Ataturk Park Antalya

Ataturk Park Antalya, located in the city centre of Antalya, is an area preferred by locals in general. This park, which is also widely used by young people, became operational in 2006. Especially the slope in this region is in a position that attracts attention. This park, which attracts attention with its cafes, also attracts attention with its natural beauties. It is also possible to enjoy the flamingos on the beach at the far end. It can be seen as an active place in Atatürk Park in line with the sea view. It is also known that this park is widely preferred and used effectively.

As Kingsman Estates we are delighted to be able to bring this blog post which has been very popular among our clients who have bought a property in Antalya and property in Istanbul. That is why we have decided to write this blog post for all our clients as well as tourists who wish to visit this lovely location in Antalya.

Ataturk Park Antalya is located in a very large area. This park, which started with the Warrant, continues until the Governor’s Mansion. This park, which also attracts attention with its cliffs, is located in a very active place. Walking points, green areas, cafes and restaurants can also come to the fore in the park. It has an active place in terms of reaching the result that everyone who wants to spend a pleasant time in company with the Mediterranean view.

Ataturk Park Antalya

There are nice businesses in Atatürk Park. At the same time, bistro cafes and restaurants draw attention. Since it is in a very popular spot, it is also crowded. At the same time, it is possible to sit on the edge of the slope and enjoy this view.

This area, which is also known as Kuğulu Park by the local people, is also called overlooking the sea. Swans, geese and ducks are also seen in the artificial waterfall that was here in the previous time period. Atatürk Park, which is also open to the use of the public, continues to be one of the most sought-after areas of the city centre of Antalya these days.

The most suitable restaurants for breakfast and dinner are located in Atatürk Park. It is also possible to engage in eating and drinking activities by enjoying the Mediterranean view with luxury restaurants. At the same time, there is a viewing point and the situation of watching the Mediterranean over the cliffs is at the level offered to the people of Antalya.

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