Tunektepe Cable Car

Tünektepe Cable Car Facilities – Antalya is a beautiful city that has managed to become one of the few places in the world. It has an important place both in terms of city planning and in terms of the quality services it provides. Antalya, known as the heart of tourism in Turkey, is a holiday paradise in every sense.

As Kingsman Estates we are delighted to bring this blog post on Tunektele Cable Car as it is one of the top attractions in Antalya that has been very popular among our clients who bought a property in Antalya as well as millions of tourists who visit our beautiful country every year. That is why we have prepared this for the benefit of our everyone so they can make the most out of their time in Antalya.

There are many reasons why this is so. Thanks to the 5-star hotels and high-quality services it offers, Antalya is on the list of places to vacation both in Europe and in many countries.

In addition to the quality service it offers, the fact that it offers very reasonable prices for tourists coming from outside the city is one of the main factors for foreign tourists to choose this place.

Most of the people who come on holiday prefer districts such as Alanya, Kemer and Kaş. In such holiday resorts, it attracts attention because there is more order for foreign tourists. People who go to such towns have the opportunity to enjoy boat tours, ancient excursions or blue flag beaches. Apart from all these, the fact that there are shops to visit, bays and places that provide the opportunity to take nature walks are guiding people’s preference.

For people staying in the centre of Antalya or who prefer to come here, there are many entertaining areas, places and views. Tünektepe Cable Car Facilities – Antalya There are 3 beaches you can go to only in the centre. These are; It is known as Lara Beach, Konyaaltı Beach and Sarısu Beach. For these, Sarısu has a special place.

The reason why Sarısu is special is Tünektepe Cable Car facilities. The reason why these facilities make this place so special is the magnificent view and atmosphere it offers. Tünektepe holds a special place for those who come here, not only with the cable car but also with its cafe and restaurant on the hill. The facility, which is seen just before entering the Kemer road on the way to Antalya’s Kemer road, attracts great attention as it is close to the Center.

The number of people who come to Sarısu Women’s Beach is sometimes to spend time and sometimes because they are curious. Tünektepe Cable Car Facilities – Antalya So much so that sometimes there are long queues to get on the cable car. Tünektepe Cable Car welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests every year and offers people a wonderful view of Antalya.

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