Best Restaurants In Istanbul

This blog post is on the best restaurants in Istanbul. We all know that Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world however restaurants in Istanbul are much more than Turkish cuisine can offer. That is why we have prepared this blog post for all our clients who have purchased the property in Istanbul as well as any visitors to this wonderful city.

For those who want to have a nice dinner in Istanbul, there are various options for every taste and expectation. Crowded and popular venues can be found for those seeking action and secluded yet delicious Istanbul restaurants for those seeking a quiet dinner.

In this article, we tried to make an updated list of the best restaurants in Istanbul according to 2021. In the lines below, you can find the pleasant eating and drinking places we recommend on both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

There are 13 stylish venues on our list of Istanbul’s Best Restaurants. We have listed the most beautiful and luxurious restaurants on both the European Side (between 1-8) and the Anatolian Side (between 9-13) of Istanbul. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, recommended restaurants in Istanbul may be temporarily closed. For this reason, I suggest you check it one last time before you go.

1. Nusr-Et Steakhouse

Nusr-Et Steakhouse, one of the favourite places for meat lovers in Istanbul, has been serving since 2010 with its first restaurant in Etiler. The menu, where you can find every option of beef and lamb, brings a different interpretation to the steakhouse culture. Nusr-et, which stands out with its meat quality and cooking methods, carries this experience to burgers as well.

Nusret, who gained worldwide fame with his act of sprinkling salt on meat, opened branches in Miami and Doha under the brand Nusr-Et Steakhouse. You can taste the special burgers of Nusr-et at Nusr-Et Burger branches in Nişantaşı, Bebek, Kanyon and İstinye Park.

2. Leb-i Derya Restaurant

Wine lovers do not miss the wine menu of Lebi-Derya Restaurant located in Beyoğlu and attracting attention with its view and unique cocktails. In addition to cold appetizers and hot appetizers, there are ravioli with plenty of meat, tenderloin with forty spice and daily fish options. The breathtaking Bosphorus view and DJ performance accompany the pleasure of the meal. True to its name, this restaurant combines a sea view with a nice dinner and entertainment.

3. Sunset Grill & Bar

Sunset Grill & Bar, located in Ulus Park since 1994, has a view of the Bosphorus. Offering “Californian Cuisine” and grilled steak in the first years of its opening, Sunset Grill & Bar added different flavours from Turkish cuisine to its menu upon request from foreign guests.

In addition to all these, the restaurant, which has added a Sushi Bar to its structure, has been bringing the tastes of Japanese cuisine to its customers for 10 years. In addition to Japanese Cuisine, the creative kitchen director Chef Fabrice Canelle, who joined the team two years ago, brings the best examples of the Mediterranean Cuisine, which he created inspired by nature, to his guests.

The daily menu of Sunset Grill & Bar, which also serves at lunch; the Mediterranean, Turkish and Japanese cuisines.

4. Murver Restaurant

On the terrace of Novotel in Karaköy, Mürver Restaurant, which promises a magnificent view of Istanbul, creates a warm and lively atmosphere with the wood fire that is constantly burning in the kitchen. The flavours on the menu are cooked on a wood-burning open grill and in a wood-burning oven. In addition to the meat resting on the grill after being cooked in the oven, the octopus served with roasted Aegean herbs is also cooked in ash.

In short, everything tastes like a wood fire. Yılmaz Öztürk Mürver, known from the Mancar and L’Escargot restaurants in Alaçatı, plans the menu with the consultancy of Mikla’s chef, Mehmet Gürs.

5. Mikla Restaurant

Located on the top floor of The Marmara Pera Hotel, Mikla Restaurant, Istanbul has been running from success to success under the management of its founding partner and chef Mehmet Gürs since 2005. Mikla, a unique place where the simplicity of Scandinavian Cuisine, cooking methods and traditional tastes of Turkish Cuisine blend…

Mikla Restaurant, a contemporary Istanbul restaurant, reflects its own style to the ingredients carefully selected from every corner of Anatolia with the concept of ‘New Anatolian Cuisine’ created in 2012.

According to Chef Mehmet Gürs, Anatolian Cuisine has a very open structure to innovations and global development. We can say that wine born in Anatolia is an indispensable part of this menu. On the wine menu; There is a variety from France to Chile, from Spain to Australia. You can choose according to your meal and add colour to your evening.

