Best Activities In Marmaris

This blog post is on the best activities in Marmaris. At Kingsman Estates we have an abundant number of clients who have purchased property and villas in Marmaris as well as property in Antalya and property in Istanbul. So we have decided to write this blog for all our clients as well as visitors to enjoy and familiarize themselves with this lovely place in Turkey.

About: Marmaris, one of the 13 districts of Muğla, is one of the holiday paradises that directs summer tourism in Turkey. Located at the junction of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, Marmaris is a well-established settlement that has shaped history in terms of its location. Therefore, it has a potential that cannot be underestimated in terms of historical richness, natural beauty and summer tourism. Thanks to all these features, it is visited by millions of tourists every year, especially at the beginning of the summer season.

Located approximately 63 kilometres southwest of Muğla city centre, Marmaris; There is Datça Peninsula and Kerme Bay in the west, Ula in the north, Balan Mountain, Karadağ and Daily Hills in the east, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. In short, you can guess how full the list of things to do in Marmaris, which is one of the important holiday resorts in our country in terms of tourism, is with all its qualities!

Cards used: Some of the historical places of Marmaris allow entry with discount cards such as Müzekart and Müzekart+. Thanks to these cards, it is possible to enter many places for free or at a discount. Therefore, these cards, which belong to the Ministry of Culture, can be very useful in Marmaris.

Urban transportation: Urban transportation in Marmaris is generally provided by public transportation vehicles such as minibus, minibus and public buses. Although there is no hard requirement for these vehicles; It is possible to reach almost anywhere. In addition, options such as taxi, rental car and boat and boat for sea transportation can also be used in Marmaris city transportation. If you want to know more about the departure times and routes of Marmaris public transport vehicles, click here!

Iconic sightseeing spots: Our list of places to visit in Marmaris is quite high! However, to list the iconic places; Marmaris Castle and Archeology Museum, Kızkumu Beach, Marmaris Grand Bazaar, Nimura Cave, Cennet Island and Turgut Waterfall are among the places you should definitely visit in Marmaris! Click here to get to know all these places: Marmaris Places to Visit | 28 Great Spots!

What To Do On Sunday?

You can spend a sunny Sunday in Marmaris at the famous beaches or coves of the district, enjoying the sea, the sand and the sun. In addition, you can have picnics and similar activities in places such as Günnücek National Park in the district. Finally, you can spend a Sunday full of adrenaline and fun by going to a colourful aquapark full of water slides with your family and children.

What To Do In A Day?

There are many things you can do in Marmaris in a day – first after starting the day with a nice breakfast! For example, you can visit the ancient cities of Marmaris, take a cultural tour in museums or visit the local villages or holiday resorts of the district.

Free Activities

1. Tour The Famous Bays Of Marmaris!

Where is it? Did you know that there are 36 beautiful bays in Marmaris? Yes, there are many bays that you should go and see in Marmaris. Most of the bays can be reached by road. While there are settlements in some bays; some of them have a pristine nature, that is, they are virgins.

Why should I go? These bays, which must be added to the list of things to do in Marmaris, are brimming with hundreds of thousands of tourists who want to enjoy the sea, the sand, the sun, and most importantly, the idyllic nature during the summer season. Among the most popular bays of Marmaris; Kumlubuk Bay, famous for its sandy beach and fish restaurants, Bördübet Bay, which is covered with pine trees, Gebe Church Bay, famous for its pebble beach, Abdi Reis Bay, an underwater diving centre, Selimiye Bay, one of the most beautiful bays of the Aegean, Amos Bay, known for its ancient city, natural sites Paradise Island Bay is located.

In addition to these, Kamelya Island Bay, which is one of the popular stops of boat tours, Aquarium Bay with its extraordinary beauty, Lacivert Bay, which is named after the colour of its sea, Dişli Island Bay, a hidden paradise, Orhaniye Bay, Turunç Bay and Çiftlik Bay are among the must-sees. Let’s not forget that many of these coves are suitable for underwater diving!

