Best Activities In Oludeniz

This blog post is on the best activities in Oludeniz

Fethiye, which is one of the most vibrant and lively districts of Muğla in terms of tourism, hosts thousands of tourists every year. It is possible to fit one activity for each day in Fethiye, which is very rich in terms of both its sea, its natural beauties and the activities that can be done.

Diving, canoeing and boat trips, flyboard, paragliding, parasailing, trekking, safari and camping are some of these activities.

Boat Tours

The most popular activity to see natural beauties is boat tours. Thanks to these tours to different routes, the most beautiful bays, diving spots, swimming places and magnificent views can be seen.

Oludeniz Boat Tours

It starts with Belcekiz Beach with Oludeniz boat tours and ends with Butterfly Valley, Blue Cave, Cold Water, Camel Beach, Nicholas Island and finally Aquarium Bay.

This all-day tour costs between 90 – 100 TL on average. This fee may change during the season.

Those who want to extend their holiday in the Fethiye district can list the hotel prices on our Muğla hotel prices page.


Fethiye Bays Tour

Another tour is the Fethiye bays tour. These tours are mostly made to shallow coves where not many people go, stay and businesses. It is a quieter and more peaceful tour.

The cost of this tour is 80 – 90 TL on average. This fee may change during the season.

Apart from Fethiye Bays, you can see other points to visit on our Fethiye Attractions page.

12 Islands Boat Tour

On the Islands boat tour, there are boat tours to the 12 beautiful islands of Fethiye. In general, 6 of the 12 islands take a break and swim opportunities are offered to holidaymakers. You can go to Tavşan Island, Göcek Island, Yassıca Island, Aquarium Bay, Shipyard Islands and Kızıl Island, respectively.

This journey is charged with an average of 80 – 90 TL. This fee may change during the season.

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The activity, which offers the chance to see the magnificent view of Fethiye from a bird’s eye view, will be one of the most unforgettable events of your holiday.

A 40-minute journey is made by paragliding at Babadağ from an altitude of 6500 feet. It is possible to observe an area of ​​200 square kilometres from the air and enjoy the magnificent view.

The fee required for paragliding is approximately 400 – 500 TL. You can click if you want to see the current paragliding prices.

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Campgrounds in Fethiye

Fethiye Forested Camping Area, which has magnificent bays and forested areas, offers many options for holidaymakers who are considering alternative accommodation in this sense. Especially camping is one of these accommodations.

Green Valley Nature Park

The Green Valley, located in Yanıklar Village of Fethiye, is the first area to camp. It is a great convenience to find various businesses and facilities that can meet the needs here.

The entrance is free. However, the tent rental fee varies between 40-60 TL.

Camp Caretta

Camp Caretta, located in the Daily Village of Yanıklar Village, is another camping area with plenty of natural activities. The area has chickens, hammocks, gazebos and a swimming pool.

To enter the national park, a fee of 7 TL must be paid first. However, the tent rental price is around 60 TL.

Aksazlar Camping

The camping area, which is a bit crowded, located by the sea in Keçiler Mahallesi, is a very natural and beautiful place. It will be the ideal choice for establishing new friendships.

Aksazlar Camping, which has a magnificent view, is preferred by many holidaymakers. Entry is free, tent rental fee is between 40-50 TL.

You can check our Fethiye pension page for affordable accommodation outside of the camping areas in Fethiye.

Asiyan Camp

Offering a magnificent view by the sea, Aşiyan Camp offers a very beautiful and calm environment intertwined with nature. There are many sections and areas of need such as shower, WC, kitchen, electricity in the enterprise located in the camp area.

Entry to the campsite is free, but the tent rental fee is between 40-50 TL on average.

Jeep Safaris

The journey is first made to the Ancient City of Tlos. After visiting and taking pictures here, we go to the cold water pools in Yakapark Nature Park and then to Saklıkent Canyon. It is also possible to do Ringo Rafting with the lunch break in Saklıkent Canyon.

After Saklıkent Canyon, you can go to the mud centres in Saklıkent, 20 minutes away from the canyon, for mud baths.

After the bath here, the journey to Xanthos Ancient City begins and finally, the tour is completed by going to Patara Beach. In general, the same route is followed in all companies.

This trip costs between 100 – 120 TL on average.

You can visit the Fethiye boutique hotels page that we have created for you to examine the best boutique hotels in the Fethiye district.