6. Zuma

London’s famous Japanese restaurant Zuma, opened in Ortaköy in 2008; now it serves in İstinye Park with its remarkable decoration. Zuma Restaurant, which also has a branch in Hong Kong and has become a worldwide brand, offers real Japanese flavours in a traditional Izakaya style environment.

The decoration items and even the plates come from Japan, and the restaurant offers a wide selection of seafood, meat dishes, meat grills and of course Zuma specialities, sushi, vegetables, soup and rice. Zuma, which also has set menus for lunch, has an embracing ambience with its minimalist style.

7. 360 Istanbul

360 Istanbul, located on the top floor of the historical Mısır Apartment, has many international awards. Offering a selection of wines and a rich bar menu, accompanied by Istanbul views at lunch and dinner, 360 turns into a Club after 22:00 on weekends. Its rich menu includes both World Cuisine and Anatolian Cuisine, including duck with cherry and Gaziantep’s stuffed meatballs. 360 has consolidated its place among the best Istanbul restaurants in the last 10 years.

8. Vogue Restaurant

Vogue Restaurant, which was opened on the terrace floor of BJK Plaza in Akaretler in 1997, offers the special tastes of the world cuisine with the view of the Bosphorus. In the restaurant, which has a simple, elegant and comfortable atmosphere, you can find many unique tastes from sea bass to baked lamb shank.

You can taste Japanese delicacies from the sushi menu of Vogue Restaurant, which has a wide range of dishes from Thai-style fish to artichoke tortellini.

9. Çiya Sofrası (Çiya Kebab)

It is really possible to find almost every flavour of Anatolia at Çiya Sofrası, which defines itself as “the garden of lost cultures and forgotten tastes”. The adventure of the place, where you will definitely encounter foreign tourists no matter what time of the day you go, started in 1987 with only five tables in Kadıköy.

Çiya Kebap, which still serves in the same place today, also has a separate hall for kebab and lahmacun. There is a wide range of flavours on the menu, from stuffed dried aubergines to stuffed kale. The fixed flavours in the daily changing menu are olive oil dishes, appetizers and kebabs. Desserts are also quite diverse.

10. Good Morning Steakhouse

The story of Günaydın Steak House, one of the symbols of the culture of transition from a butcher to a restaurant, begins in 1965 in a small butcher shop in the Butchers’ Market in Bostancı.

Günaydın, which is one of the important restaurants that spread the steakhouse culture in Turkey, also has many branches on the European and Anatolian Sides. Günaydın Meat Restaurant, where you can find meatballs, doner kebabs, steaks, almost all kinds of meat, is one of the important flavors stops for meat lovers.

11. Viktor Levi Wine House

Viktor Levi Wine House, which you will see on the left as you go down from Kadıköy’s famous Rexx Cinema, is a wine house that produces its own wines, as the name suggests.

In addition to wine, you can drink your homemade wine suitable for your meal in Viktor Levi, which has special options for liver and meat, as well as the indispensable imported and local cheese plates.

Viktor Levi’s winemaking journey, which started in Bozcaada, continues at the current Viktor Levi Wine House. The garden of the historical mansion, which was restored in accordance with its original form about 20 years ago, also has an ambience that wine lovers will appreciate.

12. Ajia Restaurant

Ajia Restaurant, which is part of Ahmet Rasim Paşa Mansion, has been serving in Kanlıca since 2004. In the menu prepared by Chef İzzet Ayva and his team, tastes from the Mediterranean and World cuisines are presented with the Bosphorus view of Kanlıca.

The bar of the restaurant, which was awarded the “Five Star Diamond” by the American Academy of Hospital Services, serves until late at night. You can also choose A’jiya Restaurant for brunch. Private transportation is provided to A’jiya by sea every day except Mondays. Ajia is located in such a wonderful place that it can be among the best Istanbul restaurants even with its magnificent view.

13. Fashion Terrace

Stunning with the view of the islands, Moda Terrace is a frequently preferred venue for brunch and entertainment on weekends. You can have a nice dinner in the restaurant, which is highly preferred for organizations such as company dinners and birthdays, accompanied by a view from Kalamış to the Islands.

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