Small Business Ideas In Turkey

This blog post is on small business ideas in Turkey. Plenty of our clients who purchase property in Istanbul and property in Antalya through Kingsman Estates, go ahead and start businesses in Turkey. So we decided to write this blog post to give our clients some ideas to start thinking about their entrepreneurial journey.

Let it be your first step to get an idea about lucrative business ideas that can be done with little capital. Some of the following business ideas can be started right away after a little research. Some of them are of the type that can be done by going through some training and having some features.

Besides, the intersection point of these profitable business ideas, where there are almost no bite makers to open in your kitchen, is that all of them can be done with low capital! So, without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s start reviewing the lucrative business ideas that we hope will catch your attention.

1 Doing Birth and Baby Photography

With the influence of social media, more and more people are applying to birth and baby photographers today. Therefore, while parents immortalize their most special moments with professional hands, photographers earn money from this delicate work.

Thanks to the photographer’s reputation and of course the good service to the parents, the monthly income is “at least” double the minimum wage. Of course, in order to understand how suitable you are for this job, I would say that you must first have a broad knowledge of birth and babies.

2 Trading on 2VIOP

Trading on VIOP, which is the abbreviation of Futures and Options Market, is a method you should definitely consider. VIOP, where you can trade with different instruments such as stocks, currencies, gold, indices and commodities, is among the most preferred places for reliable investment.

Of course, getting detailed information about VIOP is the primary rule for investors to get positive results. If you want to earn money from VIOP, you can learn the details of this market and start by making use of the free trial accounts of brokerage houses.

3 Building Vermicompost Production Facility

We wanted to add vermicompost production, which is shown as a rapidly developing sector in our country, to our list. Because vermicompost production makes entrepreneurs smile both because of its income and because it is increasingly preferred by farmers.

The main things required for this job, which does not require large capitals, are about 150 thousand Red California Worms to be purchased once, a 40 square meter closed area and a 7 square meter reactor.

Thus, a vermicompost production facility is opened, which will make money on a large scale. However, vermicompost production can also be started on a smaller scale. And since the number of worms will double every 3 months, you have much more worms and more fertilizer in a short time.

4 Cultivating Mushrooms

Mushrooms, which are in high demand as well as being easy to grow, make entrepreneurs smile. For this reason, we have added mushroom cultivation to the business ideas that can be done with less capital. Of course, you must first decide which type of mushroom you are going to grow and how large-scale you are going to do the job.

For example; the oyster mushroom is a much rarer species than cultivated mushroom and it is easier to market.

Let’s give an example to understand how profitable this business idea will be. Let’s say you are going to grow oyster mushrooms in an area of ​​50 square meters. For this, you can start with a capital of around 5000 liras, in a few months, you can subtract your cost depending on the efficiency and make a profit.

5 Selling Bat Dung

This method, which has been used for years in many countries abroad, has become known in our country in recent years. Investors and entrepreneurs who have established a bat fertilizer production facility so far are also very satisfied with the results. Bat manure, which is completely natural, is frequently preferred because it increases the productivity of products between 50 and 120 per cent.

In addition, since there are many caves in our country, bat dung reserves are quite high. Some entrepreneurs rent caves by obtaining the necessary permits and sell the fertilizers they extract in raw or processed form. You can also contact the relevant places and get more detailed information to earn money by extracting and selling bat dung.

6 Opening a Flower Shop

Florists, who are always busy, especially during the wedding season and on special occasions, are also among the low-capital business ideas. In order to do this business, which attracts entrepreneurial candidates with a high profit margin, some important criteria are required.

Let alone being knowledgeable about flowers, customer communication, good service and principles are essential for floristry. However, it is also possible to earn money like flowers in your flower shop by paying attention to the necessary points.

7 Catering Service

Don’t you think that the fact that there is a catering company wherever you turn your head proves how much money there is in this business? If you don’t agree with what I’m saying, you should think again. Because today, there are many companies that start with small shops and become big food factories. You can be one of those who eat bread from this area.

If you love to cook and think you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you are unlikely to fail in the catering business. Because many people, from companies to working people, from students to organizers, apply to cater companies to meet their food needs.

You can earn a significant amount of money by providing catering services to various organizations or companies such as weddings, engagements, openings.

8 Making a Terrarium and Miniature Garden

You know how popular terrariums and miniature gardens have been lately, right? Well, would you like to make money with these small green gardens, which are also fun to build? In fact, if you have good sales skills and trust your creativity, you can make all kinds of miniature gardens and offer original options to your customers by taking personalized orders.

