10 Best Beaches To Swim In Istanbul 2022

As Kingsman Estates we are delighted to bring this blog post on the 10 best beaches to swim in Istanbul 2022 for our clients who bought the property in Istanbul, property in Antalya through our company as well as for tourists who regularly visit our beautiful country. So if you thought you could only swim in the Mediterranean region of Turkey read this blog post as it will change your mind. Surrounding regions around Istanbul has a lot of opportunities when it comes to beaches where you can swim and enjoy the sun. 

Best Beaches To Swim In Istanbul

If you are one of those who have a busy business life, those who have not gone on holiday yet, and those who are counting the days to swim, we have prepared a great guide for you. If you want to lie on the sand and sunbathe all day, we would not be wrong to say that the beaches you want to swim in Istanbul, listed below, are exactly the kind you dream of. Each one of them is within the borders of Istanbul and each of them consists of beaches where you can enjoy the sea to the fullest throughout the day. Some of the beaches we have listed in this list are places where you can swim with peace of mind by paying attention to your social distance, as some of them are a little wide and large and some are in isolated and quiet places.

1 – Şile Kızılca Village Beach / Şile

Kızılcaköy ŞileKızılcaköy beach is a hidden paradise right next to Istanbul. Şile is the first place to be preferred by those who want to swim in Istanbul, as this wonderful place, which we have just discovered, is only 1.5 hours away from Istanbul. Lake on one side and sea on the other. Here, the sandy beach area is about 2 km. in length. There is a business serving on the coast of Kızılcaköy. There are restaurants, picnic areas, and camellias within the business. There is the only access to the beach from where this establishment is located. Since there is no entrance from anywhere else, this 2 km beach area is only for the use of guests who come to the establishment. That’s why social distance is pretty much on this beach.

What are the Services Offered in the Beach Area? How are the fees?

On the beach; 2 sunbeds, an umbrella, and a coffee table 80TL. If you do not want to rent a sun lounger and umbrella, you can bring your own chairs and spend time on the beach. It is safe for children as the sea does not deepen immediately at the first entrance. Also, a lifeguard is always on hand at the beach. This place serves as a family beach. Picnics and tents are not allowed in the beach area. For a picnic, you can only barbecue in the picnic area. Apart from that, you can get snacks, hot and cold drinks from the buffet in the beach area. There are showers, changing cabins, and WC on the beach. The use of these areas is free for those who rent sunbeds and umbrellas. However, for those who do not rent sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, WCs, and dressing cabins are chargeable. The car parking fee is 20TL. Tea: 5TL Water: 2.5TL for 2 people Breakfast: 120TL Prices are valid for 2020. The name of the place: Vadi Şile, if you write it this way in the navigation, it brings you to its door.

2 – Uzunya Beach / Kilyos

Uzunya BeachThis is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kilyos Demirciköy. There is also a fish restaurant with the same name right behind it. This place has both a sandy beach area and a grassy area. There is a parking area for guests arriving with their private vehicles. You can reach here by following the direction of Plaj Yolu Street. Milos Beach is on the left side of the beach and Sebastian Beach is on the right. It is located 50 minutes from Kadıköy on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. If you want to relieve the stress of daily life with sea, sand, and sun, you can choose Kilyos and Uzunya Beach. You can throw your chairs and towel in the beach area and swim a lot and enjoy the sun. Umbrellas and sun loungers are also available on the grass area.

3 – Sofular Beach / Sile

Sofular beach Located in Şile, the backyard of Istanbul, Sofular Beach is a beach with no entrance fee. About 15km from the lively center of Şile. The beach area, located at a distance of 2300 meters, is quite wide. In this way, you can enjoy the sea and the sun in a comfortable way by paying attention to your social distance. There is a lifeguard at the beach area. There is also a suitable area for tent camps here. In addition to sunbeds and umbrellas, you can take your towel and umbrella and spend a pleasant time on the beach. The parking area is paid and there is a fee of 30 TL per vehicle. There are showers, changing cabins and WCs on the beach. You can have a picnic in this place where you can visit with your pet, and you can bring your own food and drinks with you.

4 – Sahilköy Village / Şile

SahilköySahilköy is located in Koca İskele Domali, a district of Şile. This is actually a place famous for the camping area it hosts. If you are coming with your private vehicle, do not use the Yandex navigation application, because it directs you to the closed road. If you want to come from Istanbul by bus, there is transportation, but the number of trips is very few. The bus passes in front of the camp. 139S: IETT Uskudar Departure- Sofular Village. After getting on the bus, you can get off at the ‘Sahilköy Yolu’ stop. Because it is the closest stop to the campsite. Coming from Istanbul: 139S Üsküdar Departure: 09:30 – 14:15 – 19:40. To return to Istanbul: 139S Sofular Departure: 06:45 – 12:00 – 17:00. Please check before you go, after all, bus times may change.

What are Beach Camping Services? How Much Are The Prices?

You can both bring your own tent and stay in one of the stone houses, villas, bungalows, or hobby houses here. You can get more accurate information if you contact the property for the prices of this type of accommodation. If you want to come for a day, you can take advantage of the long, fine sandy beach. In addition, there are showers, WC, changing cabin, buffet, restaurant and 40 caravans within the facility. You can safely swim on the wide and long beach of the facility and enjoy the sun. Daily admissions per person: 25TL There is also a pool in the camping area. There is an extra fee to enter this pool. As an activity, you can also have fun in the survivor track and polygon area. You can use your towel and chairs in the beach area, consume the food and drinks you brought with you, or have a barbecue in the picnic area.

