Best Activities In Kalkan

This blog post is on the best activities in Kalkan.

You can make your holiday more memorable by participating in different and beautiful activities around Kalkan and Kaş. Kalkan beach, where the trio of sea, sand and sun is the most famous activity option, is one of the richest towns in terms of various activities as well as its historical and natural beauties. If you are looking for a peaceful holiday, of course, you can mingle with the waves of the sea on a different blue flag Kalkan beach every day. If you wish, you can join the boat tour together to spend a peaceful day in the lap of the vast blue. You can even visit Meis Island with your daily visa, which you will receive in a short time.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is looking for a little action, you can experience the fun of getting lost among the harbour and cobbled streets with your bike trips, and take lots of photos in different places you can see. Even if you come across the breeding time of Caretta Caretta, you can witness their hatching and immortalize those moments with your photos.

If you like scuba diving, you can visit Kekova Sunken City underwater if you have enough experience, in the vast blues and bays you open with a boat tour. However, if you want to participate in adrenaline-filled fun on the sea, you can have fun with water sports such as rafting, water skiing, Ringo or jet skiing.

If you prefer the sky rather than the bottom or the top of the water, you can participate in activities such as paragliding, where extreme sports are organized. Since Antalya Kaş Kalkan weather conditions, prevailing wind speed and direction are extremely suitable for paragliding, you can listen to the sound of the wind from meters above and mingle with the clouds.


Kaş and Kalkan are considered to be the places where the most popular diving spots in Turkey and the world are located. You can discover the magical world of the underwater with discovery diving or you can continue your dives deeper with the certificate you will receive by taking advantage of professional diving training. Be sure to try the most wonderful way to discover the incredible underwater beauties of the Mediterranean and the mysterious world of the turquoise sea!


If you want to fly freely like birds in the sky of Lycia, the Land of Light, feel the breeze of the wind on your face, breathe the vast blue-green and feel the adrenaline in your veins, you should definitely try this activity. This activity with an experienced pilot will take you to different lands.

Kekova Boat Tour

Kekova, known as the sunken city of the Mediterranean, is among the first places you should visit when you come to Kalkan. Access to this island, located on the Demre side, is provided only by boats. You can reach Kekova with many boat tours departing from Kalkan. Prepare yourself for the sparkling sea that you will see in front of you when you go. Known as the sunken city, this region is an important region that was once one of the most important trade centres in the world and has now delivered its ancient ruins to the water.

Saklikent Canyon

Saklıkent canyon is known as the longest canyon in Turkey. You can reach the Saklıkent canyon, which is 30-40 minutes from Kalkan, by car, or you can take advantage of the daily tours in Kalkan. After a pleasant walk in the canyon, which is cool even on the hottest summer days, you can taste trout and other local delicacies at the restaurants by the river… The ancient city of Xanthos, which was the first capital of the Lycian civilization near the canyon, is one of the must-see places in the vicinity.

Walking On The Lycian Way

The Lycian Way is a 3,000-year-old trade route with a total length of 509 kilometres. This road, called the Lycian Way, is considered one of the 4 longest walking routes in Europe and one of the 10 most beautiful walking routes in the world. The Lycian Way starts from Fethiye and continues until Kaş. You can follow the route of this road from the signs and painted stones on the roads.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bike activity to experience the irresistible pleasure of pedalling to freedom!! At the foot of the Taurus Mountains, at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, you can get away from the stress of the city by passing through Mediterranean villages and endangered cedar forests.

Burial Tour

Gömbe Plateau, one of the most famous and coolest plateaus in Antalya, is about 1 hour away from Kalkan by car. Gömbe is reached with the guidance of red pine, cedar and juniper trees and squirrels along the way. You can swim in the ice-cold water of Yeşilgöl, a crater lake, enjoy nature by walking to Uçarsu Waterfall, which falls 60 meters down from the top of Akdağ, and capture beautiful photo frames in this magnificent nature.

ATV Tour

You can join an ATV tour to experience the natural beauties of Patara Beach on an ATV and explore the sand dunes.

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