The Ultimate Turkey Travel Guide

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The Ultimate Turkey Travel Guide 1

Official name of Turkey is the Republic of Turkey and it has both land in Europe and Asia making an incredible melting pot of cultures and history. Turkey is surrounded by three seas. The Mediterrean, Aegean and the Blacksea. The Mediterrean and the Aegean part of Turkey has been under the spotlight of tourists and international property investors over the last decade and it will continue to do so.

Turkey has various geographical and climate attributes that allows people of different interests to enjoy and visit Turkey. From East to West Turkey has something for everyone. We have prepared the ultimate Turkey travel guide for tourists and our international property investors to give everyone an opportunity to find out more.

The Ultimate Istanbul Travel Guide


Istanbul nature, in terms of cultural and historical richness not only in Turkey but also one of the most important cities in the world. Being a bridge between Asia and Europe geographically, in a way, it brings East and West culture together. Read our Istanbul travel guide to find out more.

The Ultimate Antalya Travel Guide


Antalya is the pearl of Turkey. We have prepared the ultimate Antalya Travel guide for one of the most exciting major cities in Turkey and a fantastic place for families and travelers to visit one of the best Blue Flag award winning beaches in Turkey as well as amazing restaurants and all inclusive world class hotels for all budgets.

The Ultimate Alanya Travel Guide


Although Alanya is a resort town of Antalya it is one of the most popular places in the Turkish riviera. You can visit medieval castles while enjoying a mixture of local and touristy vibes. Take a look at the ultimate Alanya travel guide and join 10.000 expats living in Alanya and witness the beauty of this Turkish Mediterrean town.

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The Ultimate Dalyan Travel Guide


Dalyan is on the south-west coast of Turkey and it is the breeding space of endangered sea turtles. It will be a magnificent stop during your travels in Turkey if you love nature and animals. Read the ultimate Dalyan travel guide to make the most out of Dalyan and its gems.

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The Ultimate Fethiye Travel Guide


Having world-famous bays and beaches, Fethiye continues to increase its popularity every year. In Fethiye, which is one of the regions that local and foreign tourists are most curious about, historical beauties are also fascinating in addition to natural beauties. There are so many beautiful places to discover in Fethiye. Read our Fethiye travel guide to find out more.

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The Ultimate Kalkan Travel Guide


The tiny beach that enchants with the magnificent history and nature of the Mediterranean. You will not be able to return without being captivated by the town of Kalkan. Fantastic This town, which has a nature, is especially flooded by the British. There is even a settled British population. Read our Kalkan travel guide to find out more.

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The Ultimate Kas Travel Guide


Kas is a place worth seeing with its different geography, natural, cultural and historical environment, where you can have a nice holiday. You can reach the historical places, natural beauties and touristic places in Kaş and its surroundings by boats and minibuses. Again, Kaş is a starting point for “Blue Voyage”. Read our Ultimate Kas Travel Guide to find out more.

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The Ultimate Marmaris Travel Guide


Marmaris and its surroundings have hosted many different civilizations since ancient times. For this reason, there are many historical sites that can be visited in the region. Marmaris; It is among the must-see places of our country with its holiday opportunities, historical and magnificent nature. Read our Marmaris travel guide to find out more.

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The Ultimate Oludeniz Travel Guide


Oludeniz is connected to the city of Fethiye in Aegean Region and it is a heavenly holiday destination. With its sea where you can see different shades of blue, white beaches, oxygen-rich air, historical ruins hidden in nature, Oludeniz is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey. Read our Oludeniz travel guide to find out more.

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The Ultimate Patara Travel Guide


Patara; One of the most important cities of the ancient world is right next to a magnificent beach. If you wish, take a journey through the dusty and mysterious pages of history in Patara, or leave yourself to the beach where you can enjoy its fine sand. Read our Patara travel guide to find out more.

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The Ultimate Side Travel Guide


Side is situated between Alanya and Antalya. Site is also famous for its ancient sites from the Romans. Although most people visit Side for a day visit, the town has become a holiday destination. Read this Side travel guide to find out all about the wonders of the site including the Roman antique theater with a capacity of 25.000.

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The Ultimate Cappadocia Travel Guide


Cappadocia, unique natural view and of extinct volcanoes around fairy chimneys owes it to lava. In Christian sources throughout history its traditionally used name, especially fairy chimneys and characterized by a unique historical and cultural heritage to describe the extraordinary nature. It continues to be used as a concept of tourism. Read our Cappadocia travel guide to find out more.

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Turkey travel restrictions 2021?

There are several travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please contact us to get the most recent updates on travel restrictions.

Is Turkey safe for tourists 2021?

Turkey is absolutely safe for tourists. Make sure you have a Covid-19 vaccine to make sure you are protected from the virus.

How much should I budget for a trip to Turkey?

This is entirely up to and it depends on what you will be doing and where you will be staying in Turkey. Minimum wage in Turkey is 2800 lira in 2021. So plan accordingly.

Is Turkey safe for a woman to travel alone?

This depends on where you will be going. With a bit of common sense you should be alright on your own. Stay away from lonely dark streets and do not go to the eastern parts of Turkey on your own and you will be absolutely fine.

Which is the best month to visit Turkey?

This is entirely up to where you will be visiting. Antalya is very hot during summer so people tend to go to Antalya during August and September. Istanbul is lovely during Autumn.

What is the best currency to take to Turkey?

Bring Dollars or Euros with you and exchange them in Turkey to get much better exchange rates. In touristy areas like Antalya people do accept hard currencies like Euros and Dollars.

Can unmarried couples stay together in Turkey?

Yes absolutely you and your partner may stay together in Turkey. No one will question your marital status if you are a tourist in Turkey.

Should you tip in Turkey?

Tipping goes a long way anywhere in the world. Although it is not required, it will be much appreciated.

Do I need a visa for a week in Turkey?

If you are the citizen of one of the countries that requires a visa to enter Turkey, regardless of your time of stay, you will need a visa.

Do I have to pay to enter Turkey?

Depending on your visa type you will be required to pay a fee. For tourism visa it is a very small amount.

What is the most beautiful part of Turkey?

Antalya city centre, resorts of Antalya and Istanbul is the most beautiful part of Turkey. But there is so much more.

Is alcohol allowed in Turkey?

Yes alcohol is legal in Turkey, just try not to get too drunk and act anti social in public.

How much cash can I bring to Turkey?

There is no limit to bringing cash in to Turkey however you are only allowed to take out 5000 dollars out of Turkey.

Can I use my Visa debit card in Turkey?

Yes you may use Visa and Mastercard in most places in Turkey, just make sure your bank account is authorised for purchases in another country.

How do Turkish greet each other?

Depending on the occasion and the relationship between people, you may shake hands or give them kisses on the cheek.

Which part of Istanbul is the best to stay in?

Besiktas and Beyoglu are very popular with tourists.

Can I wear leggings in Turkey?

In Istanbul and touristy areas of Turkey you will be absolutely fine, but leggings might not be the best piece of clothing in the midlands where it is more consertative.

Is hijab compulsory in Turkey?

Hijab is absolutely not compulsory nor expected in Turkey apart from visiting mosques and places of Muslim worship.

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