In this field, where you can easily specialize as a result of short research and a few small trials, it is also possible to produce for them by agreeing with the companies. But you should not forget that you have to put in the effort, as in any job.

9 Green Cleaning Service

We all know that cleaning companies can be very lucrative businesses. However, what many of us do not know is that cleaning companies also begin to separate themselves. With companies that provide natural cleaning services, cleaning is now done with products that do not leave toxic wastes to the environment and do not harm the environment.

Green cleaning services, which are preferred by people who do not deviate from their healthy life philosophy and who do not want to harm the environment in an age when the climate crisis threatens the whole world, can be your source of income.

10 Providing Consulting Services

One of the most lucrative fields of today is the consulting industry! Yes, maybe you can consider doing this business, which can be started with small capital. You can provide consultancy services by opening a small office, or you can create a customer portfolio by consulting on the internet in the first place.

But of course, first of all, you need to determine in which field you will serve because today there are many different consultancy services and people have difficulty in finding reliable consultants. For this reason, you should know that you need to do detailed research before starting a consultancy business.

11 Making And Selling Design Jewelry

One method that can be considered more as an additional income is to make designer jewellery. But with different models, good marketing and a talented team, it can well turn into a lucrative business.

You can make satisfactory profits with products that you can sell through your store or through intermediary companies, which are full of beautiful decorations and designer jewellery that cannot be found elsewhere.

You can contact companies that are just a click away, send your samples, make an agreement with jewellery shops, put your products on sale or benefit from online marketing techniques.

12 Doing the Auto Rescue Job

We have also included the auto salvage business on our list, but I would like to say that some of the documents required to do this business are costly. For example; such as K documents are required for trucks, tow trucks, salvage. You will also need to purchase at least 1 vehicle for your car recovery company.

Today, you can get a second-hand salvage for an average of 60 thousand liras. As you can see, doing the auto salvage business seems a bit costly. But if you advertise well, your circle is wide, and you have suitable connections such as auto mechanics and traffic police, you can cover your costs and start earning money in a short time.

13 Doing Freelance Jobs

Another business idea that those with little capital should consider today is freelancing! Yes, the number of people making money in this field, where there are jobs such as writing, logo design, web design, editing, affiliate marketing, online sales, is increasing day by day. But of course, there are certain points that you should pay attention to in this area.

For example, you should have a quality website that describes your business and you. Maybe you should spend some money on advertising in the first place.

Regardless of the work you receive, you must deliver on time and serve people in an area where you are really good. If you think that what I have said is appropriate for you, I would say that you should start doing more detailed research on the field and job you will be heading to as soon as possible.

14 Life Coaching

Life coaches have become more and more popular due to the fact that life is getting harder and people can’t even find someone to talk to about their problems. We know that life coaches who make people successful in their work, life or relationships, who guide them, in short, who work to raise awareness in every sense, earn a good amount of money.

In addition, you do not need to have completed any department to become a life coach. Anyone who receives the training and certification of this job can earn money by doing life coaching. If you want, you can start earning money from life coaching by keeping a small office or working in a home office in the first place. But let me give you additional information that the competition is very intense.

15 Investing

Investing is one of the basics of making money. You can invest to increase your capital and earn money. Considering today’s investment methods and markets, you will see that you can perform your transactions over the internet.

At the same time, you can see that all kinds of investors, small or large, make money by investing in some way. In other words, you can understand that you do not have to have a large amount of money to invest today, and you can earn money with small investment transactions on the internet.

There are free educational opportunities to learn how to invest, and you can earn more by evaluating your capital with many investment instruments such as gold, dollars, world giant stocks. If you want, you can apply for free training here.

16 Opening a Boutique

The idea of ​​opening a boutique store is among the business ideas that come to mind of many. Because when the right methods are followed, the boutiques filled with colourful clothing products bring satisfactory numbers to the entrepreneurs.

Of course, before moving on to the earnings part, you need to complete certain stages such as competitor research, location selection, brands to work with, target audience, sufficient capital. And when you meet all the criteria, all you need to do is start your business and start providing friendly service to gain loyal customers.

17 Opening a Photo Studio

Opening a photography studio is among the business ideas that can be done with little capital. But of course, how big the studio is, what kind of services it provides, whether it has a print-bath, etc. are the details that will vary in cost. In addition, there is a serious risk ratio in photography as there is a lot of competition in this field.

