Apartments in Antalya for sale

Apartments in Antalya for sale has been under the spotlight of international investors for over a decade now. Investors or holiday homeowners who are looking for bargain apartments in Antalya can find plenty of good deals with high rental income as well as decent capital appreciation.

Apartments in Antalya get demand throughout the year as both international investors and local professionals who are looking to live in city center while they are 10 minutes away from the beach. Most popular locations are Konyaalti, Lara and Kepez when it comes to apartments in Antalya for sale and as Kingsman Estates Antalya we have a fantastic selection of bargain and luxury Antalya flats for sale.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Antalya?

The price range of Apartments in Antalya for sale are rather large. However we will give you are rough idea of what to expect for different parts of Antalya as well as different types of flats you might be looking for.

1 bedroom flats in Lara or Konyaalti Antalya start from 50,000 Dollars. Although Lara and Konyaalti are very popular, you can find lovely flats within a gated complex with plenty of extras like gyms, swimming pools, gardens, maintenance service for around 80,000 Dollars which would be a 1 or 2 bedroom on the lower floors of the unit.

If you are looking for seafront apartments, they start from 350,000 Dollars. Please note that these prices are absolute bare minimum, and we have apartments in Antalya for sale with a price tag of well over millions of Dollars.

Area Room Price
Konyaalti 1 $50,000
Lara 1 $50,000
Kepez 1 $45,000
Antalya Sea View 2-3 $150,000
Antalya Sea Front 2-3 $350,000

Why buy Antalya apartment?

When it comes to answering this question, our experts in Kingsman Estates Antalya investor center can easily write a book on the topic.

Antalya is the pearl of Turkey with amazing cuisine, 300 days of sun throughout the year, diverse society, liberal lifestyle, excellent public transport, international airport, close by resorts where you can golf or witness a huge amount of Roman history and world famous sandy beaches with mountain views.

So, Antalya apartment as an investment is a fantastic and profitable way to capitalize on all of what Antalya has to offer its residents. We have absolutely sure that anyone who comes here will immediately fall in love just like thousands of expats who have already did and chosen to live here as Antalya has something to offer for everyone.

Are apartments for sale Antalya good investments?

If your sole purpose is to earn income and diversify your property investment portfolio, look no further than apartments in Antalya for sale.

Antalya is the most excellent location in Turkey when it comes to capital appreciation with which is around %10 to %15 per year when you get good real estate expertise on your side like Kingsman Estates Antalya. You may also buy city center flats which than you will be able to rent it straight away to maximize your profits.

Antalya is the second city in Turkey when it comes to net migration as many young professionals are pouring in from all over Turkey to find work in dynamic economy of Antalya while enjoying 300 days of sun through out the year.

Why is apartments so cheap in Antalya?

There are many answers to this question however we will answer it very simply. Turkey overall a much cheaper country in all areas of economics when compared to places like UK, Germany, France, Spain and the USA.

Low priced Turkish lira and low production costs allows Turkish goods and services to be much cheaper than other countries. So that obviously directly impacts the real estate prices in Turkey.

However please be aware that there is a housing shortage in the Antalya city center as the available land for construction of big projects in the city center are almost finished.

When you compare that with expats all over the world as well as young students and professionals pouring from all over Turkey, Antalya apartment prices are destined to rise rapidly in the coming years. So, this 2021 is a great year to look into apartments for sale in Antalya.

Please also note that the prices we have outlined here are bare minimum and there are apartments in Antalya worth well over millions of Dollars which are incredibly luxury properties only for the global elites.

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