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Turkey is incredibly diverse and fast paced when compared to other European countries. It is extremely hard to generalize life in Turkey when it’s a melting pot of cultures and different ethnicities. When it comes to life in Turkey everyone has a different experience depending on the lifestyle they would like to lead.

A retired expat in Antalya will have a much different experience when compared to an expat English teacher in Istanbul. However we can easily say that life in Turkey has something to offer for anyone who is looking to move to Turkey. With modern public infrastructure, low cost of living, ease of getting work and residence permit, affordable properties life in Turkey will continue to be under the spotlight of international investors and expats all around the world.

Turkish Food, Cuisine & Drink


From light Aegean mezes with olive oil to kebabs from Eastern Turkey, discover exoric world famous abd mouth watering Turkish food and drinks where you can find out about Turkish cuisine, recipes, traditions, history and what to eat and drink in Turkey during your travels.

Sports and Leisure Activities in Turkey


Find out where you can do different spots like skiing, fishing, golf, hunting and more in Turkey as well as other leisure activities like learning Turkish arts and crafts to make the most out Turkish lifestyle by taking part in sport and leisure activities in Turkey.

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