, since it is located in a narrow valley between two mountains, it is colder in winter than the surrounding areas due to the north wind blowing from the east and north. When cold and humidity combine, sometimes frost can be seen in winter. The rains begin in October and continue until the end of April. The season in Olympos opens in June with the closure of schools and lasts until September. Olympos welcomes its visitors mostly during the summer period.

Every year, thousands of people prefer Olympos in the summer months to swim in the clear bays of the Mediterranean, sunbathe and store oxygen in the clean air. Although the ideal time to swim in the sea is between the summer months, the taste of autumn is different in Olympos. If you want to enjoy your holiday away from the crowds and to see the most beautiful state of nature, you can visit Olympos in September-October. Moreover, the seawater is quite warm in Olympos in autumn. Even if the seawater is cool in the spring, many people come to the paradise town and prefer to have a holiday in a quiet period. In Olympos, you can not only have a sea holiday, but also do trekking activities in its magnificent nature, and explore the places to visit in the vicinity. Being one and a half hours away from Antalya, Olympos, which is one of the frequent destinations of not only local but also foreign tourists, awaits you with its sea, nature and historical tourism.

Where to Stay in Olympos

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You can swim on the untouched coast of Olympos, where history and nature are intertwined, visit ancient cities, explore beautiful coves with boat tours, and take a walk on the world-famous Lycian Way. Olympos, which is one of the most enjoyable holiday resorts not only in summer but also in spring, is also very rich in terms of accommodation options. There are many facilities where you can enjoy your holiday in Olympos, which is 85 kilometres from Antalya centre and 30 kilometres from Kemer. Due to the fact that the beach is a protected area and the Lycian Way passes next to it, there are no hotels by the sea in Olympos, and bungalow houses and hostels in harmony with nature are among the facilities where you can stay.

Places to Visit in Olympos

Olimpos, which fascinates those who see it with its idyllic nature, is one of the favourite holiday resorts of the Mediterranean, where you can get away from the noise of the city, relax your body with its oxygen-rich air, and swim freely in the deep blue waters. You can visit Olympos, which is the centre of attention not only with its nature but also with its historic areas, or you can spend an unforgettable holiday by staying for 2-3 days. As you discover the places to visit in Olympos, which is only 1.5 hours away from Antalya, you will not want to leave this charming town.

Known as the reflection of heaven on earth, Olympos is one of the most special holiday resorts of the Mediterranean, mostly preferred by young people. With its glassy sea, ancient cities, natural beauties and wonderful air, Olympos meets the expectations of those who seek calmness and peace from their holiday to the fullest. There are many places to visit and see in and around Olympos. We recommend you to start your trip with Yanartaş, which has been burning since ancient times. Night tours are also organized to Yanartaş, which has a wonderful view, especially at sunset. The Ancient City of Olympos attracts a lot of attention with its historical structures inherited from the past to the present. If you go to Olympos during the summer months, you can have the chance to see the babies of sea turtles at Çıralı Beach and gain a different experience. You can enjoy trout by the waterfall in Ulupınar, and you can watch the unique sunset at the summit of Olympos and Musa Mountain. You can join the boat tours to Ceneviz Bay, Adrasan and Phaselis bays and enjoy the sea and sun all day long. If you like trekking, do not forget that the Lycian Way, one of the best hiking trails, passes through Olympos. Information about the places mentioned in the list is available below.

Olympos City Transportation

After you reach Olympos, which is connected to the Kumluca district of Antalya, you can go down to the beach by minibuses that depart every ten minutes during the summer months. There are hiking trails of varying difficulty around Olympos. The most famous among these is the Lycian Way. The Lycian Way, which starts from Fethiye’s Ölüdeniz district, stretches for 530 kilometres to Antalya. The Lycian Way, which is shown as one of the most beautiful hiking trails not only in our country but also in the world, welcomes thousands of local and foreign trekking lovers. On the Lycian Way, which has the ability to walk for twelve months of the year, you can enjoy walking with nature and spend your holiday in unique natural landscapes. Yanartaş, another natural wonder you can reach after a 20-minute walk from Olympos, is one of the most popular places. You can reach Tahtalı Mountain, also known as Mount Olympus, with a six-hour hike, and there is also a cable car system. You can climb Tahtalı Mountain in ten minutes with Olympos Cable Car, known as the longest cable car in Europe. To reach the cable car, after arriving in Kemer, you need to pass the Kiris and Camyuva turn and follow the “Teleferik” sign.