2. Shop At The Grand Bazaar Of Marmaris!

Where is here? Built with inspiration from Istanbul’s historical covered bazaar, Marmaris Grand Bazaar or Bedesten is located in a central location in the heart of the district. In the Grand Bazaar, which is the most crowded and popular shopping point of Marmaris, there are usually shops where local products are sold.

Why should I go? In the bazaar, which is crowded every hour of the day; leather, carpet, rug, local food products, jewellery, clothing and souvenir shops provide service. Many tours are organized to the covered bazaar, which attracts the most attention of foreign tourists with its authentic atmosphere, especially in the summer season. One of the most famous products of the region, Marmaris honey and Turunç jam are among the products you should buy from Marmaris Grand Bazaar.

Don’t miss out! In addition, you can have a memory of Marmaris by purchasing souvenirs or objects that symbolize Marmaris. Besides, don’t forget to buy a Marmaris souvenir for your loved ones! For more information about Marmaris’s shopping places, be sure to read our article titled Marmaris’s Shopping Spots!

3. Wander Ancient Cities!

Where is here? Marmaris, which is an important port and coastal city at the point where the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas meet, has been an important transit point from the first age to the present day. For this reason, Marmaris, which is one of the first places preferred by societies for settlement, has embraced many civilizations in history. Roots BC In addition to the city, Caria, Rhodes and island civilizations dating back to the 12000s; It bears traces of civilizations such as Egypt, Assyria, Ionian, Persian, Macedonian, Syria, Byzantine, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman.

Why should I go? It is an undeniable fact that Marmaris is extremely rich in terms of historical places and structures. Ancient cities are the most important of these historical structures. Although most of the ancient cities in the city do not go beyond a few walls and castles, they are still worth seeing!

We can list the ancient cities you should visit in Marmaris as follows: Physkos Ancient City, Amos Ancient City, Loryma Ancient City, Kedrai Ancient City, Hydras Ancient City, Erine Ancient City, Phoenix Ancient City, Bybassos Ancient City, Hemithea Temple, Kasara Ancient City, Syrna Ancient City (Bayır Village), Thyssanos Ancient City, Kastabos Ancient City… Finally; Click to get detailed information about the historical places of Marmaris!

4. Breathe In Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai!

Where is it? Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai is a historical caravanserai built by Suleiman the Magnificent on behalf of his mother Ayşe Hafsa Sultan during his Rhodes campaign; According to its inscription, it was put into service in 1545. Since the day it was opened, it has been maintaining its importance for many years as one of the symbols of Marmaris.

Why should I go? Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai, which is a 475-year-old structure, today serves as a living space where small tradesmen serve as well as taverns, bars, cafes and restaurants. However, as a result of the reactions from the citizens, this historical building is planned to be converted into a museum in recent years.

It is not yet clear whether the caravanserai, consisting of eight rooms, seven small and one large, covered with arches, will be subject to a fee after it is converted into a museum. No matter how it is used, Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai is definitely a structure worth seeing.

5. Discover The Hidden Caves Of Marmaris!

Where is it? In addition to its historical richness, there are two caves you should see in Marmaris, which fascinates everyone who sees it in terms of natural structure. One of them is the Phosphorus Cave; the other is Nimera Cave. Both caves are located on Cennet Island; Nimera Cave is located at the entrance of the island and Phosphorus Cave is located at the tip of the island.

Why should I go? It is not possible to reach the Fosforlu Cave by car. Therefore, in order to see this cave, it is necessary to join the boat tours organized almost every day during the summer season in Turunç and İçmeler. If you are on a small boat, you can even go inside the cave or explore the cave by swimming. You can reach Nimera Cave via the highway. But I must say that the road is a bit arduous.