Water sports

Water sports, which are indispensable in such a beautiful place, are perhaps one of the most exciting and beautiful activities. It is possible to experience moments full of adrenaline with activities such as diving, boat tours, canoe rides, banana, matrix, parasailing and flyboard.

Oludeniz Diving in Fethiye

The activity, which starts with the journey in the early hours of the morning, continues until the diving point with boats. After choosing the most suitable diving spot for each age and experience, diving suits are put on and the dive is performed.

Historical artefacts, shipwrecks or fish can be seen in the diving area. However, it is possible to encounter turtles from time to time.

These dives are priced between 100 – 150 TL on average.

Canoe Tours

After the land journey that starts in the early hours of the morning, we go to Patara. Canoes are lowered onto the ancient Xanthos River and the canoe journey begins.

During the trip by canoe, mud baths are also made along with lunch and swimming breaks. After the tour, you will return to the district centre by car again.

Canoe tours, which are extremely calm and peaceful activities, are charged with an average of 100 – 120 TL. Ali Baba Fethiye is the most preferred business for canoe tours.


Flyboarding is a very different and new sport compared to other activities. This sport, which is difficult and somewhat dangerous, has been practised for the last few years. Flyboard, which attracts all attention, is one of the activities with high adrenaline levels.

Unforgettable moments are experienced with sports on the extremely calm Ölüdeniz. You have to pay an average of 320 TL for 20 minutes of use.

Banana, Mambo, Matrix and Flyfish

In general, these activities on Ölüdeniz are preferred by families. Especially banana Mambo and Matrix are some of the activities with families and friends.

Water activities, which are extremely enjoyable and fun, will provide you with enjoyable moments. It attracts many holidaymakers with its affordable prices ranging from 70 to 100 TL on average.


Especially preferred by families with children and non-swimmers, aqua parks both provide hours of fun and help you enjoy the water.

Water World Aqua Park is one of the most preferred spots in the aqua park with its entertaining animation shows, various water slides, small pools, and wavy pools.

The daily entrance fee of Water World Aqua Park is 60 TL. This fee varies during the season.


Although not as much as paragliding, another adrenaline-filled air activity is parasailing. In this sport performed on Ölüdeniz, a powerful boat pulls a parachute and allows you to take off.

It is possible to enjoy the whole view and take magnificent photos after rising quite a bit above sea level.

The average cost of parasailing is 250 TL. This fee may vary during the season.


Paintball is one of the most exciting activities to do, especially with friends. In this sense, there are many paintball fields in Fethiye.

The companies pick up the team that will play the game from their hotels and leave them back to their hotels at the end of the game. The company recommended for this activity, which costs 70 – 80 TL on average, is Oscar Paintball.


With safari tours, Fethiye’s ancient cities, natural wonders, magnificent bays and lush forests can be seen and wandered. These tours, which are made with various vehicles, generally take a full day.

ATV Safari

Although it varies from company to company, ATV safaris generally continue to the ancient city in Kayaköy and then on the path to Gemiler Bay. It is possible to have hours of fun with the ATVs you use.

It is necessary to pay a fee of 100 – 150 TL as a rental fee for the ATV vehicle.

Horseback Safaris

Horse tours, which are organized for holidaymakers who know how to ride horses at least at the beginner level, are organized at two different times, in the morning and in the afternoon.

This journey, which first started in Hisarönü, takes 3 hours. Kayaköy, where the ancient city is located, is reached after a 1.5-hour path through the pine trees in the forest. There is a break for lunch and rest, and then the old Greek houses and churches are visited.

After the break, the tour is completed by turning back from the road. The cost of this journey is between 80 – 100 TL on average. The most preferred horse safari company is Ali Baba.


The Lycian Way, the most popular trail preferred for hiking, starts from the rock tombs in Fethiye. After Kayaköy, Ovacık Village and the 1975 meter high track hike to Babadağ summit are tiring. However, it is one of the most beautiful activities because of its magnificent landscapes and historical places.

You can reach the walking route with the signs on the path. Continuing from the foothills of Babadağ towards Faralya Village, the first break is made. After this break, the walk is continued or the walk is terminated.

In addition, there are hiking routes such as Fethiye – Kaleköy, Faralya (18 Kilometers) – Kabak (9 Kilometers) Bays Tour (9 Kilometers), Ge Village – Büyükçakıl Beach Track (12 kilometres).

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