5 – Saklı Bay Beach – Kabakoz / Şile

Saklı Bay is located in Kabakoz Village, one of the villages of Şile. Kabaköz is a place famous for its big beach and dozens of small coves. It is located approximately 70 km from Istanbul. You can reach this beach with an approximate 1.5-hour drive from the Istanbul Şile highway. Kabakoz Village is one of the most popular villages of Şile. That’s why we say don’t forget to visit the village as well as the beach. It is possible to see new Şile houses and almost 100-year old wooden houses side by side in the village. The neighborhood cafe under the plane tree is ideal for a coffee and a tea break. When you arrive in Şile, you enter the Kabakoz sign and reach the village and the beach area. In the beach area, there are both public beaches and paid bays that can only be entered in pairs. But if you ask which is the most beautiful, of course, Saklıkoy Beach.

How to Get to Saklı Bay Beach?

This place is privately owned and owned by a business. However, it is useful to be careful when going here. Because the way is a bit challenging. You cannot go to the Hidden Bay by navigation because there is no such place on the map. But we can describe it to you as follows: Come to Şile Forest School and turn left from the school, follow the road. The road will take you directly to that magnificent bay. The roads are dirt and bumpy. For July 2020, entrance to Saklı Bay is determined as 100 TL per person. No partner login. Suitable for families, but maybe a bit inconvenient for children under 7 years old. Because sometimes the sea can be very wavy. It is forbidden to come inside with food and drink because the facility also provides restaurant service and the food is good. Right next to the beach, there is another huge beach known as the military area. The sand is unique. We can say that it is as clear as Çeşme Ilıca Beach. It’s hard to go but worth going.

6 – Akçakese Beach – Akkaya Beach / Şile

Akçakese BeachAkkaya Beach is located on Akçakese Beach, in the Şile district of Istanbul. It is located 60 km from Istanbul and 17 km from Şile. When you type Akçakese Akkaya Beach in the navigation, the direct location appears. At the same time, with the signboards directing you in the center of Şile, you enter from the Akçakese junction, follow the Bungalow Bay road and the road takes you directly to the beach. There is enough space to park your vehicle at the destination. There is another alternative way. For this alternative road, you come up to the Bungalow Bay sign. You turn left at the crossroads and park your vehicle at the beginning of the pathway there. After a 5-6 minute walk down the path, you find yourself at a magnificent beach. By the way, the view of the place where you park the car is also magnificent. When you don’t come here for the sea, you can throw away your table and chair and soak up the sun by sipping the coffee you took with you.

Does Akçakese Beach Get Crowded?

The beach here consists of two parts. Typical public beach on the right at the entrance. The depth of the sea is fixed up to a certain point, that is, the kind that makes you say that it does not get deep. When you turn left on the beach, ‘It is forbidden to open suddenly due to depth!’ sign welcomes you. The reason is that as soon as you say, ‘Oh, the water is beautiful, it’s like sand, the sea suddenly reaches a depth exceeding your height. So, let’s warn you right away, we say don’t take this risk, no matter how well you know how to swim. So you prefer the right side, which is the safe side. Make sure you have an umbrella with you when you go there. Because the shaded area is only in the afternoon when the shadow of the rocks falls. Incredibly quiet on weekdays, no one except for a couple of tents. It gets a little more crowded when you go on the weekend. However, no matter how crowded it is, everyone pays attention to the distance rules because the beach is big and wide.

7 – İmrenli Village Beach / Şile

İmrenli Village Beach If you head east from Akçakese Beach, you reach İmrenli Village Beach. This place can be a little more crowded than many beaches in Şile. When you type ‘Imrenli Beach’ on the map or Yandex navigation, it appears immediately. You arrive in Şile before Kadıköy. Then you follow the İmrenli sign and reach here after an approximate 1.5-hour drive. On this beach, the sea is clean, there are no algae, there is a beautiful sandy beach. Some businesses on the beach may charge an entrance fee. This fee varies between 30TL and 35TL. It is easier to access than other bays. The number of businesses in İmrenli is also high. There are restaurants and markets, so you can go not only in summer but also in winter. In fact, going in the winter can even be more enjoyable than going in the summer. If you are lucky, the establishment on the beach can serve you by cooking potatoes or chestnuts in the woodstove. You can take advantage of the sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, or you can spend time throwing your towel and chair on the sand and enjoy the sea.

8 – Tırmata Beach / Kilyos

Tırmata BeachKilyos is a region known for its long beaches. Although the sea is wavy, Kilyos is the resort of choice for those who want to swim in Istanbul. It is located very close to Kilyos Public Beach, Tırmata Beach. This place primarily caters to families. For this reason, they do not take non-couples to the beach and they are very sensitive about it. There is free parking for those who come with their private vehicles. The entrance fee is 50TL per person on weekdays, 75TL on weekends, and one soft drink is included in this price. Let us remind you that the weekend price is applied during the holidays and public holidays. There is also a special discount for small children. In addition to 6 acres of grass, Tırmata Beach has a terrace area of ​​approximately 1200 m². In this area, there are sunbeds that 2500 people can use by paying attention to the social distance rules. The restaurant and cafe are also open to guests all day. There is also a Kite Surf School here. Tırmata Beach is open every day of the week between 09:00 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening.

How to go to Tırmata Beach?

When you come with your private vehicle, when you type Tırmata Beach in the Yandex navigation application, it brings you directly. Also, a shuttle departs from Hacıosman Metro Station every day at 10:00 am and from the beach at 18:15. With these special services, a transfer service is provided to the venue. The transfer fee with the service is; One way 15 TL, round trip 20 TL. You can contact Tırmata Beach for more detailed information.

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