Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu Park is located in Antalya, known for its natural beauties, historical riches and beautiful beaches at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, is one of the beautiful cities of the Mediterranean. Antalya, which is one of the most livable cities in Turkey with its regular urban structure, is a park paradise, so to speak.

As Kingsman Estates we are delighted to bring this blog post on Karaalioglu Park as it is one of the top attractions in Antalya that has been very popular among our clients who bought a property in Antalya as well as millions of tourists who visit our beautiful country every year. That is why we have prepared this for the benefit of our everyone so they can make the most out of their time in Antalya.

The city is surrounded by beautiful parks along the entire coastline, especially from west to east. Karaalioğlu Park, which has become a classic for Antalya, is one of the parks visited by those who come to see the city as tourists and where the residents of Antalya enjoy their time.

Information On Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioğlu Park, located on the cliffs right next to Antalya’s historical city centre Kaleiçi, has mountain and sea views that look like they came out of realistic paintings, lush pine and palm trees all over the park, long walking paths, tea gardens, children’s playgrounds, each other. Antalya’s most beautiful park with its beautiful cafes. Karaalioğlu Park, which receives sunshine in all seasons, is one of the most beautiful areas in the city where you can take a breather both on weekdays and on weekends.

Karaalioğlu Park has a very large area. It consists of a large green area in the middle of two main boulevards that start from Işıklar Street, running perpendicular to the sea, and three viewing terraces at the end of these boulevards, where you can see the sea from above. The people of Antalya call these viewing terraces mirador. The most beautiful points of the park are these miradors.

The squares with the Miradors are the most active points of the park, and the most magnificent view of the park is right here. These squares are among the symbols of the city, with the Bey Mountains covered with snow for four seasons, the Gulf of Antalya stretching out in front of you, the subtle sounds of boats sailing from the marina and sailing towards the Mediterranean, and the magnificent colours at sunset.

Located at the end of the boulevards extending towards the sea in Karaalioğlu Park, these three observations also attract attention with their sculpture works located right in the middle of the terrace. The hand sculpture made by the artist Kuzgun Acar for the memory of Governor Haşim İşcan in one of the squares, the “worker and his child” and “Nâzım Hikmet is in prison” sculpture by Mehmet Aksoy, and the “Don Quixote” sculpture by Caviar Göktaş take Karaalioğlu away from the ordinary.

The History of Karaalioglu Park

The history of the park goes back to ancient times. Until the middle of the 20th century, the area known as Karaalioğlan Park today was used as a recreation area. At that time, Leski Coffeehouse, Attalos Club, and Nocera Cinema, close to the entrance of the park at the New Gate, were places where people socialized.

Agia Panteleimon Church and Greek Cemetery belonging to the Greek Community were also located in this area. Towards the 1930s, the park began to modernize a little more. A sericulture school, Silkworm station, a small children’s park, community centre (Municipal building at the entrance of the park) and Gazi Boulevard, which is still one of the biggest streets of the park, are being built in the area where the park is located.

As for the 1940s, the governor of the time, Haşim İşcan, started the works that made the park look like it has today, with the support of the “Association for Beautifying and Promoting Antalya”. The park, which was started to be organized during the Second World War, is completed in 3 years due to the difficulties brought by the war. At the end of the time, this promenade with hackberry trees opens under the name İsmet İnönü Park.

There have been many years of problems with the ownership of the Karaalioğlu park. The ownership of Karaalioğlu Park, which has a huge area of ​​seventy thousand square meters, belonged partly to a person named Karaalioğlu and partly to the Special Provincial Administration. With the efforts of Haşim İşcan, the name of the park was changed to Karaalioğlu Park to solve the expropriation problem. Although Karaalioğlu park is more pronounced as Karaoğlan park, it is actually Karaalioğlu.

For the people of Antalya, Karaalioğlu Park is not only one of the landmarks of the city, but the memories of this park are still in their minds. The fact that Antalya Stadium has been in this park for many years makes Karaalioğlu park special for those who love football. Important matches for the history of football were played in the stadium where Antalyaspor also trains.

The sadness of the defeats and the joy of the victories were experienced in Karaalioğlu Park. Antalya Stadium was also the place of celebration of National Holidays such as 23 April and 19 May. With the arrangements made in the park, the stadium was moved to a different point in Antalya. Nowadays, the construction of the City Museum continues in the area remaining from the stadium.

Karaalioğlu Park is also the endpoint of the Golden Orange Festival cortege parade, which is the most important festival in Antalya. Cinema artists attending the cortege from the balcony of the City Hall, a magnificent white building located at the entrance of the park on Işıklar Street, greet the public, and the festival celebrations continue here.

One of the most interesting points of visitors to Karaalioğlu Park is Hıdırlık Tower, and the other is Atatürk Museum and House. Located in the south of Kaleiçi walls, Hıdırlık Tower comes across you on your way to Kaleiçi from the viewing terraces. The 14-meter-high tower, which remained from ancient times, was built in the form of a cylinder.

It is said that at the time the tower was built, it was used for communication, defence and monitoring the ships arriving at the port. There is no entrance inside, but the cafes and restaurants with the most beautiful views of Kaleici are right next to this tower. If you want to have a drink after visiting the park, this is a good choice.

Atatürk House and Museum is at the entrance on Işıklar Street, right next to the town hall. This two-storey Antalya house, where Atatürk stayed during his visit to Antalya, has been turned into a museum in memory of Ata. It is possible to see photographs taken during Atatürk’s visit, articles in newspapers about the visit, personal belongings and many more. Atatürk House and Museum, which sheds light on the history of the city in the first years of the Republic, is free of charge. I recommend you to see this museum while visiting Karaalioğlu Park.

After visiting the park, walk down the street next to the Hıdırlık tower towards Kaleici. Mermerli Beach, Broken Minaret, Marina, Tophane Tea Garden, many museums in Kaleiçi are within walking distance of Karaalioğlu Park. For places to visit in Kaleici, you can refer to my article ‘Places to Visit in Antalya Kaleiçi’.

Karaalioğlu Park is the most beautiful park in Antalya, with its unique view, viewing terraces on the cliffs, palm trees decorating the park, its landscape, its location integrated with Kaleiçi. Karaalioğlu, which has an important place for the people of Antalya with its story where you will find traces of the city’s history, is a park where those who visit Antalya spend time with pleasure.

If you happen to pass by Antalya, stop by Karaalioğlu, one of the most beautiful parks not only in Antalya but also in Turkey, and watch the Beydağları and Antalya Bay, one of the miradors.

How To Get To Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioğlu Park is on the Antalya Nostalgic Tram route. You can easily reach the park by getting off at the Işıklar2 stop of the tram, which serves on the Antalya Museum-Zerdalilik line. To go by city buses:

From Konyaaltı: KC33 KC06 KL08

From Kepez: MZ78 KL21 CV14 DC15A KC06

You can take the buses.

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