If you want to add unforgettable moments to your Olympos holiday, we recommend you take a boat tour and see different natural beauties. Boat tours departing from Çıralı and Adrasan, on the other hand, can swim in the untouched bays and discover the hidden world of the Mediterranean. For adventure lovers, there are also many businesses that can rent bicycles and ATVs in Olympos. You can enjoy many places to visit by bicycle, especially in the spring and autumn periods, and have a wonderful experience by taking the wind behind you. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can join a safari tour with jeeps departing from Olympos and add fun to your day.

Olympos Cuisine

One of the most important details that colour the travels is to try the food in the destination and discover the prominent places. Although there are places where you can fill your stomach and taste the local delicacies in Olympos, which is admired for its lush nature and untouched sea, there are no eating and drinking places in this region, as the coastal part is under protection as a protected area.

The majority of Olympos pensions serve as breakfast and dinner. All of the products such as tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, arugula, parsley, peppers and eggs served at breakfast, prepared as an open buffet, are organic. Olive oil dishes, salads and herbs are frequently featured on Olympos tables. Since most of the hostel owners are also engaged in greenhouse cultivation, they produce their own food and serve it fresh to their guests. Since many vacationers are at the sea or exploring the surroundings at noon, the hostels serve two meals a day, breakfast and dinner.

When you are hungry at noon, the pancakes you will come across in many parts of Olympos will come to your rescue. Pancakes prepared with cheese, minced meat or local herbs are cooked on a plate and served hot. You can order buttermilk or pomegranate juice on the side and make your meal more satisfying with cold cuts. Yörük Evi Pancake and Altıntaş Pancake are among the most famous pancakes of Olympos. You can find the freshest fish and seafood in Olympos and cheer up your stomach for both lunch and dinner. You can fill your stomach with fried calamari, shrimp casserole and sea bass, which you can say to a variety of olive oil appetizers, and you can spend a pleasant evening with your drink. In the restaurants of Olympos pensions, you can try home cooking, grill, kebab and pita varieties. You can taste the thin pizzas that are hand-opened and cooked in a stone oven at Kadir’s Tree Houses, and you can eat healthy with the juicy home-cooked meals of the Hangar Restaurant. You can find the best examples of Mediterranean cuisine in the restaurants in Çıralı and Ulupınar, right next to Olympos. You can try the delicacies that will cheer your palate with its seafront location at Karakuş Restaurant in Çıralı, and you can choose Tropik Restaurant in Ulupınar to eat trout on a tile. Since there is no business on the Olympos beach, water etc. We recommend that you buy your needs from the market before going to the sea.

Shopping in Olympos

The products you will buy for yourself and your loved ones while returning from Olympos will be the natural products of the region. You can find tomato paste, noodles and canned food prepared by the local people at home in winter in many places and buy them to support them. Honey and jam are among the natural products you can buy from Olympos. Honey and various homemade jams that will add flavour to your breakfast with its taste will also help you to refresh your memories of Olympos.

Nightlife in Olympos

In Olympos, a holiday resort that fascinates people with its greenery and naturalness, there are bars where you can have fun, although it is not possible to have a nightlife as you can experience in Bodrum, Çeşme, and Marmaris. Due to the fact that Olympos is a place preferred by those who want to relax and find peace instead of a lively nightlife, and because of its nature intertwined, calmness prevails in the evenings.

Festivals in Olympos

After enjoying nature and the sea in Olympos, you can visit the festivals that coincide with your trip. When you go to Olympos, if you want to participate in the traditional entertainments of the people and experience joyful moments with them, we recommend you to take note of these events. You can read detailed information about festivals and festivities in our article.

Olympos Sky and Science Festival

The Sky and Science Festival, held in Olympos every August, brings together astronomy enthusiasts. In the festival, which is one of the most comprehensive astronomy and space science events in our country, scientific activities and workshops are held for three days.

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