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This blog post is on internships in Turkey, there is a small community of students who do come to Turkey for internships who later on get full-time work in Turkey. We have helped young professionals who have purchased the property in Istanbul and property in Antalya so as Kingsman Estates we have prepared this blog post for people who are looking for internships in Turkey.

Turkey is among the countries preferred by many foreign students for internships with its universities that are at the top of the world rankings, industry branches that are pioneers in different sectors, and the quality life standards it provides to students.

There are two different regulations for foreign students who want to do internship in Turkey;

Foreign students studying within the borders of Turkey can do their internships in enterprises under the scope of applied education and training without doing anything extra if they are required to do internships in the status of their school.

Foreign students who have completed their education abroad but want to do an internship in a business in Turkey fall within the scope of Article 55 of Law No. 4817 and a work permit is requested from the foreign students in this situation.

What are the Requirements for Internships for Foreigners Studying in Turkey?

Foreign students who complete their education in Turkey and whose schools make internships compulsory are in the same status as Turkish students and no distinction is made between students. The work of foreign students within the scope of the internship is not included in the scope of “income-generating job”. The main point to be noted here is; Foreign students complete their internship files and all documents required for internship completely and participate in practical learning during the internship period.

What are the Requirements for Foreigners Studying Outside of Turkey to Do an Internship in Turkey?

Foreign students who have completed their education at a university outside Turkey and want to do an internship in Turkey; are subject to the law on work permits of foreigners. The 55th article of the relevant law regulation covering this issue is as follows;

All foreign students who document their status limited to the education period and not exceeding two years, foreign students who want to engage in cultural activities and increase their knowledge and experience through universities and public institutions and organizations,

If the Ministry of Interior and Foreign Affairs and the Higher Education Institution mutually give permission, foreign students who will come to Turkey in international intern student programs can do internships in the institutions and organizations they have determined in Turkey.

In the absence of “compulsory applied internship” programs in the universities where foreign students study, all internship programs that foreigners will apply for to gain work or professional experience are subject to work permits in accordance with Turkish laws. Foreign students in this situation will be covered by the insured worker no matter what name they work in any business. Due to this situation, foreign students who do not have a work permit are considered as “illegal workers” and if this situation is determined, penalties are applied to both the person and the business according to Turkish laws.

What are the Requirements for Foreign Students to Get Intern Permit?

Those studying in Turkey and their schools do not have a compulsory internship program; Associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students must obtain a work permit to complete their internship.

Internship permits of foreign students studying in associate degree and undergraduate departments start after the first year and the internship working period is limited to 24 hours per week.

The procedures and principles regarding the work of undergraduate and associate degree students are determined by the Turkish Migration Policy Board. In addition, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is the competent authority in this regard.

 Things to do for Master’s and Doctorate Students to Get Internship Permit

Internship permits for foreign students studying in master’s and doctoral programs in Turkey are only based on work permits.

The sum of the work permit periods of postgraduate and doctoral students who have a work permit in Turkey is added to the total of their residence period. Residence permits valid within the same period are not included in this calculation and are considered as a separate period.

Foreign graduate and doctorate students who have a work permit and do internships under this permit do not need to obtain a residence permit separately. However, it is obligatory for foreigners whose work permit period has expired and who do not want to extend this period, to obtain student residence.

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