It has been determined that Nimera Cave, which is quite large and full of eye-catching stalactites and stalagmites, has a history of 100 thousand years. Two female statues made of sandstone were first found in the cave in 1998; Afterwards, the municipality took some measures to prevent destruction. In the professional archaeological excavations continuing in the cave, human remains from 12 thousand years ago and BC. 500 coloured glass, drills, chisels, stone and bone piercing tools dated to 10 thousand BC were found.

Don’t miss out! A large number of coloured glass beads unearthed suggests that Nimera Cave was used as a bead workshop until the Bronze Age. You should definitely add these natural wonder caves to your list of things to do in Marmaris! Entry to both caves is free.

6. Don’t Return Without Seeing The Waterfalls!

Where is it? Turgut Waterfall, one of the hidden natural beauties of Marmaris, is the only waterfall in the region. Turgut Waterfall, located in the Turgut Village of the same name in Selimiye town, consists of five separate waterfalls. The waterfall has ice-cold water flowing from a height of about 7 meters. Therefore, it is a great option to cool off and refresh in the summer heat.

Why should I go? Turgut Waterfall, which has increased in popularity in recent years and has been flooded by thousands of local and foreign tourists, is also admired for its lush natural area. At the waterfall, which is visited by approximately 1,500 people a day, tourists generally prefer to swim in the natural pool formed by the waterfall.

Around the waterfall, there are service areas such as a c-type recreation area, restaurant, cafeteria and buffet. Turgut Waterfall can be reached by a 5-minute walk from the Pyramid Cemetery, by crossing wooden bridges and pathways.

7. Tour The Nature Parks Of Marmaris!

Where is here? The only national park you must see and visit is Marmaris; It is Marmaris National Park! The park, which is under protection with its wonderful nature, untouched beauty and rich plant and animal diversity, was declared a national park in 1996.

Within the park, which covers a wide area of ​​29,206 hectares; There are many activity points such as picnic areas, coast, beach, pond, viewing points, walking tracks, streams and streams, social facilities, activity areas, accommodation facilities, children’s playgrounds, wooden bridges, jogging and cycling tracks.

Why should I go? Marmaris Nature Park is also very important in terms of cultural value. Because within the boundaries of the park; There are touristic places worth seeing such as Amos Ruins, Gavur Sanjak, Marmaris Castle, Physkos Ancient City, ruins of old village settlements and monasteries. Nimara (Paradise) Island, Adaağzı area, Günnücek Forest, Goat and Bedir islands are among the natural beauties within the borders of the park.

Don’t miss out! In Marmaris National Park; Many activities can be done from angling, swimming, trekking, landscape watching, cycling, photography, picnic to mountaineering, trekking to camping. Moreover, the entrance to the park is completely free. So do not miss this opportunity!

8. Visit The City’s Cutest Villages!

Where is here? In Marmaris, you can get the chance to visit the most beautiful villages of the Aegean. You will love both the nature and the beautiful atmosphere of these villages, each of which lives the Aegean tradition and culture! So which villages? We can list the most famous and must-see villages of Marmaris as follows: Bayır Village, Turgut Village, Söğütköy, Çamlı Village and Taşlıca Village…

Why should I go? Most of these villages are coastal settlements. Therefore, it is possible to swim and sunbathe on the shores of the villages. In addition, you can drink tea in the coffee houses in the village squares, chat with the village people, and buy local and organic products sold in the markets or the stalls opened in the square.

9. Small Resorts Of Marmaris!

Where is here? There are many holiday resorts as famous as Marmaris itself! These holiday resorts are among the most popular holiday destinations in recent years. The holiday resorts, which are especially in high demand from foreign tourists, are jam-packed every summer. Although the towns, each with their own unique characteristics, take on a different beauty in every season, they are different especially in the summer months! Among these towns, each of which is more charming than the other; I can say that Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun, Hisarönü, Turunç and İçmeler are leading in terms of popularity.

