Types Of Work Permits In Turkey

As Kingsman Estates we have prepared this blog post on the types of work permits in Turkey so anyone who is looking for work in Turkey can understand the different routes available in Turkey. Please be aware that finding work is much easier once you have purchased a property in Turkey and apply to become a Turkish citizen through the investment programme.

There are 9 different types of work permits in different standards. These are;

Temporary Types Of Work Permits In Turkey

This is the type of permission where employment valid for a maximum of 1 year in the first applications made to the foreigner whose application for a temporary work permit is accepted, provided that the term of the work or service contract is not exceeded, provided that real persons, legal entities or public institutions and organizations work in a specified workplace. 

If the application made by the foreigner to extend the duration of the work permit type permit is evaluated positively, the foreigner is allowed a maximum of 2 years in the first extension application, provided that it is dependent on the same employer. Subsequent applications for extension are allowed up to a maximum of 3 years.

Permanent Work Permit In Turkey

A long-term residence permit in Turkey or an indefinite work permit, which is not dependent on any duration, is given to foreigners with a legal unlimited duration of at least 8 years. The fact that the foreigner meets the application requirements does not provide him with the absolute right to obtain an indefinite work permit.

A foreigner who has an indefinite work permit can benefit from all the rights provided by a long-term residence permit. Except for the regulations in special laws, foreigners who have an indefinite work permit can benefit from all rights granted to Turkish citizens if they have acquired rights relating to social security, provided that these rights are reserved and that the provisions of the relevant legislation are applied in their use. Foreigners who have an indefinite work permit do not have the right to elect, be elected and enter public office and have no military service obligation.

Independent Work Permit In Turkey

It is an independent work permit that allows the applicant to work in Turkey on his own behalf and account.

Professional foreigners can be granted an independent work permit, provided that the special conditions specified in other laws are met.

While examining the application of the foreigner applying for this permit, education level, contribution to science and technology, work experience, the effect of his activity or investment in Turkey on the Turkish economy and workforce, capital share if the foreign company partner and other matters to be determined by the Ministry in line with the recommendations of the International Labor Policy Advisory Board are taken into account. The right to remain and work is issued for a certain period of time.

Exceptional Work Permit

Foreigners who can obtain exceptional work permits included in the types of work permits are as follows:

  • Education level, professional experience, contribution to science and technology, etc. Foreigners who are evaluated as qualified workforce by their qualifications.
  • Its contribution to science and technology, the level of investment or export, the size of the workforce it will provide, etc. Foreigners are considered qualified investors by their characteristics.
  • Foreigners who are employed by their employer in a project to be implemented in Turkey within a certain period of time.
  • Foreigners who are declared to be of Turkish nobility by the Ministry of Interior or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Citizens of European Union member states
  • International protection applicants, conditional refugees, temporary protection, stateless or victims of human trafficking who benefit from victim support process
  • Foreigners who are married to a Turkish citizen and live with their spouse in Turkey in a marriage union
  • Those who work in the representations of foreign states and international organizations in Turkey without diplomatic immunity
  • Foreigners who have international success in cultural, artistic or sports fields and come to Turkey for the same purposes
  • Foreigners who are in Turkey temporarily and for the purpose of providing any service and who receive their fees from a source in Turkey or outside of Turkey.

Foreigners who have applied for international protection and whose application has not been decided yet or who are conditional refugees; Foreigners under temporary protection can apply for a work permit or exemption 6 months after the date of their international protection application and the date of issuance of their temporary protection identity document.

Foreigners who will work in free zones:

The permit applications of foreigners who will work in free zones within the scope of the Free Zones Law are evaluated by the Ministry of Economy. The Ministry of Economy notifies the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the applications of foreigners that it deems appropriate for obtaining permission as a result of its evaluation. Work permits are issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for foreigners who are notified by the Ministry of Economy.

Foreign students:

Foreign students enrolled in a university degree formal education program Turkey can work in Turkey by obtaining a work permit. Students who are studying at the associate degree and undergraduate level can apply for leave after completing the first year of their education and can work part-time. These restrictions do not apply to students studying for a postgraduate degree.

Foreign engineers and architects:

Foreigners who have graduated from engineering and architecture faculties in a higher education institution in Turkey or a higher education institution recognized by the Higher Education Council can work with a work permit. They can get a work permit on a project basis and temporarily and can perform engineering and architectural professions in Turkey.

Foreign instructors:

The appointment or assignment of foreign faculty members to higher education institutions is carried out after the preliminary permit to be given by the Higher Education Council, as a result of the agreement to be made with the relevant university as a result of the work permit obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.


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