Getting A Turkish Work Permit

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The question of what a work permit is one of the most important questions that foreigners who want to work in Turkey are curious about. A work permit is a document that foreign nationals who want to work legally in Turkey must obtain from an employer who is eligible to employ foreigners in order to work in a workplace.

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How to Get a Work Permit?

The question of how to get a work permit is one of the questions on the minds of employers who want to work legally in Turkey as well as Turkish companies who are looking to employ foreigners in their company. The Work Permit is obtained as a result of the positive evaluation of the application made to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services by providing the necessary documents. 

Work permit applications are made by our expert consultants through the online system. Our expert consultants complete the application after checking the compliance of the workplace documents, uploading the necessary documents to the system and ensuring other requirements. Then, a daily follow-up process is carried out, if the Ministry approves the application, the work permit is approved after the state crosses are also deposited and the work permit card is sent to the workplace address. Contact us to benefit from our expert consultancy and application services for all these applications requiring expertise and experience.

Where To Submit Your Work Application In Turkey?

Foreign nationals who want to obtain a work permit can apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security at home and to the Republic of Turkey embassies or consulates in the country where they are citizens or legal residents of any country.

Foreigners, who have obtained a residence permit for at least 6 months from the country in order to study in Turkey and whose 6-month period has not yet expired, can apply directly to the Ministry.

For foreigners who will work in areas subject to human trafficking or to be residing for a period of six months, the issue is not taken into consideration and each time they are required to obtain permission from our foreign representatives.

What is the first condition for a work permit application from Turkey?

Foreigners who have come to Turkey with a tourist visa or other non-working visas or visa exemption program and visa facilities between Turkey and the other country and who do not have a residence permit cannot apply for a work permit in the country. Applications can also be made by the authorized intermediary institution. So in order to submit a work permit application in Turkey, applicants first need to get a residence permit in Turkey.

Foreigners holding a work permit can apply for an extension from 60 days before the expiry of the work permit and in any case before the work permit expires. Extension applications made after these periods are over are not accepted.

In case of missing information or documents in the applications, a period of up to 30 days can be given. This period can only be extended if it is documented by an official authority that there is a force majeure. If the deficiencies are not completed within the extension period, the application is rejected. If the permit application is made duly and there is no deficiency in the information and documents, it is completed within 30 days.


Foreigners who want to work in health and education services that require professional competence must first obtain a preliminary permit in order to evaluate their permit applications. Institutions authorized to grant preliminary permits are the Ministry of Health for health services and the Ministry of National Education for education services. The work permit of foreign academic staff who will work in accordance with the Higher Education Law is given by the Ministry, depending on the preliminary permission to be obtained in accordance with the relevant legislation at the Higher Education Council.

Extension applications made by foreigners who want to extend their work permits are also subject to the preliminary permission of the relevant ministry or the Council of Higher Education.

In order for foreigners who will work as R&D personnel in companies with R&D Center Certificate, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology has to give a positive opinion about the foreigner. Otherwise, it is not allowed.


1-) At least 5 citizens of the Republic of Turkey must be employed in the workplace where the foreign citizen will work. If a work permit is to be obtained for more than one foreigner who will work in the same workplace, it is essential that 5 citizens of the Republic of Turkey are employed for each foreigner.

2-) In case the foreigner requesting permission is a company partner, the employment condition of five people is sought for the last six months of a one-year leave to be granted by the Ministry.

3-) The paid-in capital of the workplace must be at least 100,000 TL, or the gross sales must be at least 800,000 TL or the last year’s export amount must be at least 250,000 USD.

4-) It is obligatory that the foreign partner of the company requesting permission must have at least 20% of the capital share, not less than 40,000 TL.

5-) The monthly wage to be paid by the employer to the foreign national must be in accordance with the duty and qualification of the foreigner. Accordingly, based on the minimum wage, some wage prices are determined according to occupational groups and job positions. These fees are included in the law.

6-) If there is a permitted massage parlor in tourism enterprises and holiday villages certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and at least 4 stars, the demands of the masseur, masseuse and spa therapist are evaluated. The demands of businesses that are not in this scope are not accepted.

7-) If the entertainment sector and tourism – animation – organization companies employ 10 citizens of the Republic of Turkey within their organization, it is not required to employ 5 citizens of the Republic of Turkey separately for each foreigner.

Work permit grants foreign citizens the right to earn income legally by being employed in Turkey. In this way, Turkey provides employment for thousands of people every year; both the country and incoming people benefit from this situation.


Work permit application documents vary depending on the applicant;

Required from the employer:

  • Residence permit valid for at least 6;
  • A copy of the passport (if not in Latin letters, its Turkish translation)
  • 1 biometric and white background photo
  • Diploma and the qualifications you need to offer depending on the job you will do (Although the diploma is compulsory, the equivalencies vary depending on the profession. We, as the Immigration Office, also offer this service for you.)

Requested from the employee:

  • An electronic signature and REM address information taken on behalf of the employer or by the employer’s representative
  • Employment contract signed between the employer and the foreigner to be employed to be brought to Turkey
  • Current up-to-date activity certificate of the company
  • The most up-to-date Registry newspaper of the company
  • Balance sheet showing the decision dice for the last year

What Are The Specific Documents Required For The Sectors?

Education Sector

The foreigner who will come to work here should present his / her diploma that he / she is an expert in the field he / she will train

It must declare its competencies with certificates.

The institution that will bring the foreigner to work must also have the permission and license to open an institution and start education from the Ministry of National Education.

Home Services

If a foreigner will be brought to work in household services, the person to be cared for must be either a child or an elderly person. Must be less than 12 years old or over 65 years old. Except for this age range, if there is a special case, this should be documented with hospital reports.

Health Sector

The diploma he received must have competence and equivalence in Turkey. Equivalence progresses differently according to each field of expertise, and applications cannot be made without obtaining equivalence.

In order to employ a foreigner, he / she must have an activity certificate from the Provincial Health Directorate.

Tourism Sector

It must have the necessary certificates and competencies to employ foreigners.

Entertainment Industry

  • Employment contract (in both languages)
  • Business certificate issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • A special contract must be submitted to bring in foreign artists.

Aviation Industry

Pilot License translated in Turkish by a sworn translator of a foreign pilot

Engineers And Architects

The diploma of the foreign engineer and architect must be presented with equivalence, otherwise the person cannot work in Turkey.

Direct Investment Companies

The company operating within the scope of foreign investments must document that it exports 1 million dollars during the year.

Liaison Office

Operating document received from the Ministry of Economy

Documentation that he brought 200 thousand dollars in 2 years

How To Apply For A Work Permit?

The work permit application process starts online and the most important detail is the electronic signature. With the authorization made over that signature, the application processes can be carried out. Applications are evaluated by the Ministry of Labor and the process is followed from start to finish. The process result is monitored and managed through the system.

The information and documents in the form filled in for the application affect the whole course of your application and it is very important that it is filled in the most transparent and correct way. Otherwise, the wrong information entered may lead to a negative result in your application, causing both the person not to come and the deprivation of your workforce.

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