10. Explore Historic Places!

Where is here? The historical richness of Marmaris is so diverse and abundant that it cannot be underestimated. Therefore, many historical buildings are waiting for you to visit and see in the district. First; Marmaris Castle, Havsa Sultan Caravanserai, Bedesten (Bazaar), Iyilik Rocks Archaeological Park, İbrahim Ağa Mosque, Marmaris Archeology Museum, Sarıana Tomb, Taşhan and Arched Bridge, Physkos Ancient City, Amos Ancient City, Loryma Ancient City, Kedrai Ancient City, Hydas Be sure to visit a number of other historical sites, including the Ancient City, the Ancient City of Erine, and the Ancient City of Phoenix!

11. Don’t Forget To See Paradise Island!

Where is it? Cennet Island, also known as Nimera Peninsula, is an important place located within the borders of Marmaris district and was accepted as an archaeological and natural site in 1999. Nimera Cave, which proves that Marmaris has been inhabited for 12 thousand years with its ruins, is located on this island.

Why should I go? Located opposite Marmaris town centre, at the entrance of Marmaris Bay, Cennet Island is connected to the land by a natural barrier that locals call the Liar Strait. Adaköy is located at the point where the island connects to the mainland. You can reach Cennet Island from Marmaris city centre with an 8-kilometre walk or drive.

There are also opportunities such as restaurants, cafes and bars on Cennet Island, which must be seen with its deep blue, clear and clean sea, Cennet Bay, Phosphorus Cave, lush nature and Nimera Cave. Besides, hiking and swimming are among the most popular activities on the island.

12. Marmaris Castle And Archeology Museum!

Where is here? Herodotus, one of the oldest and most famous historians in the world, said that the first city walls in Marmaris were built in BC. Although he wrote that it was built in 3 thousand BC, the first information about Marmaris Castle is found in Evliya Çelebi’s Seyahatname. According to what is written in the travelogue, Suleiman the Magnificent ordered the construction of the castle during the Rhodes campaign; The castle served as a military base during the expedition.

During the First World War, although the walls of the castle were damaged by the artillery fire of the French warships, it was repaired many times over time and finally, it was brought to Marmaris tourism.

Why should I go? In short, the castle, which is one of the symbols of Marmaris, is one of the few castles in Turkey that has a museum. The museum in the castle is the Marmaris Archeology Museum, which was opened in 1991 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. Consisting of 7 closed halls, the museum has 2 archaeology and 1 ethnography hall. Other parts of the museum are used as exhibition halls and warehouses. In the archaeology section, many amphora works belonging to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods are exhibited.

According to 2017 data, Marmaris Archeology Museum, which is among the 22 museums with the highest income in Turkey, was visited by 19,708 tourists in the first 5 months of 2018. Therefore, you should definitely visit these two wonderful spots, which are among the most beautiful structures that reflect Marmaris. Then add this item to your list of things to do in Marmaris without wasting any time!

13. Sea, Sand And Sun On Marmaris Beaches!

Where is here? Marmaris, one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays in Turkey, has a worldwide reputation in terms of beaches. Because Kızkumu Beach, which is famous all over the world, is located in Marmaris. Marmaris, with its deep blue and clean sea, soft beaches, modern beaches, sheltered beaches, is a holiday paradise that can appeal to everyone from seven to seventy! The beaches in Marmaris serve as a public beach, some of which are paid for and some are free.

Why should I go? However, although there is no entrance fee on some beaches, a rental fee is required to benefit from services such as sun loungers and umbrellas. Among the most striking beaches of Marmaris with unique beauty; Icmeler Beach, Turunc Beach, Cleopatra Beach, Kızkumu Beach, Uzunyalı Beach and Incekum Beach are the leading ones. Therefore, the best answer to the question of what to do in Marmaris is; It will be to go to the beaches and have a wonderful holiday accompanied by the sea, sand and sun trio!

