8 Things To Buy In Antalya

This blog post is on the things to buy in Antalya, as Kingsman Estates we strongly encourage both our clients who bought a property in Antalya throughout the company as well tourists who regularly visit this wonderful city to come out of their properties and hotels and explore Antalya. So in order to motivate people to do that we have written this blog post on things to buy in Antalya!

Antalya, which has always been popular with its cultural heritage and natural beauties, has always been of great importance since ancient times. Thanks to its fertile lands, its organic products show a wide variety, and it also has local handicrafts that have come for ages.

Although there are shops selling clothes and household goods symbolizing the recent history of the region in almost every corner of Antalya, it is very popular among outgoing tourists. It manages to attract everyone’s attention with its serial and authentic jewellery, Yörük carpets and more.

There are many shops where you can buy souvenirs in the city centre of Antalya and its popular districts such as Alanya, Kemer, Kepez and Kas. Especially in Kaleiçi, which is the centre of attraction of the city centre and has an authentic texture, you can browse Antalya’s local clothes, household items and small souvenirs such as magnets.

While there are many shops where you can buy souvenirs at affordable prices in the Antalya central market and Kalekapısı region, you can taste regional jams and buy them as gifts for your friends or family when you return from your holiday.

If you want to plan an Antalya holiday right before you browse the list of souvenirs you can buy in Antalya, you can book your place by examining the hotels on our Antalya Hotels page.

Fridge Magnets Symbolizing Antalya

You can buy magnets, which symbolize the natural beauties and historical buildings of Antalya, upon your vacation. You can find small magnets in Antalya city centre and all its other districts, which you can especially delight your friends who collect magnets.

You can see magnets with a wide variety, especially in Caretta caretta, Hadrian’s Gate, Kızılkule, local nomadic figures and Olympos, in almost every shop you enter Antalya.

The Kaleiçi region is depicted on the magnets, which are usually surrounded by the ship’s rudder.

Antalya magnets, which are small but a gift that can be kept for a lifetime, are sold for an average of 10 TL.

Nomadic Carpets with Authentic Texture

While you are visiting Antalya, where the nomadic culture is dominant, you can buy authentic carpets, which you can see especially in Kaleiçi, as a gift after your holiday. You can browse the carpets that suit your visual taste in Kaleiçi, where authentic products such as many antiques, carpets and jewellery are sold.

Nomadic carpets, which are sold in almost every region of Antalya, are mainly sold in Kaleiçi. In addition, the carpets produced by the local people, which you can find in the shops of Lidya Carpet Kilim and Otantik Hamam Store in the city centre, are among the most beautiful gifts to be bought when returning from the Antalya holiday.

The prices of nomadic carpets with different varieties starting from 500 TL.

Antalya Banana Standing Out With Its Taste

Antalya, located in the Mediterranean Region, is a world brand in banana cultivation due to its climatic conditions. In Antalya, which hosts the most beautiful bananas grown in Turkey, Alanya, Gazipaşa and Aksu districts are among the places where you can buy bananas during your holiday.

Bananas, which you can supply from the neighbourhood markets in Antalya city centre and other districts, are completely organic and delicious.

The price of a kilogram of banana, which is among the gifts you can buy on your holiday in Antalya, starts from 15 TL.

Stylish Leather Bags and Clothes

Leather bags and clothes, which stand out among the gifts that can be bought during your Antalya holiday, are sold on the often crowded streets of the city. Leather products you can find especially in the leather shops in the city centre, Class Leather in Kalkan, Marina Leather, one of the popular stores of Kaş, and Mall of Antalya and Deepo Outlet Center in Kepez, during your holiday. you can buy it.

Bags made of 100% leather and usually handcrafted start from 200 TL; leather clothes start from 250 TL.

The Unique Wine of Antalya

Wines, which are among the gifts you can buy during your holiday in Antalya, are not available in every part of the country, as they are domestic production. At Kurt Premium Wine Shop, located in Muratpaşa, the central district of Antalya, you can see beautiful local wines, taste them and buy them to suit your taste.

Antalya, which has many types of wine, stands out as a city that is frequently mentioned throughout Turkey in terms of wine production. Especially, Likya brand wines are recommended by many gourmets along with the awards they receive.

Local wine prices, which you can buy from Kurt Premium Wine Shop in Antalya, start from 50 TL.

Address:Şirinyalı, İsmet Gökşen Cd. 120. A-B, 07100 Muratpasa/Antalya

Local Carob Molasses from Kaş Market

Organic carob molasses, one of the local delicacies of Kaş, is sold in the bazaars set up every Friday in Kaş. Carob molasses, produced completely naturally and organically, is made and sold by the villagers.

Carob molasses, sold in small glass bottles, stands out with its vigorous and blood-forming effects. Carob molasses prices start from 15 TL.

Address:Andifli, Uğur Mumcu Cd. No:5/a, 07580 Kas/Antalya

You can check out our Kas Hotels page to plan a holiday among the magnificent beauties of Kas.

Organic Olive Oil Soaps in Alanya

In Antalya, which has a remarkable position in olive growing, you can buy soaps produced and sold from olive oil as a gift after your holiday.

Olive oil soaps, which you can find at Green Body in Alanya, are sold in small packages with options suitable for different skin types.

Organic olive oil soap prices start from 45 TL.

Address:Şekerhane Mahallesi, Sinanoğlu Sk. 13/A, Alanya Turkey

Authentic Jewelry with Attractive and Shabby Designs

You can buy authentic jewellery as gifts in jewellery shops that you can see in almost every corner of Antalya. The jewellery you can choose from hundreds of shops in Uzun Çarşı, which is one of the popular marketplaces of Kaş, stands out with its handmade and shabby designs.

In Uzun Çarşı, which consists of the lower floors of houses with bay windows, you can also find a variety of clothes, shoes and bags.

Address:Andifli Mah, Uzunçarşı Cad No:15, 07580 Kas/Antalya

Your list of souvenirs and local products that you can buy for your loved ones after your Antalya holiday is ready, but if you haven’t decided on the hotel you will stay in yet, you can first choose your hotel from our Antalya Hotels page.

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