Summer Jobs In Turkey For Foreigners

In this blog post, we have gone over summer jobs in Turkey for foreigners as well as other jobs that we can be done regardless of the season. This type of information on employment in Turkey has been requested from our clients who have bought a property in Antalya through our company so please have a read to inform yourself on what’s it possible.

Summer Jobs In Turkey For Foreigners

Coming from Abroad and Working in Turkey

Foreigners who want to find a job in Turkey need to have a good knowledge of the available positions. It is also recommended to have sufficient knowledge and skills before starting to look for a job. Foreigners, who constantly update their skills by accessing information with technological advances and receive the necessary training in some fields, have no difficulty in finding a job in Turkey. Some occupational groups preferred by foreigners stand out as more popular than others.

Customer Service Responsibility

Foreigners with fluent English are mostly employed in the field of customer service in Turkey. The main reason for this is the increase in the number of international businesses in Turkey. These businesses especially need customer service who can speak to international customers in their own language, which can help them establish good relations. The widest employment opportunity in this field is seen in many tourism agencies. The foreigners’ main duties in the customer service business are making phone calls with customers and attending meetings.

Foreign Language Teaching

There are many foreigners who make a living in Turkey as foreign language teachers. Many foreigners who are fluent in languages that the majority of the local people in Turkey might want to learn to lead a good life by doing this job in Turkey. Foreign language teachers, who first entered the sector by giving private lessons, later prefer to work in language schools or private colleges. Foreigners who want to be successful in this profession are expected to have Turkish language knowledge in order to communicate effectively with students. The main foreign languages taught in Turkey are French, German, English, Spanish and Arabic.


Foreigners who can communicate well with babies are also in demand for the babysitting profession. Most high-income families in Turkey hire a nanny to help raise their children. In particular, some prefer nannies who can raise their children with a second language, such as English or German. Therefore, foreigners who have good communication skills, especially with children, are employed in this profession. In addition to having a very good monthly income, accommodation and dining opportunities are offered.

Editing and Translating

Foreigners whose mother tongue is English or one of the other valid foreign languages and have good grammar knowledge also work in editorial and translator professions. There are many publishers in Turkey that need proofreaders, especially for works translated from the original for the first time. Accordingly, foreigners prefer to work as editors in publishing companies such as newspapers and media houses. Those with the right skills and discipline become well-known and respected editors within a few years. Those who do not want a permanent job as a translator take up freelance project-based translation jobs.

Import-Export Sales Expertise

Foreigners with good sales skills often find jobs in this field. There are many maritime and textile industries ready to recruit import-export specialists in Turkey. Native English-speaking foreigners have the highest demand in these sectors. As an import-export specialist, the main task is to manage the company’s international activities. Good presentation and communication skills are required to be successful in this field. It is quite easy for foreigners who have a good degree from a good university to find a job in this sector.

Which Professions Are Forbidden by Law for Foreigners?

Generally, foreigners are obliged to obtain a work permit in Turkey. In this direction, while they can work in many occupational groups, some occupations are prohibited to be performed by foreigners and only Turkish citizens are entitled. This prohibition is regulated in the special laws of the relevant professions.

According to International Labor Law No. 6735; Applications made by foreigners for professions reserved exclusively for Turkish citizens in other laws are rejected. The following occupations cannot be done by foreigners:

  • Dentistry (dentist, dental surgery)
  • Nursing (midwife, nurse)
  • Pharmacist
  • Vet
  • General manager in private health institutions
  • Lawyer (Judge, Public Prosecutor)
  • Notary
  • Security personal
  • Export of fish, abalone, mussel, sponge, pearl, coral
  • Diving in territorial waters, piloting, captaincy and engineer or sailor on ships
  • Customs brokerage
  • Tourist guide

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