14. Cultural Tour in Museums!

Where is it? In Marmaris, apart from the Marmaris Archeology Museum, there are other museums that must be visited. These consist of the Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum and the Iyilik Rocks Archaeological Park. These two museums serve with features that allow you to have information about the ethnographic structure of the district and its historical origins.

Why should I go? In the Archaeological Park, BC. Archaeological remains, each more valuable than the other, are on display. In the Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum, hand-embroidered clothes belonging to the region, ceramics, copper utensils, ethnographic artefacts such as bells and bells, as well as Ottoman rifles and swords, clocks, scales, and gramophones are exhibited. Except on Sundays; The entrance fee of the Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum, which is open to visitors between 08:00 and 17:00 on other days, is 25 TL for adults; 10 TL for students.

15. Have Fun in Marmaris’ Famous Nights!

Where is it? You’ve all heard how famous Marmaris nightlife is. Therefore, when you come to Marmaris, you should definitely experience the colourful and vibrant nightlife of this unique holiday centre.

16. Go to Sedir Island by Boat!

Where is it? Sedir Island, the largest of a trio of islands located in Kerme Bay (Gökova Bay), is a wonderful island full of ancient ruins, worth seeing. Although Sedir Island is located within the borders of Muğla’s Ula district, it is also very close to Marmaris. On Sedir Island, which was called “Kedrai” in Antiquity, there are the remains of an ancient city from the same period.

Why should I go? According to some sources, the island, one of the most important cities of the Carian Civilization, was a kind of summer resort used by families belonging to the Carian Kingdom. The island can be reached from many points; The shortest and most effective means of transportation will be to take the boats departing from the village of Gelibolu in Marmaris or to join the boat tours organized during the summer season.

Don’t miss out! On Sedir Island, which is home to Cleopatra Beach and the Ancient City of Kedrai, you can swim in the sea or take a cultural tour among the historical ruins.

17. Join Boat Parties!

Where is it? What to do in Marmaris? Of course the boat paw! Boat parties, one of the most popular activities in Marmaris, are held under the name of “Marmaris Party Boat”. Boat parties on the sea, which continue for 3-4 hours with music, dance and entertainment, continue without slowing down throughout the summer season.

Why should I go? The participation fee for the party is 50 TL; One-way hotel transfer, insurance and Turkish guide service are included in the price. However, personal expenses for the boat during the party and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are not included in this. Marmaris Party Boat reservations can be made online free of charge. No fee or credit card information is requested during online reservations. But you have to pay the party participation fee on the day of the tour.

18. Streets of Old Marmaris

Where is it? Kale Street in the Urban SIT Area, leading to Marmaris Castle, which was built by Suleiman the Magnificent in the 17th century, is one of the most famous streets of Marmaris. Kale Street, which is admired by everyone with its historical texture, authentic houses and cobblestone pavements, is a great option for a photoshoot in Marmaris.

Why should I go? Because in the nostalgic atmosphere of this place, many wonderful photoshoots can be taken. In fact, Kale Sokağı is one of the first choices of couples who are about to get married to have their wedding photos taken in Marmaris. You can capture great pictures in the old and historical streets of Marmaris and share them on your social media accounts.

19. The Way of Lovers

Where is it? Located in Akçapınar village of Gökova town, which connects Muğla and Marmaris, Lovers Road is a green corridor surrounded by eucalyptus. Lovers Road, which is the set of TV series and movies, is an ideal place to take photos with its magnificent view!

Why should I go? Visited by hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists throughout the year, the road is surrounded by rows of trees that were planted in 1938 with the cooperation of the people of Gökova and the headman. Considered the most beautiful road in Turkey, Lovers Road is a must-see. Moreover, on this wonderful road, you can take wonderful photos with a magnificent background and share them with your followers.

Don’t miss out! You can reach Lovers Road, which is located 24 kilometres northeast of Marmaris town centre, in just 20 minutes. Therefore, you should definitely add taking photos on this wonderful road to your list of things to do in Marmaris!

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