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Everything You Need to Know About Turkey 1

The poetic lands of Anatolia, the apple of the eye for a plethora of ancient civilizations, which have their majestic ruins scattered across the historically and culturally abundant lands of modern-day Turkey. Today, it is no surprise that Turkey finds itself earning a 6th place position in terms of international tourist arrivals as of 2019.

Besides hosting hundreds of the best-preserved ancient sights, the world has to offer, Turkey offers so much more for tourists and inhabitants alike. Turkey is situated along the eastern Mediterranean, bordering four separate seas amounting to an astonishing 8.333 km long coastline.

The Turkish Riviera, with its pristine clear turquoise waters at the backdrop of lush and rugged mountain ranges, is the most enchanting of landscapes that have mesmerized visitors for a millennium. One can find everything he pleases in this prominent, yet often misunderstood and uncharted geography.

Housing In Turkey


Whether you want to enjoy the cultural Ottoman oldtown houses, modern beach villas that offer the best holidays in nature or if you are interested in modern multi million dollar apartments with high rental yield, housing in Turkey has something for everyone.

Moving To Turkey


Join millions of people who have moved to Turkey over the last 10 years and be part of the fantastic lifestyle Turkey has to offer for its residents while making profit through your property investments. Kingsman Estates is the ultimate gateway to Turkish property market.

Life in Turkey


Throughout history Turkey has been the melting pot of cultures and different beliefs. This makes Turkey incredibly diverse and this still continues today. Turkey has something for everyone from conservative lifestyle to one of the best nights you can possibly have in clubs of Istanbul or Bodrum.

Working In Turkey


There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to working in Turkey as a foreigner especially in areas such as teaching languages as well as tourism. If you are interested in working in Turkey you will need a work permit.

Turkey Travel Guide


Turkey is a vast country and deciding where to go when you are travelling through the country. So we have prepared this Turkey travel guide which will give you all the details regarding where to go and what to do so you have the best time when you are travelling in Turkey.

Money in Turkey


Whether you are just visiting Turkey as a tourist or looking to purchase property and move to Turkey, understanding how money in Turkey works will give you a huge advantage when it comes to managing finances and getting great deals whether it’s from buying a simple shirt or getting great interest rates from your bank in Turkey.

Education In Turkey


If you are looking to get education in Turkey for yourself or for your children, you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of schools and education institutions that are available for international students in Turkey. Find out more about the growing education sector for international investors in Turkey.

  • Education System In Turkey

Healthcare In Turkey


Health is our most valuable asset. When you are travelling in Turkey or moving to start a new life in Turkey, you should know how healthcare in Turkey and how you can make the most out of Turkish healthcare system in case of an emergency or general health checkups.

Culture Of Turkey


You will massively alleviate your experience of Turkey once you spend some time learning and understanding the culture of Turkey. It will deepen your experience thus creating a much more meaningful and enjoyable experience for you and for your family. Culture of Turkey is incredibly deed and offers many gems for everyone who wishes to invest in it.

  • Culture Of Turkey

Transport In Turkey


If you are planning to visit Turkey as a tourist or looking to move to Turkey, you should definitely understand how transport in Turkey works and how you can make the most out of your travels by knowing tips and tricks regarding transport in Turkey.

Turkish Arts


Turkish culture is unique as it gets influences from the Western and Eastern world. This melting pot of cultures gives its fruits with Turkish arts and has the best of both worlds. So come and discover the harmony of diverse Turkish arts and culture.

  • Turkish Arts

Getting Married In Turkey


Getting married in Turkey is possible and very popular among the young people of the Middle East. Please note that marriage is seen as both a sacrament and a legal institution so if you are planning to get married in Turkey please read this guide to understand the requirements and legal details.

Babies & Children In Turkey


Turkish people absolutely adore children and babies. Everyone’s heart melts when met with a baby in Turkey. You will witness kids running around in restaurants without any interruption. To learn more about information regarding babies and children in Turkey while your travels read this guide.

  • Babies and Children in Turkey

People With Disabilities In Turkey


Overview of the benefits, organisations, laws, regulations and help regarding people with disabilities in Turkey and how you can make your life easier by contacting organisations and finding work if you have a disability and are living in Turkey.

  • People With Disabilities In Turkey

Pets & Animals In Turkey


You are able to bring your animals and pets in Turkey. However you must do your homework very well and understand the laws and regulations you need to comply with in order to avoid problems. Different countries have different laws for different pets when it comes to bringing them to Turkey.

  • Pets And Animals In Turkey

Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual In Turkey


Lesbian, Gay and bisexuality in Turkey is not illegal. However it is also not officially legal and extremely froundupon in some consertative parts of Turkey. Turkey has a diverse culture so as an example Istanbul is one of the better places in Turkey when it comes to affection towards the same sex.

Drug Possession & Crinimal Penalties In Turkey


Drugs and drug related crimes are extremely froundupon and illegal in Turkey. You must be aware of the laws and regulations that you will be subject to during your stay to avoid having problems with police and facing very serious legal action against you. We do not recommend doing any illegal activity during your stay in Turkey.

  • Drug Possession And Criminal Penalties In Turkey
What is the capital of Turkey?

Ankara is the capital of Turkey.

Is Ankara or Istanbul the capital of Turkey?

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. Although Ankara is capital, Istanbul is the capital for finance, culture and lifestyle in Turkey.

How many cities does Turkey have?

Turkey has 81 cities.

Which religion is in Turkey?

Turkey is majority Muslim country however Turkish law is secular and it is illegal to judge someone based on their religion.

What is the language of Turkey?

Turkish language is the official language in Turkey.

Is Turkish close to Arabic?

Turkish language has influences from Latin, Arabic and Persian.

What is the currency in Turkey?

Turkish Lira is the official currency of Turkey.

What is Turkey’s population 2021?

82 million is the official population of Turkey in 2021.

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