That’s why; Before opening a photographer’s shop, you should consider how wide your environment is, and you should not be able to earn much money in the first place. However, if you are known in the market and become the sought-after name for ceremonies such as weddings and engagements, you can be sure that you will make good profits from photography.

18 Egg Production

Most of the people who see headlines such as dyed eggs and artificial eggs now prefer to buy eggs only from places they trust. At the beginning of these places, there are undoubtedly people who produce village eggs and farms that produce organic eggs. Maybe you should consider starting a business like this.

If you have a suitable place, you can earn money by producing eggs; By expanding your business over time, maybe you can become the owner of a farm that produces thousands of eggs a day. In this area, the geographical conditions of our country will also provide an advantage for you. Because egg production can be done in almost every region of our country, it earns entrepreneurs a large amount of money.

19 Opening a Tea Stove

One of the things that can be done with little capital is the idea of ​​opening a tea shop, which is quite cliché but still maintains its validity. Yes, you can be one of those who earn money from this business by taking into account the factors of good location, quality service and smiling face. A tea shop business, which can be done with very little capital, can make a good amount of money depending on the creativity of the entrepreneur.

For example; You can keep your product range wide and offer services such as delicious snacks to your customers besides tea. Also, if you set up your tea shop on crowded streets or on the streets where tradesmen are located, there will be no obstacle in front of you not to eat your bread. Sure, you need to do a little more research, as always!

20 Moving From House To House

One of the business ideas that can be done with little capital is moving from house to house. The reasons such as the fact that most people do not own a home, the large number of students, and the frequent change of homes make those working in the transportation sector smile.

Those who do business unconsciously in the rapidly growing transportation sector may be disappointed, but the number of those who fill their wallets in this field is not less! So if you are also interested in moving from home to home; In the first place, you should do good research, but after you are sure that you will make money, you should take your first step. Because with the right steps, it is quite possible to earn money from the transportation sector with trucks!

21 Networking Marketing

Networking marketing, which is based on the sales of a company’s products with a person-to-person marketing model and a certain percentage of profit from each sale, is among the business ideas that can be considered.

How much money you can make in this method, which you can use as a main or additional job, depends on your sales skills. Networking companies such as Avon, Farmasi, Amway, Tupperware are among the leading companies in Turkey.

22 Establishing a Fish Breeding Farm

I wanted to add the fish hatchery to the low-capital business ideas. However, there is something you should pay attention to here. You can also spend hundreds of thousands to farm fish, in smaller amounts. In other words, if you want to open a very large facility, of course, your expenses will be high.

However, if you want to open a small facility, it will be sufficient to invest a small amount of capital in this business. For example, you might consider moving into the trout farming business, which many entrepreneurs are currently pursuing. If you want, you can also provide restaurant service on your farm, and in this way, you can increase your income.

Click for detailed information about establishing a fish farm!

23 Opening a School Canteen

School canteens are also among today’s lucrative business ideas. In particular, private teaching institutions or canteen operations of private schools show that a good amount of money is made in this area.

The number of candidates participating in canteen tenders made by schools proves how profitable the school canteen business is. If you think that you are suitable for school canteen management; First of all, you should apply to get the certificate of this job, and then you should find a school canteen that you will run.

24 Peddle Selling

Today, although the concept of peddling has changed in some aspects, there are still many people who eat bread from this area. Corn sellers, rice sellers, chestnut sellers, fish kiosks, meatball sellers… Yes, the inspections in this area may have become more frequent; but it is an obvious fact that the era of peddlers will never end.

Besides, when you do the job according to the rules, there is no reason for you to lose money from peddling. Therefore, before entering the mobile sales business, you should review all the regulations and make sure that your permits are fully obtained.

Opening 25 Advertising Agencies

Billboards, signs, business cards, posters… Yes, we can see that the need for advertising agencies and the size of the industry are increasing day by day. There are many successful entrepreneurs who started to do business in this field by opening a small office and started to earn big money in a short time. If you are also interested in subjects such as graphics and advertising and you think you can be successful in this field, you can consider establishing an advertising agency.

Of course, there are some things you need to pay attention to in order to be successful in this business. E.g; You should be able to answer questions honestly, such as where you live, how strong your competitors are, whether you have a portfolio that can start hiring immediately.

Only in this way can you be really successful and be one of those who fill your wallet in the advertising industry. Therefore, you should do detailed research before setting up your advertising agency.

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