Restaurants In Dalyan

As Kingsman Estates we are delighted to be able to bring this blog post on restaurants in Dalyan as it is one of our most favourite locations in Turkey.

With its clean air, natural and historical beauties, Dalyan is one of our most beautiful holiday resorts. In Dalyan, where Aegean cuisine is dominant, you can taste dishes made with olive oil and go on a culinary journey with herbs, appetizers and seafood. Vegetable dishes occupy a large place in Dalyan. Okra, peas, spinach and black-eyed peas are among the vegetable dishes that are consumed fondly.

As in every Aegean city, herb dishes decorate the tables in Dalyan. Radica, radish, hibiscus, sea cowpea, tangle are among the most preferred herbs. Although some of these herbs are dried and used in winter meals, roasting herbs is one of the most common dishes in the region. Tarhana, cart soup, stuffed zucchini flowers, sour chicken, yoghurt, and keskek are among the local delicacies of Dalyan. Jam is prepared in almost all village houses.

Eggplant, zucchini, fig, orange, and pomegranate are the most common jams made at home. Bazlama, loaf, phyllo bread and cornbread are local bread types. The Dalyan region is also very productive in terms of mushrooms. Cintar mushroom, which grows in the mountains especially in autumn, is one of the most important livelihoods of the people of the region. Sycamore mushroom, which is a protein store, stands out with its nutritive feature.

Dylan’s seafood is also very famous. The blue crab, which you can only try in Dalyan, is quite delicious. Kosem Restaurant is one of the best addresses where you can taste the abundant blue crabs in Dalyan. Although it is a bit of a hassle to eat blue crab, which you can try both grilled and pan, it is worth a try at Kosem Restaurant located in Dalyan Bazaar. Another place famous for seafood is Ocean Restaurant. The place, which is acclaimed for its peaceful atmosphere and fast service, stands out with its butter shrimp, calamari and sea bream. We recommend you to try the mullet of Dalyan, which is a natural fish production centre.

If you are looking for a quick and practical option when you are hungry at noon, you should definitely taste the vegetable pancakes of Altın Tava Pancake House. You can choose Ekin Kır Evi to enjoy breakfast by the lake, or sip your tea while watching the ducks swimming in the water at Saklı Bahçe Breakfast House. The main drink of Dalyan is pomegranate juice. If you want to refresh yourself with ice-cold pomegranate juice in the summer months, you should turn to Pomegranate Danesi. Located on the Iztuzu road, the place is also popular with its village breakfast.

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